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  1. jeffrey lafrance


    How can an music artist submit their music material to be featured on the nerd at the cool table?

  2. Hey Dude,
    I went to Subscribe and the page seems to be busticated.
    Leads me to a page with HTML code…

    I would really like to subscribe, let me know if I’m doing it wrong.

  3. Fantasy football spots open????

  4. I came across two good wines recently (blame Hurricane Irene) I wanted to recommend them to the Bunny God to try out… I’m a wine kind of lady so I’m loving the weekly suggestions

    Linganore SkipJack

    Tugboat Red


  5. Nerd, i’m trying to start my own website/blog. You have any tips on where to start as far as good web designers and web hosts?

    Much appreciated if you could reply

  6. How can I submit a blog feature for “nerd at the cool table” ?

  7. Wassup Nash, i like the website. came across it doing research for re-designing my own website. Keep up the good work man.

  8. If someone wanted to send a serious business inquiry to you, what is the best way to address you?

  9. Check it Check it Check it out! You’ve been mentioned on Episode 0150 & 0151: VOODOO SCIENCE MAKES NO SENSE. On the podcast. Enjoy!

  10. Hey do yew order the Sadder Day shirts?

  11. I’m interested in purchasing one of your “Sadderday” Tees @jdurant52 referred me to you on twitter. Is this possible?

  12. Hey I was wondering if I could post blogs/articles on your site

  13. Any new #SadderDay posts coming soon?

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