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How The Happiest People Make the Best out of Everything


*Via Inc.Com* Life consists of a series of unfolding events; some of these events are expected and some are unexpected. The happiest people on earth have learned that they can’t control everything in life. This is a key element in living happily. While having the best of everything is great, it is not necessarily a requirement for a happy life. The secret for ... Read More »

It’s Said That The Path You’re Attracted To Reveals Your Personality And Fortune


*Via HigherPerspectives.Com* The premise of this quiz is pretty simple. Pick the path below that draws you in the most and we’ll tell you what it means for yourself. Just picture yourself in a gentle forest. If you like, click play on the video below. It’ll help you put yourself there. Ready to find out what your path means? Here ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


Sometimes you wanna come on here and be cooler than you actually are. — Betty Beck (@CallMeJewC) May 8, 2015 give your opponents a common enemy to hate; & while everyone’s distracted, take over. that’s basic Power 101 — Alexia (@Lex_topia) May 7, 2015   Sometimes u need a day to just sit home & scratch ya balls — Dre. ... Read More »

10 Signs Your Personal Trainer Is Ripping You Off (From A Personal Trainer)


*Via ThoughtCatalog.Com* Joey Rehavi is a New York City based, military certified personal trainer. He served in the Army Special Forces for seven years, in combat and as a Master Trainer. Through Corefit101, he offers one-on-one sessions combining elements of core definition training, bootcamp, Crossfit, muscle strengthening, and toning. 1. They’re fat. “If your trainer looks like they could stand to lose ... Read More »

Defeat Procrastination


*Via ZenHabits.Net*  We all do it: our best intentions are to go to the gym, get started on writing something, do practice learning a language … but then we procrastinate. There isn’t a person on this planet who’s immune to the procrastination habit. How do we defeat this habit? Just as an athlete would, or a world-class chess player: daily ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


guy mentioned me like you should take your Titties out your avi so I can respect u, then kept tweeting me every hour like “they still there” — Glamzilla (@KaylarWill) April 27, 2015 If you can’t love me at my Patrick Beverly you don’t deserve me at my fresh cut Friday. — basky yacht (@baskgod) April 26, 2015   Niggas ... Read More »

What it’s like to have the social network of a celebrity, without actually being famous


*Via Anil Dash for Medium.Com* I’ve got more Twitter followers than you. I’ve got more Twitter followers than Ted Cruz, and I’m only a little bit behind Björk. If my followers were a state, we’d be creeping up on Wyoming in terms of population. Having half a million followers on Twitter is a genuinely bizarre experience, especially considering I’m just ... Read More »

21 Apps to Boost Productivity, Accountability and Success


*Via Entrepreneur.Com* No matter how you work or what type of business you run, being productive is a must. But techniques and strategies aren’t enough if you don’t have the tools needed to implement them. Fortunately, there’s an app for that! Here are 21 apps that are guaranteed to boost your productivity, accountability and success: 1. Asana While there are tons of different ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


Tim Duncan and Dom Kennedy taught us how to master the fundamentals — Joseph A. Parker (@JosephAParker) April 2, 2015 “Happy wife Happy life” will have you asking for sex on your birthday and holidays only. Mutual happiness should be the goal for both of u. — Bro Brummell (@TheShaka) April 2, 2015   You might be a Demon if ... Read More »



DOPE 1. Alex Love 2. “Going Clear” Documentary on HBO 3. Blackened Pepper Tuna sushi 4. Rita’s Green Apple & Mango water ice with Vanilla Custard on top 5.  Bomani Jones radio show 6. The new wave of podcasts (Church For The Wild is the best though) 7. Periscope 8. Frank Kaminsky 9. Starburst Jelly Beans 10. Grand Marnier & ... Read More »

19 Things Only Women With A Low Maintenance Fashion Sense Understand


*Via ThoughtCatalog.Com* 1. You have three hairstyles: down, ponytail, and bun.  2. You have one pair of shoes that you wear with 95% of your wardrobe. 3. Most of your outfits are just some combination of t-shirts and jeans. 4. This makes getting ready massively easy. What are you going to wear? Throw on the first pair of jeans and t-shirt you can find. ... Read More »

How to Overcome Perfectionism


*Via Entrepreneur.Com* There is an epidemic sweeping our nation. Its victims suffer from failed businesses, marriages and even diets. It doesn’t discriminate and can attack anyone striving for success. What is this plague crippling our country? It’s called perfectionism. And the paralysis of perfection can be a dream killer for many entrepreneurs. Perfectionism is the all-or-nothing attitude that sounds like ... Read More »

22 Timeless Life Lessons From Children Stories We All Love


*Via HighExistence.Com* SEND ALL GEMS TO NERDNASH@GMAIL.COM Read More »

Getting Lost in Just Doing


*Via ZenHabits.Net* Sometimes we get discouraged about ourselves: we think, “I’m not doing a good job, I’m not disciplined, I’m not good enough, I suck.” Or something like that. What can we do? Give ourselves a pep talk? (Sure!) Find something to appreciate about ourselves that’s awesome? (Yes!) Another approach, highly recommended, is to just forget about it. When we’re ... Read More »

A Beginner’s Guide to More Mindful Media Consumption


* Via @SteveRubel for Medium.Com* In our society, abundance is widely considered a good thing. However, many of us know that it can have a dark side too. If one isn’t intentional about what he or she consumes, it can lead to some unfortunate consequences. There’s no shortage of expert advice on how to manage what we eat or how ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


Yes, its true. Whatever u heard or will hear is true. Dont ask me. Assume it is. Now stay away. Thank you. — Fanny Devito (@EvilJeanyis) March 21, 2015 To rap like Pitbull all you gotta do is yell some popular cities, say a phrase in Spanish and end it with "AYEE!" — NOT MY BDAY ANYMORE (@ASAP_TB) March 20, ... Read More »

“Church For The Wild” Podcast Episode 10: “Rhythm, Blues & Boos” & “Episode About Nothing”


On episode 10 “Rhythm, Blues & Boos” Nerd, Misa, Rev. Ronnie Luv and DJ No Answer have an in depth conversation about the current state of R&B Music. 90′s music, fashion and morals are debated and discussed to determine what needs to be done to get our beloved R&B Music back on track. Listen and Enjoy! After their special guest ... Read More »

Stop Bullshitting Yourself If You Want To Wake Up (From The True Matrix)


*Via HighExistence.Com* “I’m trying to free your mind Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one who has to walk through it.” — Morpheus I have it all, but I feel a void… I think I fell asleep at the wheel of my own life. I’m my very own “Walking Dead.” It’s odd too because by most ... Read More »

#Sadderday: 2015 Sadderday Olympics

sadderday olympics

The SADDERDAY OLYMPICS are back! From Sadderday March 14th till March 21st you have a chance to claim your spot as the saddest person in world. You’ll have bragging rights forever and sympathy that could possibly turn your sadness around. Let’s get into the events….. “Shoot Ya shot!” #OTFZ (out the friend zone) There’s somebody you’ve been interested in for ... Read More »

“Church For The Wild” Podcast with Nerd Nash, Regular Ass Ron & Jamisa Episode 9: “March Madness”


On episode 9 “March Madness” Nerd, Ron & Misa discuss making it out of a cold February, things they want to get off their chest coming into March and more…with music by DJ No Answer. Enjoy! Read More »

Water Fluoridation Linked to Higher ADHD Rates


*Via Newsweek.Com* New research shows there is a strong correlation between water fluoridation and the prevalence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, in the United States. It’s the first time that scientists have systematically studied the relationship between the behavioral disorder and fluoridation, the process wherein fluoride is added to water to prevent cavities. The study, published in the journal Environmental ... Read More »

Life Lessons with Uncle Ron: If the couch you sleep on could talk


Good day my friends, family and soul searchers. After some time spent in rehab from overdosing on hoes; I have returned with life and lessons to share. 2015 has already been a hell of a year. We are in the midst of a mass revealing period between people and the world. Things that were once guarded and shrouded in secrecy ... Read More »

16 Signs That You’re a Slave to the Matrix


*Via* Today’s world is a strange place. We are inundated with signals from early on in life, encouraging each of us to walk a particular path, establishing blinders on us along the way to discourage us from looking for alternatives to what the herd is doing or thinking. Life is so complex that overtime, if we are paying attention, ... Read More »

“Church For The Wild” Podcast with Nerd Nash, Regular Ass Ron & Jamisa Episode 8: “Blacked History Month”


In episode 8 “Blacked History Month” Nerd, Ron & Misa discuss the recent advancements in digital lust, the lonely month of February and songs that matter. With music by DJ No Answer, enjoy! Read More »

How Your Thoughts Become Your Destiny


*Via* “Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.” — Unknown The preceding quote has been attributed to many people: the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, the transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson, the Buddha, and even a supermarket ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


Y’all ever be walking & can feel your booty bouncing? I swear I think I’m so fine on those days. — Shady Sadie (@ThyWillBeDion) February 19, 2015   Cellulite is a part of life — SHERM (@SHERMradio) February 19, 2015   I’m 30yrs old I ain’t playing no fuckin hash tag games on IG. Get that WCW shit outta here ... Read More »

Dope Or Nope


DOPE 1. “Only One” by Kanye 2. Russell Westbrook 3. Peanut M&M’s 4. Ryan Leslie interview on The Combat Jack show 5. Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill 6. Neal Brennan 7. The look in Taylor Swift eyes 8. Blacked.Com 9. French Fries from TGI Fridays 10. Future last verse on “Codeine Crazy” NOPE 1. Kid Rock 2. Ricky Rubio ... Read More »

An Addict’s Guide to Overcoming the Distraction Habit


*Via ZenHabits.Net* Yesterday wasn’t a very focused day for me — I got work done, but I also researched a bunch of newish personal interests (mostly programming and cycling), played an iPhone trivia game with my kids, read a bunch of online articles, and did very little of the writing I’d planned. Digital distractions have also pulled me from reading ... Read More »

The man behind Uberfacts


*Via ZDnet.Com* Nietzsche once said, “There are no facts, only interpretations”. Kris Sanchez would say otherwise. He’s the 20-year-old guy running the immensely popular Twitter account @Uberfacts. These facts aren’t lame or boring either. For instance, did you know that you spend 40 minutes a day blind? Or that there’s actually a word for fear of losing your cell phone? I bet you didn’t know ... Read More »

“Church For The Wild” Podcast with Nerd Nash, Regular Ass Ron & Jamisa Episodes 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7


Binge listen and get caught up on the Church For The Wild podcast. Follow the show on Twitter ~> @CFTWPODCAST Email all feedback, questions & suggestions ~> ChurchForTheWildPodcast@Gmail.Com Follow the Hosts ~> @NerdAtCoolTable, @Jamisaaa & @RegularAssRon Read More »

A Gradual Approach to Healthy Eating


*Via Zenhabits.Net* A lot of us have tried various diets over the years, with little success. I remember trying about half a dozen different diets when I was trying to lose weight, and none of them stuck for more than a few weeks. Why is that? A few reasons: You’re trying to change a lot of things at once — ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


Super Bowl more important than your grandmas outloud prayer at church — Kazuto Kiragaya (@FastTimesAtRF) February 1, 2015 if u ever wake up coughing or trying to catch your breath…its because your girl was tryna kill u & now she pretending she sleep — Gemmy Swaggart (@RegularAssRon) February 1, 2015   Jadakiss raps for the bitches that’s happy wit chicken ... Read More »

“Church For The Wild” Podcast with Nerd Nash, Regular Ass Ron & Jamisa Episode 2: “Daps and Hip Hop”


On Episode 2 Nerd talks about his night at a Troy Ave show in Delaware, the church for the wild crew discuss Fab’s place in their hip hop hall of fame and more. With music by DJ No Answer. Enjoy! Read More »



DOPE 1. Kane (Money & Violence) buying the bottles of Ace Of Spade in the boutique 2. “Church For The Wild” Podcast 3. Twitter allowing you to post 30 sec Videos 4. Switching your IG filter every 6 pics 5. Scribd app 6. LOST season 3 7. Santa Fe sauce from BWW 8.  ”No Basic” – Future 9. Abita Purple ... Read More »

9 Seriously Easy Ways to Spark Your Creative Energy


*Via Inc.Com* You need to be more creative. Your business could be more successful if you approached it with more imagination. You could write blog posts or articles, design your next promotional piece, or create clever videos that would take things to the next level. If only you had more of that creative spark. Here’s a secret: You already have everything ... Read More »

“Church For The Wild” Podcast with Nerd Nash, Regular Ass Ron & Jamisa Episode 1: “Crown Royal


On the first ever Church For The Wild podcast Nerd, Misa and Ron revisit nerds bad night in philly, discuss Greg Anthony’s bad night in DC and gives a few listeners advice. Plus music from DJ No Answer. Enjoy! Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


All extraordinary people have major issues. That’s how I know I’m extraordinary — Nerd Nash (@NerdAtCoolTable) January 18, 2015   My girlfriend is white but my wife is black — Phelps (@SG_VanEx) January 18, 2015   Eminem’s decline has been super painful for me. My 1st aol sn was slimshadylady07 he was my cinnamon apple. — black bianca jagger (@DressMeChris) ... Read More »

The Brilliant Idiots Podcast with special guest Taxstone


“J Cole riding a bike to the studio, he can’t even get pussy” – Taxstone A good listen. Shout out to Taxstone & The Brilliant Idiots Podcast. Speaking of Podcasts….Any day now we’ll be dr….Oh nvm. Read More »



*Via ProjectLifeMastery.Com* The challenge is that for the next 10 days, beginning immediately, commit to taking full control of all your mental and emotional faculties by deciding right now that you will not indulge in or dwell on any unresourceful thoughts or emotions for 10 consecutive days. It sounds easy, but you might be surprised how often your brain is engaged ... Read More »

Why She Doesn’t Believe That You Love Her

she doesnt believe

*Via ThoughtCatalog.Com* Because people have made her promises in the past and they’ve broken them. Because no matter how hard she works or how good of a person she is, she doesn’t believe she is worthy of love. Because she’s had too many people leave her – both intentionally and unintentionally – and she doesn’t want to give you the ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


Foundation over Fame. You build a solid foundation & nobody can’t tell you that you not the shit. You’re #1 cuz you paid dues mane. — Chase N. Cashe (@ChaseNCashe) January 10, 2015 You don’t need to get robbed by stick up kids. You break yourself DAILY. Cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, red bull, syrup, loud, & Starbucks. — Salaam Bey® (@Marrakechmole) ... Read More »

5 Ideas to Create an Amazing 2015


*Via ZenHabits.Net*  With every new year, comes renewed optimism. And while I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions that you’re just going to toss aside when things get busy, I am a fan of creating new habits. This year, I’m offering to help you create 12 new habits for 2015. They’re some of the most important habits you can ... Read More »

10 Reckless Qualities That Make People Successful Before They Turn 30


*Via EliteDaily.Com* What the young people lack in experience, they often make up in cockiness and recklessness — qualities that, surprisingly enough, give 20-year-olds a competitive edge. The younger we are, the more likely we are to do first and ask questions later. While this most often works against us, it’s also allowed room for some impressive successes for those ... Read More »

Nightmares From The Night Shift (By @Ebbie_Badd)


Four 10 – hour shifts, Monday – Thursday and every weekend off. For a loner like myself this is perfect right? WRONG! The shit is wack! For the first few months it was cool. My co-worker didn’t bother me, I didn’t bother her, and we both minded our business. You find things to occupy your time like listening to music, ... Read More »

Finding the Motivation to Change Your Entire Life

changing life

Almost exactly 8 years ago today, I ran my first marathon and soon after I started Zen Habits. I’d changed a dozen or so habits, lost weight, was getting out of debt, quit smoking. And almost 7 years ago, I quit my job. That was a period of intense and profoundly scary life changes for me, but they were all ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


If school could teach you how to make money, find love, & be happy, you wouldn’t find people settling for happy hour instead of a happy life — Low (@Justsay_low) December 18, 2014 Where did the cops find all those guns and crack tho? Dont tell me they kept it all in one place. Thats some Streets of Rage final ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 15 NFL Picks


N@CT NFL season pick record stands at 107-102-0…. Tip of the week… Take the #StoneColdLocks this week…. N@CT NFL Week 15 picks….. * DENOTES HOME TEAM CHIEFS* (-10½) Vs RAIDERS We’ve already seen this matchup… The Raiders won’t win again but they will cover Pick: RAIDERS RAVENS* (-13½) Vs JAGUARS #DirtyDelaware Joe Flacco will have the Jags outta here by ... Read More »

What It Takes to Go From Dead Broke to 6 Figures in 6 Months

dead broke

*Via Entrepreneur.Com* As entrepreneurs we know life is often a roller coaster with lots of uncertainty and chaos. When you’re in the struggle, it’s tough to see a clear path to success, but it’s crucial to let your vision guide you, not your current circumstances. You must embrace those challenges, because that’s where your hunger for a better life is ... Read More »

The Psychology behind a lottery win


For anyone who’s ever played the lottery, there’s always that moment when you daydream about what you’d spend the winnings on. Would you buy a new house, change your car, or go on an amazing long-haul trip? Perhaps you’d do all three, and get a personal shopper to help you buy a whole new wardrobe? Then there are all the ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 14 NFL picks


N@CT NFL season pick record stands at 96-96-0…. Nobody cares about stats though… Ya’ll want winning parlay cards… Tip of the week… The Reverse Teaser Card is lovely this week….TEXANS, RAMS, COLTS, VIKINGS… 5 will get you 300… Or drop the COLTS and 5 will get you 100… N@CT NFL Week 14 picks….. * DENOTES HOME TEAM DOLPHINS* (-1½) Vs ... Read More »

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