Nerd At The Cool Table


The Cool Table: Eddie Caine

  Eddie Caine, the man behind one of the dopest tapes of 2011, Aqua 8’s & Heartaches, took the time to sit at The Cool Table to reflect on the success of the tape, the women behind it and more. ********** Aqua 8s was a success in my book especially since you pretty much did everything without much support or ... Read More »

The Cool Table: DJ Folk

DJ Folk, Jeezy’s go to A&R and the man behind a lot of the music in your rotation,  sits at the Cool Table to bust it up about TM103, his humble beginnings in the music biz, his time in the porn industry, twitter and more. Take a seat with us and learn a thing or two.  You already know whats ... Read More »

A Day in the Life of @Hovain

Hovain Lets YRB Magazine Inside His Life For a Day. Read More »

JAE MILLZ Interview

JAE MILLZ took the time from his busy I AM MUSIC 2 tour schedule to sit down at the Cool Table. Millz kicks it with me about the good ole battling days, Carter 4, weed of course , and more……………. First thing, and i know you probably had enough of the battle questions, but that battle with murda mook was ... Read More »

Sap Da Beatman Interview

They say nothing hot comes out of Delaware. I guess they don’t know SAP DA BEATMAN, Delaware’s hottest producer. Now, only 20 years old, he’s ready to be the hottest in the world. A lot of people don’t know you got a nice little catalog. Let the people know a couple of artists you’ve worked with. Well I worked with ... Read More »

Smoke Dza Interview X “Marley & Me” Remix Video

Modern day hippies Unite! Fellow Pothead Smoke Dza took the time to answer a few questions. It seems like it’s a new lane nowadays where rappers are kinda like modern day hippies. Smoke weed, have fun and rap about it. You, currency, wiz, Asher, just to name a few. I don’t wanna limit you to that lane but how does ... Read More »

“Web Heads”: Mikey McFly

Porn and Illegal downloads. That’s what most people are online for. Honestly, for years that was the only reason I was on the internet. Some people choose to milk the internet for all its worth. Every week I’ll put y’all onto people using the internet as just another place to grind. First up….Mikey Mcfly….First, let the people know where online ... Read More »

Nerd At The Cool Table interviews the Chopper City Suit

Please take the time to watch this video if u haven’t already… Those 13 minutes created a overnight celebrity. A star was born. No, not the guy in the suit, Chopper City, but the suit alone. Within hours this suit became the most talked about topic online. Millions of people posted comments praising this suit. “Ole Master P – ... Read More »

Pause Police Interview

Every few yrs extraordinary people make their presence felt in this world. Micheal Phelps, Lebron James…..Gucci mane. People that u see and just know they are going to change the world. Well people……….Meet the Pause Police. The Pause Police patrol Twitter (If u not on twitter by now your a lame). They walk the streets of twitter in hopes of ... Read More »

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