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#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets of The Week


If I unfollow you it’s me not you. — STONE (@Stone_Marley) November 7, 2014 Man I bet big girls who slimmed down got amazing cooch. You know that thang still got all that big girl juice in it. — Larry Beyince (@DragonflyJonez) November 6, 2014   Can’t trust a nigga who says “I’m 6’0 with timbs” — Hibby (@Adolfhibsta) November ... Read More »

How to Enter a Room Like a Boss


*Via ArtOfManliness.Com* “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” –Will Rogers Charlie Dresow knew when he entered the courtroom that every eyeball would be trained on him. It was the first day of trial for his client, Max Wade. A child of a well-to-do family who was raised in affluent Marin County outside San Francisco, Wade ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 9 NFL Picks


On any given Sunday your team can be washed… That statement was easily proven in the Monday Night game… Last week was a catastrophe on the NFL picks… A lot of bullsh!t took place in week 8… No excuses though. The show must go on… Season record stands at 61-61-0 which is horrible in my opinion but still better than ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 8 NFL Picks


Fell off last week… 7-8 on the NFL Week 7 picks, but the only pick I regret is that Niners pick… Nerd almost put me on a one week suspension for suspect performance… Until he took a look at last week’s picks by pros over at CBS….. The best over at CBS went 6-9…..Last week was just one of those ... Read More »

“Ask Rev Ron”


Dear Rev Ron,  Last night, as I was entering my apartment complex, I was pulled over for a “routine check”. Now any other day this wouldn’t have been problematic but this particular night I  reeked of marijuana and had a small roach in my pocket. Probable cause was all it took.  In one instance, I went from being a smart, ... Read More »

A Brief Guide to Overcoming Instant Gratification


*Via Zenhabits.Net* It’s no secret that we live in the Age of Instant gratification. That’s not news. But Paul Roberts has written an excellent essay at The American Scholar looking at the breadth of this phenomena on our society — it’s a must read. A sample quote from Roberts’ essay: ‘The notion of future consequences, so essential to our development as functional ... Read More »

6 Things the Most Influential People on Social Media Do


*Via Inc.Com* Influencers are among the most magical, powerful creatures in social media. Within specific niches or across large audiences, they have the power to shape how people think about an issue, start important conversations, make businesses stand up and take notice, and more. Outside of having a large following, how do they do it? And how did these influencers amass ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 7 NFL Picks


Rebounded nicely last week… 8-7 on the NFL Week 6 picks. Not my best showing but it’s better than .500 so you gotta respect it. I’m still trailing two of the pros over at CBS but not for long… Homeboy over at still dishing out them Al’ Davis picks… 5-9-1 (ssmfh) last week … I did nothing but rub ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


The one thing you can be certain about is what you want or don’t want. Start from there. — Kajal Pandey (@dearkajal) October 7, 2014 People who are afraid to love are like gamblers who are afraid to bet. The “jackpot” is forever beyond your reach. — Curtis Scoon (@CurtisScoon) October 6, 2014   she can cheat one time and ... Read More »

“InternationalSlick” Instagram APPRECIATION


Not that I encourage pimpin or anything but i’m going to have to say this is the best follow I made on Instagram in minute. I’m from the G Funk Era (Young people… google it) so of course their was a 2-3 year time period where I wanted to be a pimp. Through Internationalslick’s I get to live that childhood ... Read More »

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