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Dame Dash – The Spirit Of Business (VIDEO)


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Ali Shakur says boycott Exodus: Gods and Kings (VIDEO)


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Floyd Mayweather explains what true dedication is (VIDEO)


“I gave boxing my whole life…you know what? I’m not scared. I’m not scared at all. I’m smart. I don’t have to say certain names. Look at a lot of legendary fighters that’s living, that’s dead, and look at the position that they’re in because they didn’t take the random blood and the random urine tests, you know? I keep ... Read More »

Power Of The Purse (DOCUMENTARY)

power of purse

A documentary that investigates the money powers throughout history, namely American history. From ancient times to present day, money has been used by the elite as a tool of enslavement over the masses. Never before has this been more true with privately run central banks creating money out of nothing and manipulating its value to engineer economic depressions consolidating wealth ... Read More »

Kehlani and Klyde (VIDEO)


“Kehlani and Klyde” stumbled across this gem a few months ago.  Don’t sleep. Read More »

Ali Shakur exposes the HIV/Cancer Scam (VIDEO)


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Light Skin Vs. Dark Skin Decoded By Ali Skakur (VIDEO)


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“Never Forget” Moments In Sports: D Wade 2006 Finals Vs. Mavericks (VIDEO)


We all know that in 2014 Dwayne Wade is a shell of the player he once was but with him deciding to re-sign with the Miami Heat and show his loyalty to a franchise that has been nothing but great to him. I felt like it was only right to pay homage to the greatest player to ever put on ... Read More »

Best of Jim Ross (VIDEO)


In honor of Jim Ross retiring here’s the Best of Jim Ross. Read More »

Jimmy Kimmel on Snoop’s GGN (VIDEO)


One of the best things online. Read More »

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