Thursday , 24 April 2014
Nerd At The Cool Table


NFL Week 14 Picks


Baltimore (+2.5) @ Washington Black Jesus is walking on water right now but i’m sure he’s ready to float on a Ravens D still nasty even without Ray Lewis. Ravens 24 – Redskins 17 Kansas City (+7) @ Cleveland “I don’t care” Game of the Week Browns 28 – Chiefs 14 San Diego (+8) @ Pittsburgh Big Ben is back…Norv ... Read More »

NFL Week 13 Picks


Seattle (+3) @ Chicago I believed in Seattle a few weeks ago but not anymore. Chicago easy. Bears 27 – Seahawks 17 Minnesota (+8) @ Green Bay Don’t be surprised is Jared Allen goes crazy on that weak Green Bay offensive line. I’d still go with the Packers though. Packers 34 – Vikings 27 San Francisco (-7.5) @ St. louis ... Read More »

R.I.P Hector “Macho” Camacho (Video)


My mom (A South Bronx OG savage) favorite boxer. She loved this n*gga. R.I.P Breh Read More »

Week 12 NFL Picks


Oakland (+8.5) @ Cincinnati The raiders stand no chance. Bengals 31 – Raiders 20 Pittsburgh (-1.5) @ Cleveland My main man Charlie Batch getting the start? I have faith in him. Steelers 17 – Cleveland 14 Buffalo (-3) @ Indianapolis The Bills offense will keep this interesting. Colts 28 – Bills 27 Denver (-10.5) @ Kansas City Broncos hurt alot ... Read More »

Remember Prince Naseem Hamed? (Video)


What happened to this guy? I’m pretty sure somebody finally but a end to his ring antics and it was wrap for him. Read More »

NFL Week 11 Picks


Philadelphia (+3.5) @ Washington I don’t believe in Foles. Last week he had a very tender look in his eyes. Redskins 24 – Eagles 20 Green Bay (-3) @ Detroit Put that money on A-R Packers 31 – Lions 24 Arizona (+9,5) @ Atlanta After the Falcons losing to New Orleans at home they’ll def beat the Cards. Don’t be ... Read More »

NFL Week 10 Picks


Buffalo (+11.5) @ New England God bless my Bills. Patriots 28 – Bills 14 Ny Giants (-4.5) @ Cincinnati The Giants will bounce back after last weeks loss. It won’t be easy though. Giants 24 – Bengals 21 Denver (-4.5) @ Carolina Peyton Manning is in his zone right now. Broncos 27 – Panthers 21 San Diego (+3.5) @ Tampa ... Read More »

25 Laziest Athletes in Sports Today


There really aren’t all that many lazy professional athletes out there. The very fundamental nature of their job usually demands a pretty high level of un-laziness. And shush, I realize “un-laziness” isn’t a “real” word, but you know what I’m talking about. Lazy players are a very small minority of all professional athletes, but obviously they do exist. There are ... Read More »

NFL Week 9 Picks


Denver     -5     @ Cincinnati Peyton got his swag back. Broncos 28 – Bengals 21 @ Green Bay     -10     Arizona Cardinals are horrible. Packers 31 – Cards 17 Miami     -1.5     @ Indianapolis Don’t sleep on those Dolphins. Dolphins 21 – Colts 20 Baltimore     -3.5     @ Cleveland Ravens old and washed up but I ... Read More »

The Classic Chris Childs 2 Piece on Kobe (Video)


Kobe with the fake “I want to fight but I don’t really want to fight.” bounce after being punched. Read More »

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