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The Four Horsemen >>>> MMG


If you came up during this era you wanted to be just like these dudes. The first dope crew of n*ggas ever. If you’re a 80’s baby it’s a good chance your mother and Aunt got it poppin with The Four Horsemen. Read More »

Nothing better than Steve Jobs Gems on a Monday (Video)


Monday’s the worst day ever so here’s some Steve Jobs Alley Oops to get you through the day. Every time this man speaks gems come out. Take them all in and float right over this miserable start to the week. Read More »

Since this is all we have all summer … Ken Griffey Jr Highlights (Video)


This is all we are going to see on SportsCenter until about September. Might as well train yall brains now. Here’s some of Ken Griffey JR’s finest moments. Read More »

“Cool Stories”: @Elz_523


If you’re trying to f*ck your boss daughter keep your mouth shut b. **SEND YOUR COOL STORY TO NERDNASH@GMAIL.COM** Read More »

Best Sports Media Meltdowns (Video)


Read More »

“Cool Stories”: @Cyn_Santana (VIDEO)


My homegirl @Cyn_Santana drops a Cool Story filled with thirst and confusion. Read More »

NBA Worst Flops of All Time (Video)


Lebron Flops >>>>>>>> Read More »

“Cool Stories”: @RellyOnSmash (Video)


Everyone loves a Cool Story. You a have a Cool Story the world needs to hear? Send it to NerdNash@Gmail.Com .. Make sure it’s at least kind of humorous. We don’t need any sad and lonely tales here at NerdAtTheCoolTable.Com Here’s the first installment of “Cool Stories” w/ @RellyOnSmash  Read More »

Top 100 OLD Vince Carter Dunks (Video)

Vince Carter hasn’t been the same since he grew that bum ass beard on his face. I’ll never forgive him for destroying my Phoenix Suns. Regardless, he’s the best dunker of our time. Read More »

Diamond Dallas Page – The Master of The Diamond Cutter (Video)


My Man DDP never truly got the respect he deserved…… and don’t you ever forget where Jay-Z stole the ROC sign from Read More »

“Cool Talk” w/ @NerdAtCoolTable (Video)

About a week ago I sat down and chopped it up about the site, The Twitter Tournament (That I ended up winning surprisingly, you’ll see in this footage I had zero faith lol ) and other things. My mom told me I should have gotten my beard shaped up for this footage but i’m a real n*gga so I decided ... Read More »

Shaq’s 10 most filthy dunks (Video)

Lmao Shaq use to do centers so dirty. Read More »

Hogan, Fake Sting and Real Sting (Video)

We all remember this. The fake Sting/Real Sting gimmick was one of the best during the NWO era. Read More »

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address (Video)


Steve Jobs spit nothing but pure fire in this speech. Before you go out to get drunk tonight, take in these jewels. Read More »

Iron Sheik on why he hates Hulk Hogan (Video)

If you can tell me what the hell he is saying word for word i’ll send you a nWo T shirt. Read More »

The JR Smith rules for being a Knick in NY (BY @AL_PATRON)

I’m a Knicks fan. No breaking news there. We got Melo. We have Lin-sanity. Now we have J.R. “I’m a nigga just like you” Smith. I’ll probably curse him out by screaming at my television or on twitter but realistically he’s better than Howard Eisley, Shannon Anderson, Chris Duhon, Larry Hughes & you get the idea. However, I feel it’s ... Read More »

Shawn Kemps Top 10 Dunks (Video)


You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t Shawn Kemp back in my legendary crate ball days…but to be Shawn Kemp then I would have to be Shawn Kemp now smh. Here’s his top 10 dunks of all time. Read More »

E:60: “The Wrestler: The Scott Hall Story” (Video)


 I had no clue my main man Razor Ramon’s life was so real. One of the coolest wrestlers ever is drinking, drugging, and performing in tender Boys & Girls club gyms. ESPN’s “E:60” documents the sad life of a wresting legend. Read More »

“I aint going back to fucking jail”

DMX spazzes out on a judge in Miami…Props to WORLDSTARHIPHOP Read More »

Somebody beat these niggaz up PT.5……The “Fuck DJ Khaled” Movement begins DJ Khaled…. Aww man where do i begin?!…. First off…Whos hating on you DJ Khaled?? LMAO…I swear this “hating” shit is getting out of hand. Khaled, nobody is hating on you fam. Your a fucking DJ. What is there to hate? People just think your fucking annoying. Honestly, i respect ya grind. So this aint an attack on your ... Read More »

Wale, Young Chris, Freeway & Sigel Live in the studio

This got that 90’s feel… Props to ONSMASH Read More »

Random Thoughts 8:52pm 8/20/08

–Nobody details a car better than a junkie –Zune just saved my life –Madden 09 for PS2 is horrible –Is it just me or does “jockin Jayz” have zero replay value? –Im calling it right now….”The Recession” will be album of the year. –Damn…i still cant believe BERNIE MAC is gone…smh –Buying half lbs of Turkey, Cheese, & Salami + ... Read More »

Black Isrealites back at it again SMH… Read More »

Max B Interview

Props to & JoliAt this point we’ve all seen the videos. We’ve heard both sides to the story and we’ve listened to all the dis tracks. Max B is done with Byrd Gang. Considered by fans to be an integral part of the crew he definitely did not leave on good terms but it’s also no secret that he ... Read More »

Injury Status: 100% Recovered

Yea…The ankle is good. Im fully recovered. I feel better than i ever felt. Im in the best shape of my life. I feel like D WADE right now. I got something to prove. Niggaz think the bad ankle is going to end my career….Nope! My basketball swag is higher than its ever been….Just to give u guys an idea ... Read More »

Somebody beat these niggaz up…..PT.4

DJ Vlad…lmao…Im not requesting he get his ass whipped. Know why? Cuz he already got his ass whopped. This nigga had to nerve to ask Rick Ross about the CO scandal and Rick Ross entourage beat the hell out of him…allegedly. DJ VLAD, you gotta be smarter than that fam. I know u wanna ask the tought questions but u ... Read More »

Clipse Interview Props to ONSMASH Read More »

Currency – “Incredible” Freestyle

I jumped on the Currency bandwagon a couple of weeks ago. This is a freestyle over the INCREDIBLE instrumental. Jen The Pen sent me this instrumental so my homie Brizz can body it…HURRY UP BRIZZ!!Currency – Incredible Freestyle Props to NAH RIGHT His new mixtape, Fast Times at Ridgemont Fly coming in a few days…. Im co-signing him…. Read More »

Black Iraelites Street Preachers Vs. U.S Marine Read More »

Damn Trashman, i just wanted you to get beat up…Not arrested.

Remember the nigga, TRASHMAN, the nigga that made my “beat these niggaz up” list the other day???? Well, he didnt get beat up…..they locked his dumb ass up. A New York City man was charged today with posting YouTube videos in which he claimed to have poisoned thousands of bottles of Gerber baby food in a bid to kill black ... Read More »

I’m not a rapper….I’m a real person

The other night my homie Brizz (you’ll meet him soon…Jen the Pen, I need that “incredible” track) asked me to start rapping again. He’s a inspiring rapper. He’s actually one of the very few rappers in Delaware that I think is nice (Blue Chip being the other). We in the whip smoking out and he comes out of nowhere like ... Read More »

Somebody beat these niggaz up….Pt.3

I discovered this shit at DC TO BC. No. I dont want this little kid beat up. I want his father beat up. Somebody needs to smack the shit out of this lil kids dad. A family friend has to take the responsibility into their hands. niggas name is TRASHMAN..SMH…This shit is funny. But the nigga doing this has ... Read More »

Max B Speaks on the shooting Read More »

Brett FavrESPN…..Just Disgusting Pt.2

Get ready for ESPN to step up the dickriding starting this weekend… Brett FavrESPN is reporting to Training Camp.. Bitch ass nigga. From NFL.COM…. During a telephone conversation Thursday with Green Bay general manager Ted Thompson, quarterback Brett Favre conveyed he is planning to return to the Packers and report to training camp this weekend. If he follows through on ... Read More »

Yea im back on the HELL RELL bandwagon

New Video of him getting at RED CAFE Read More »

I didnt like this song at first

I slept on it. Its str8 tho…. New Video…Re-Up Gang “Fast Life” They should of let Liva and Sandman rock tho. Read More »

Joe Budden Video Blog

By the way….He is the best rapper alive. Read More »

“Whats a FOX characteristic?…Slick shit…..”

New Video for Nas “Sly Fox” Read More »

The Most Entertaining Nigga in The Game

Max Bigavel….This nigga stay wit quotables….Interview quotables that is.. Read More »

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