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Dennis Edwards ft. Siedah Garrett – Don’t Look Any Further video UNAPPRECIATION

Watched this video at 6am and the tears were flowing until at least 10 am. Funniest/worst video ever. Dennis Edwards fast in the first few seconds of this video is classic footage. Word to his tender eye wink. His aura is full of finesse from start to finish. This is the bullsh1t that turned our aunts and uncles out. Shout ... Read More »

She has to die: Skyler White from Breaking Bad UNAPPRECIATION

*This may contain spoilers* This b*tch has to go. It’s time to get her up outta here and death is the only way. The biggest b*tch in the history of television. After the stunt she pulled on sunday night she has to be smoked. Disrespecting my main man Walter like that after all he’s done for her. She pulls that ... Read More »

Emmitt Smith on ESPN UNappreciation

I think we can all agree Emmitt Smith was the worse ESPN football analyst of all time. He made Sunday NFL countdown a comedy. He also made it hard to watch at times. Who knew one of the greatest football players of all time had trouble forming sentences that made sense. ESPN got rid of his ass so goddamn fast ... Read More »

The Talkative Barber UNappreciation

Nothing irks the soul of a man trying to get a shape up more than a talkative barber. You know, the barber who turns a simple reply into a speech. You try to keep it simple with short replies like “word”, “ok”, “dope”, “yea”, “Crazy”, etc…but that’s all it takes. That’s all he needs. Then there’s the guy who just ... Read More »

Extra friendly Waiter/Waitress UNAPPRECIATION

Maybe i’m just a anti social asshole but nothing annoys me more than a extra friendly waiter/waitress. Just ask me if I need refills and if i’m enjoying my food. That’s it. I don’t want to get to know you personally and I don’t want you to know me. Don’t smile and ask me how my day is going. I’m ... Read More »

Turkey Bacon UNappreciation

It’s official. Turkey bacon is way more devilish than good ole pork bacon could ever be. I don’t care what anyone says my mind is made up. I will never eat another piece of turkey bacon again. It’s nothing but edible boredom and underachievement. If you’re not going to eat pork cool, but don’t try to replace your love for ... Read More »

Frank Ocean on “Made In america” UNappreciation

I can’t be the only one who heard the hook on “Made In America” and felt……well, I don’t know how I felt…..confused maybe? Yea I guess I felt confused. “Sweeeet baby jeeeesus” As soon as I heard Frank Ocean utter those words It killed my whole vibe. In no way am I saying the song is wack. The song is ... Read More »


The leaking car struggle. Some say this is one of the toughest struggles man can face. Every person has been through it. I wouldn’t trust a person who hasn’t. It means their not struggle tested. Waking up in the morning and seeing that fresh spot of car fluids greet you is a horrible feeling. You’re not alone tho ……… Just ... Read More »

Old Navy Flip Flops un-appreciation

After years of dealing with this I can no longer support women wearing these. Ladies, I know..It’s hard out here and 2 for $5 flips flops are hard to turn down but it’s time to let them go. I can’t stand seeing them anymore and i’m not settling this summer. I want nothing to do with a female that wears ... Read More »

White Women with T Mobile Sidekicks UNappreciation

I love my sidekick LX. Matter of fact, im addicted to it. Im always on it. AIM, Internet, texting…Im always doing something on it. Basically, its electronic crack to me. I got a problem tho. Everytime i see white women/girls on a sidekick i cringe. I start to feel suspect. I see them whip out they sidekick and start giggling ... Read More »

Shea Davis Unappreciation Blog

Im crowning Shea Davis…. “U got a good Job JoB/ U still can get robbed robbed” SMMFH…….Hilarious…And sad at the same time. Read More »

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