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Eagles Epic Comeback Against Giants (VIDEO)


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Eagles vs Packers Division Playoffs 2003, “4th and 26″ (VIDEO)


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Stuart Scotts First Sportscast (VIDEO)


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1994: Houston Rockets vs Phoenix Suns, Conference Semi-Finals (VIDEO)


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Bruce Jenner – Ten for Gold (Documentary)


Just so yall know he did have a wave. Read More »

The Thunder’s Future Demise? (By @LamondreDeshawn)


In just over 2 months of professional play, it’s been a pretty interesting two months of basketball – to say the least. So many story lines we could look at: the Knicks are terrible once again, LeBron James and the Cavaliers can’t get right, Oklahoma City is on pace to be the most dangerous 8th seed ever in league history, ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 14 NFL picks


N@CT NFL season pick record stands at 96-96-0…. Nobody cares about stats though… Ya’ll want winning parlay cards… Tip of the week… The Reverse Teaser Card is lovely this week….TEXANS, RAMS, COLTS, VIKINGS… 5 will get you 300… Or drop the COLTS and 5 will get you 100… N@CT NFL Week 14 picks….. * DENOTES HOME TEAM DOLPHINS* (-1½) Vs ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 13 Picks


 N@CT NFL season pick record stands at 89-87-0 and ranked 2nd when you compare it to the pros at CBS and… With a respectable record I’m not sure why my mentions are in shambles every Sunday lol… CBS pro Jamey Eisenberg is number one but went 5-10-0 last week on the picks… I’m on his heels for that top ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 12 NFL Picks


Never had followers slander my weekly NFL picks to my face…… Until last weekend…SMH… #DelawareTwitter rolled up on me and @NerdAtCoolTable while having a brew and demanded some answers… Not even free shots of Patron could diffuse the situation…So I hit em with the advanced N@CT NFL Week 11 picks as a peace offering. However, when I mentioned the Eagles ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 11 NFL Picks


Went 9-4 last week on the picks and my season record sits at 75-72-0 … I may be back up over .500 but that’s nothing to celebrate… No sh!t talking just yet though.. Just the picks…  N@CT NFL Week 11 picks….. * DENOTES HOME TEAM BROWNS* (-3½) Vs TEXANS Nobody wants to believe the Browns are actually good but ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 10 NFL Picks


Just the picks this week… Season record stands at 66-68-0… Don’t lose faith though… I’ll be back over .500 soon… N@CT NFL Week 10 picks….. * DENOTES HOME TEAM COWBOYS (-6½) Vs JAGUARS at London, Eng. The Cowboys should win but teams are struggling to cover the spread when they play Jacksonville… Pick: JAGUARS LIONS* (-2½) Vs DOLPHINS Lions WR ... Read More »

Kenyon Martin’s Top 100 Dunks (VIDEO)

kenyon martin

Still one of the most disrespectful dunkers ever Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 9 NFL Picks


On any given Sunday your team can be washed… That statement was easily proven in the Monday Night game… Last week was a catastrophe on the NFL picks… A lot of bullsh!t took place in week 8… No excuses though. The show must go on… Season record stands at 61-61-0 which is horrible in my opinion but still better than ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 8 NFL Picks


Fell off last week… 7-8 on the NFL Week 7 picks, but the only pick I regret is that Niners pick… Nerd almost put me on a one week suspension for suspect performance… Until he took a look at last week’s picks by pros over at CBS….. The best over at CBS went 6-9…..Last week was just one of those ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 7 NFL Picks


Rebounded nicely last week… 8-7 on the NFL Week 6 picks. Not my best showing but it’s better than .500 so you gotta respect it. I’m still trailing two of the pros over at CBS but not for long… Homeboy over at still dishing out them Al’ Davis picks… 5-9-1 (ssmfh) last week … I did nothing but rub ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 6 NFL Picks


Another subpar showing last week… 7-8 on the NFL Week 5 picks. My record took another hit last week but at 40-36-0 I’m still over .500. This week you gotta f!ck with me though… These east coast temps dropped and all I did was stay indoors and watch game film… I feel like Bruce LeRoy from The Last Dragon when ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 5 NFL Picks


Disgusting… 6-7 on the NFL Week 4 picks, but I’m not going to apologize. Nope … No Sir… Why would I? I’m still your best bet by far when it comes to these NFL spreads…The streets are saying (27-33-1) NFL picks are better though. You see that trash record. SMH… My record took a hit last week but at ... Read More »

“Never Forget” Moments In Sports – Seahawks VS Packers 2012 (VIDEO)


In 2012 the NFL had a black cloud over it’s head the first few weeks of the season because of the replacement referees. No call was bigger that season than the call made at the end of this Monday Night game. Most would agree that after watching the footage and reviewing the rules of a simultaneous catch that Green Bay ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 4 NFL Picks


12-4 on the NFL Week 3 picks and not a soul showed any appreciation…You n!ggas ain’t gon appreciate me til’ I’m gone… No reason why all of #DelawareTwitter shouldn’t of walked out of Delaware Park with this month’s Rent-A-Center payment in hand (minus my 5%)..With a season record of 27-21 I’m currently washing the “professionals” over at CBS:   DOLPHINS ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 3 NFL picks


Struggled last week and went 7-9 on the NFL Week 2 picks… Definitely not my best showing but my season record of 15-17 still respectable… Before you destroy my mentions peep how I measure up against the “professionals” over at CBS: N@CT NFL Week 3 picks….. * DENOTES HOME TEAM BILLS* (-2½) Vs CHARGERS No denying that #BillsMafia is competing ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 2 NFL Picks


On the low NFL Week 1 was dope with the exception of the bullsh!t TMZ pulled on Monday…Not that Ray Rice didn’t need to be exposed, but dropping that video on Monday week 1 was real wack… Especially since we all know they had the video on tuck…..  *8-8 record this season* N@CT NFL Week 2 picks….. * DENOTES HOME ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 1 NFL Picks


NFL week 1 is here and so are these unforgiving spreads…. Odds makers got the drop on me somewhat last year, but this year I spent the offseason in the film room breaking down playbooks and game tape. All I ask is that you hit my PayPal with 10% from every win, or a login. Let’s work……. N@CT NFL ... Read More »

The best of Jason “White Chocolate” Williams (Video)


Salute Jason Williams when you see that man. He had white boys on basketball courts all over the country trying to do all kinds of bullsh!t. Read More »

“Never Forget” Moments In Sports – Paul George’s Top 10 Career Plays


I hate to see athletes go out like Paul George did the other night during the Blue vs. White Team USA showcase game in Las Vegas. The injury he had will most defiantly have him sidelined till mid February at the earliest which is all bad for Pacer’s nation considering they let Lance leave for Charlotte this offseason . Regardless I’m ... Read More »

Floyd Mayweather explains what true dedication is (VIDEO)


“I gave boxing my whole life…you know what? I’m not scared. I’m not scared at all. I’m smart. I don’t have to say certain names. Look at a lot of legendary fighters that’s living, that’s dead, and look at the position that they’re in because they didn’t take the random blood and the random urine tests, you know? I keep ... Read More »

“Never Forget” Moments In Sports: D Wade 2006 Finals Vs. Mavericks (VIDEO)


We all know that in 2014 Dwayne Wade is a shell of the player he once was but with him deciding to re-sign with the Miami Heat and show his loyalty to a franchise that has been nothing but great to him. I felt like it was only right to pay homage to the greatest player to ever put on ... Read More »

“Never Forget” Moments In Sports: Carmelo Drops 62 on Charlotte (VIDEO)


In honor of Carmelo Anthony re-signing with the New York Knicks this past week everybody should take a look back at his greatest game as a Knick so far. On January 14th 2014 he dropped 62 points on the Charlotte Bobcats. Watch as Melo pulls out everything in his arsenal even a half court shot to make history as a ... Read More »

Why Soccer in the US sucks (By @SHREMPwithaE)


So with the US Men’s Soccer team being booted from the World Cup; now the time has come for us to yet again explain why the sport of soccer still lacks a majority following. Personally I always figured that if we ignored soccer long enough it would just go away, but even I have to admit that the sport has ... Read More »

“Never Forget” Moments In Sports: The Decision (VIDEO)


History has a habit of repeating itself exactly four years ago today on July 8th 2010 Lebron James was a free agent and he shook the world when he made his “Decision” to leave Cleveland to go to Miami. Watch as King James makes a choice that would not only help his career but damage his Image in the eyes of ... Read More »

The King James Version (By @evgeeker)

king james

Most people have heard of the King James Version of the Bible. Some may not know who that King James was. King James I of England was the one who translated the Bible to an English version. The king that I want to write about is the one who is ruling the NBA today, Lebron James. Lebron James aka “King ... Read More »

“Never Forget” Moments in Sports: T Mac 13 points in 35 seconds (VIDEO)


On December 9th 2004 Tracy Mcgrady scored an amazing 13 points in 35 against the San Antonio Spurs. Watch as T-Mac led the Rockets to an epic comeback that ended up being one of the most iconic moments in NBA history. Via @LamondreDeshawn Read More »

NBA Draft 2014 (Lottery Picks): Projections, Suggestions and Predictions (By @Lamondredeshawn)


With the NBA Draft looming around the corner just less than a few days away. Everybody’s Mock Draft Boards are ready, and majority of the boards have either Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker going 1st overall to the Cleveland Cavaliers. (Majority NBA Mock Draft Boards Lottery Pick Projections) 1 Cleveland Cavaliers Andrew Wiggins 2 Milwaukee Bucks Jabari Parker 3 Philadelphia ... Read More »

Better than the B(R)est? (By @LamondreDeshawn)


People aren’t accustomed to change when it comes to sports, especially when it pertains to basketball.   Some tend to get awards like MVP confused with being the best player in the league ,which makes no sense because MVP stands for Most Valuable Player, not the “Best Player”. With that said, when you ask other NBA hardcore fans who’s their pick ... Read More »

No Crossover: The Trial Of Allen Iverson (Documentary)


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The extraordinary first round of this year’s NBA postseason was one of the most exciting we’ve ever seen. In the West, we saw a three Game 7s out of the four series, with a dramatic buzzer-beater preventing a fourth. As a whole, the Game 7s were a bit of a letdown, as the favorites won them all, two of them ... Read More »

2014 NFL Mock Draft (By @BACK_MG_)

nfl mock

With the draft less than a week away, here’s a look at how the 1st round could go. Of course trades could change everything so they aren’t included. I do put a couple locations in the mock where I think trades could happen. Pick 1 – Houston Texans                                Jadeveon Clowney         DE – South Carolina Best prospect in the ... Read More »

Teddy’s Bridge Is “Falling” (By @Lamondredeshawn)


With the NFL draft next month on May 8th-10th. The top draft prospects are finishing up their pro days. Clowney did his today and showed why he should be the number 1 overall pick by the Houston Texans. Johnny Manziel and Blake Bortles shined during their pro days. Bortles pro day was so good that some experts have him being ... Read More »

Micheal Jordan Hall Of Fame Speech (VIDEO)


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Moral Teflon (By @Lamondredeshawn)


It’s a shame that the power of the dollar has killed the greatest collegiate basketball conference .Schools have no problem messing up the student/fan game but won’t dare mess with the alumnus game (football) .You will never see the SEC go away and if somebody was to ever leave the conference they will replace them ASAP to retain a conference ... Read More »

Kobe Stans … Please Stop (By @Word_onDaTweets)


“The only way LeBron James will never impress me is if he scores 82.”- someone not named Skip Bayless. Before I start, let me give you guys the definition of a “Stan”, if you’re not already hip. According to urban dictionary, a Stan is an “overzealous maniacal fan for any celebrity or athlete.” (Think Beyonce’s followers). Now that we got ... Read More »

Dallas Mavericks 4th quarter comeback vs the Heat (2011 NBA Finals GM2) (VIDEO)


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Can’t be the “King” of all Kings. (By @Lamondredeshawn)


Since Lebron wants to say he’s gonna end up on the NBA’s Mount Rushmore when it’s all said and done. I had to go back and change a post I had already started about him not being able to finish as one of the greatest of the greats. By that I mean he can’t be “Top 5″. Bron has done ... Read More »

We Should Have Never Let MJ Play For The Wizards (@TRlllP)

jordan wizards

I love the Chicago Bulls in an unhealthy way. I was born on October 5th, 1990 (you could argue that this is the exact day swag was invented), I was 7 years old when Michael Jeffrey Jordan led the Bulls to their 6th NBA title. One of my biggest regrets in life is that I wasn’t old enough to truly ... Read More »

Colin Cowherd Talks Johnny Manziel In His Car with Skip Bayless (VIDEO)


Lowkey … Colin Cowherd is top 3 up at ESPN. Read More »

Ray Lewis: Championship Mindset (VIDEO)


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Colin Kaepernick’s First College Start (VIDEO)


Here’s footage of Colin Kaepernick’s first start as a college QB. I bet he never thought he would end up going to the NFC championship two times in a row…. Or maybe that’s exactly what he thought would happen. Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 17 Picks


* DENOTES HOME TEAM PANTHERS (-7½) Vs FALCONS* The Falcons have no shot in hell at making the playoffs this year, but they still won’t let the Panthers grab an easy win. Falcons QB Matt Ryan and WR Roddy White will do just enough to keep this game interesting. UNDER – 45½ Pick: FALCONS / UNDER BEARS* *TBD Vs PACKERS ... Read More »

Sway sits down with Allen Iverson (VIDEO)


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Harv Pierre’s Week 15 Picks


* DENOTES HOME TEAM FALCONS* (-6½) Vs REDSKINS The Redskins are finally benching QB Robert Griffin III in favor of backup QB Kirk Cousins. With QB Kirk Cousins tossing the rock and RB Alfred Morris in the backfield the Redskins should be able to cover easily this week. UNDER – 51½ Pick: REDSKINS / OVER 49ERS (-5½) Vs BUCCANEERS* The ... Read More »

E60: Desean Jackson (VIDEO)


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