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The Realness

The Realness: (Pics) Disrespectful Days Ahead

The look of a lil n!gga that will be called disrespectful many times throughout his life Pray for the troops. Pause. Say something positive…I bet you can’t Ok Black fathers have to do better The most disrespectful cheerleader in history Lakers Fans…this is why your season will end in disappointment This better be fake. I swear before God this better ... Read More »

The Realness (Pics): Black To The Essence

Every so often a man can lose his way. Even the greatest of men experience moments where they venture away from their designed path. I also have stumbled in my pursuit of greatness. Lord knows we all need to take it back to the essence. For me…black to the essence is all I know. Me and the Lord are working ... Read More »

The Realness: (Pics) Just Another February

No Black History out here…its just another February! All that underage husky thigh meat going to waste. This is why white girls go bl…nvm. F*ck whoever signed off on this promotion. Whats Kool-Aid’s twitter? They better be donating a portion of these proceeds to a Black History charity. Or we riot! Speechless. I wonder what the baby’s grandmother would say ... Read More »

The Realness: (Pics) “Black Struggle Love”

It really is just a Tuesday. There’s nothing special about today other than the massive ploy set forth by corporations to keep the chocolate industry afloat. I’m a fake chubby nigga so trust me; I have the inside scoop. Countless couples around the world will put their bitterness towards each other aside to play house for a day, showering each ... Read More »

The Realness (Pics): Proud To Be Black and not Colored

He went ahead and and made himself at home. I don’t even wanna know what kind of ignorance a colored like this can get into with a smart phone. I just hope this isn’t in America. Damn colored. Even The Colonel called him a colored Should have spelled “Colored” Those eyebrows… Read More »

The Realness (Pics): I Can’t Wait For Black History Month Edition

February 1st is fast approaching. Your favorite rapper might not care; but I do. One month throughout the year (the shortest month *side eye*) we as a colored race of people are provided with weeks upon weeks to purify our race of the bullshit that flows through our veins. Seeing as America is the land of opportunity and all that; ... Read More »

The Realness (Pics) We Should All Want Better


It should never get this bad. I used to find humor in the apparent misfortunes of those who no longer care; but I’ve come to realize these people have merely never been given encouragement. Allow me to inspire you. Allow N@CT to show you we can all do better. Yes, It’s Real out here. Yes, We know. Yes, We can. ... Read More »

The Realness (Pics) Strugg Uggs Edition

Struggle 9 different ways. A pack of this many 15 year old girls has to be purely ruthless. I bet the inside of every one of these Strugg Uggs smells like boiled hot dog water. It gets worse The wears and tears of hoe living How many wears is too many for Strugg Uggs? When your big toe finally escapes…that ... Read More »

The Realness (Pics)


SMH SMH 2x’s SMH 3x’s Yes, that’s a mirror above the bed. Yes, he’s in the bed with another man or a widebacked female. Yes, he’s a drake fan. Yes, this was posted to Instagram. SMH 4x’s SMH 5x’s SMH 6x’s Goodnight Read More »

The Realness (Pics) “It’s All Too Real”

“It’s All Too Real” A body only Weight Watchers could Love. Do you realize how many chocolate cupcakes that tongue has licked? She takes a deep breath every time she gets off the couch. I’m praying for her metabolism. First 48 Uggs Its a damn shame what she did to those Uggs. They look so defenseless. They look like they ... Read More »

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