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The Heartbreaking Cruelty of Comparing Yourself to Others


We all do it: we look at what others are doing and wish we were doing that too. Or, alternatively, we scoff at what they’re doing and judge them, and see ourselves as better. One makes us feel bad, the other makes us feel superior. Neither makes us happy. Let’s take a couple of quick examples. Example 1: Looking at ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 3 NFL picks


Struggled last week and went 7-9 on the NFL Week 2 picks… Definitely not my best showing but my season record of 15-17 still respectable… Before you destroy my mentions peep how I measure up against the “professionals” over at CBS: N@CT NFL Week 3 picks….. * DENOTES HOME TEAM BILLS* (-2½) Vs CHARGERS No denying that #BillsMafia is competing ... Read More »

Life Lessons with Uncle Ron: Live Your Dreams and Stop Dreaming About Them


You have dreams don’t you? You have visions, plans and goals I hope? Cool. Here’s a secret that’s not a secret…your dreams, visions, plans and goals don’t mean anything and will amount to nothing unless you work towards them. Not just tweeting about them. Not just thinking about them. Real work. 8 hours or more a day type work. The ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 2 NFL Picks


On the low NFL Week 1 was dope with the exception of the bullsh!t TMZ pulled on Monday…Not that Ray Rice didn’t need to be exposed, but dropping that video on Monday week 1 was real wack… Especially since we all know they had the video on tuck…..  *8-8 record this season* N@CT NFL Week 2 picks….. * DENOTES HOME ... Read More »

7 Discipline-Mastering Practices

self discipline

*Via Zenhabits.Net* A craftsman masters his trade by repeated practice, with care and continual learning, with devotion to the purpose. It takes the same kinds of things to master the craft of discipline: Repeated practice Single-minded devotion to the purpose Continual learning Care I’ve been giving some thought to what it takes to master the craft of discipline, and have ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 1 NFL Picks


NFL week 1 is here and so are these unforgiving spreads…. Odds makers got the drop on me somewhat last year, but this year I spent the offseason in the film room breaking down playbooks and game tape. All I ask is that you hit my PayPal with 10% from every win, or a login. Let’s work……. N@CT NFL ... Read More »

The Lies Your Mind Tells You To Prevent Life Change


*Via ZenHabits.Net* The mind is a wonderful thing. It’s also a complete liar that constantly tries to convince us not to take actions we know are good for us, and stops many great changes in our lives. Scumbag mind. I’ve had to learn to watch these rationalizations and excuses very carefully, in order to make the changes I’ve made in ... Read More »

Emoji Readings


*************** Starr Just the type of woman a man loves. Crying laughing emoji first one at the top. A sense of humor…One of the top qualities a man looks for. Also, You have a the “Hair Done” emoji at the top so this tells me you stay on top of your hair as much as possible. We appreciate that. I ... Read More »

How To Successfully Pull Off A Threesome


Just about every red-blooded, heterosexual male fantasizes about the elusive threesome. While many have tried, even more have failed. In witnessing numerous unsuccessful attempts by men to bed multiple women at once, I’ve noticed a few common mistakes that guys make when trying to set up a three-way. Not only do most men have the wrong approach when it comes ... Read More »

10 Secrets to Influencing Absolutely Anyone


*Via Inc.Com* Ever wish you were better at getting people to do what you want? You can be. All it takes is practice and desire. I know this from experience. When I first got involved in the American Society of Journalists and Authors, I quickly learned a few things about freelance writers. They’re (mostly) brilliant. They’re creative and articulate, accustomed to living literally ... Read More »

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