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#Sadderday: Death To Hookup Culture (By @BBillions)

Nowadays hook up culture is so prevalent ppl move on from relationships at light speed, any problem you have with someone it’s like well I gave it a shot… time to move on *downloads tinder*… Men & women …I think you are pathetic if you Have Tinder. You on a dating app with the purpose to just hook up with ... Read More »

#Sadderday: Save me! (By @BBillions)

Valentine’s Day just passed and this 1 was extra sad… in the era of putting ALL your business on the internet the couples pics and gifts were all on the timeline and on IG in abundance. The fellas usually always go all out for their ladies but I must say I seen a few chicks go hard this year also. ... Read More »

#Sadderday: I Just Wanna Get Married (By @BBillions)

My mood every time I go out now a days… I’m tired of all the chasing skirts, going to random bars and sleeping with random girls every other night… I’m tired of dm’n girls,  going on dates then have them use me for casual sex. People think making love to up and coming rnb singers and aspiring models and actresses ... Read More »

#Sadderday: Never fall for a free spirit (By @leandrekennedy)

First of All S/o Nerd, Bills Now trust me on this one. A free spirit is the best-worst thing that can happen to you. You might be like me.. barely ever get emotionally involved with people because you don’t want to waste your time. But these women nowadays are tricky. Just listen to how my ex got me… So I’m ... Read More »

#SadderDay: Fly Her Out or Die Alone (By @Bbillions)

Your soulmate is 3000 miles away just waiting on you to pay that plane ticket… the Time is now. Y’all been flirting with each other for 6 years on twitter, y’all know everything about each other, she thinks your the funniest guy ever, she laughs at all you jokes and likes every IG post. She even gets jealous when you ... Read More »

#Sadderday: The Hopeless Romantic Crew (By @BBillions)

Society has changed and I’m ashamed to say that I’ve let it changed me. Instead of fighting against the norm and still searching for true love, in the era were it’s easier to engage in causal sex than a meaningful conversation with someone …I’ve fell victim to the ways around me. Instead of holding hands and piggy back rides thru ... Read More »

Bills – “Bad Ones, Sad Ones” (Prod. By Lando Beats)

Mr Sadderday Bills releases the first single off his upcoming Death of Sad Pitt project titled “Bad Ones, Sad Ones”. This one is for all the ladies out there that keep it pretty even when they fed up inside. Read More »

#Sadderday: Saddest Person Of The Week (By @BBillions)

Jesus Christ man… Broooo… Yooooo… Damnnnn… What the hell did I just read… This is crazy… Man idk dude name but he looks like a Michael so let’s just call him Mike… Damn lil Mike mike I feel ya pain… We’ve all been there but not this bad I almost appreciate how bad my ex treating me after I read ... Read More »

#Sadderday: New Year, Who This? (By @BBillions)

After 4 years I’ve finally decided it’s time to move on and forget about my ex. It’s honestly getting old and boring and I’m tired of it. It’s over. We both moved on, we both happy, having fun and living life. Sometime you gotta know when to let go.  Honestly, if we got back together it would not be the ... Read More »

#Sadderday: 2015 Sadderday Olympics

The SADDERDAY OLYMPICS are back! From Sadderday March 14th till March 21st you have a chance to claim your spot as the saddest person in world. You’ll have bragging rights forever and sympathy that could possibly turn your sadness around. Let’s get into the events….. “Shoot Ya shot!” #OTFZ (out the friend zone) There’s somebody you’ve been interested in for ... Read More »

#Sadderday: “Ask Sad Pitt” Episode 2 (VIDEO)

Bills aka “Sad Pitt” is back to answer more questions from the people. Happy Sadderday Yall Read More »

#Sadderday: “Ask Sad Pitt” (VIDEO)

Our good friend Sad Pitt (@BBillions) answers questions from all the sad people around the world. Look out for these every Sadderday at Midnight Happy Sadderday yall. Read More »

#Sadderday: “I Hate My Ex” (Promo Video)

Make sure you go to SadderdayShop.Com and purchase a “I Hate My Ex” Tee SHout out to @BBillions Read More »

#Sadderday: I want to come back home. (By @BBillions)

Smh… Lebron went back to Cleveland and the 1st thing I thought about was getting back with my ex..I mean come on that was the worst break up in history of all break ups, so if he could go back there and the city forgive him surely my ex could forgive me for everything I’ve done. She only caught me ... Read More »

#Sadderday (By @BBillions)

You ever sit in a bar and stare at a complete stranger and just create a whole life together in your head? Like the places y’all gonna go already … plan out little picnics and movie dates… Plan out the arguments y’all gonna have and how good the make up sex will be… Love at 1st sight!… But you don’t ... Read More »

#SadderDay (By @BBillions)

Love vs success… What’s the perfect girl if it ain’t the perfect time? smh. It’s so hard to try to manage a steady relationship and be productive at the same time. Wither you’re working at a cooperate office and gotta put them hours in to finish a big project or trying to make it in the entertainment business and gotta ... Read More »

Sad Life Gang Chronicles: Break Up Rules (By @Idisrespecthoez)

Via FakeDope.Com Another Sad Life Lesson from @iDisrespecthoez …. Sad Life Gang or Die … “Sadderday”: The Movie coming soon. ***** Today I’m going to try and help you n!ggas out…you are about to have a problem bros. Summer is coming around, it’s getting hot outside and your girl doesn’t have school anymore to keep her busy. She is going ... Read More »

#Sadderday (By @BBillions)

I’m here 2 discuss a problem that 84% of the men 16 – 34 in American suffer from… It can be deadly, leads to depression, very time and money consuming and/or get you killed… It doesn’t discriminate. Comes in all shapes and sizes and affects every race. The rich, the poor, the dumb, the intelligent…even happens to a true player ... Read More »

A #SadderDay Short Film (By @DreadieW)

I won’t lie this short film is a little weird but just the fact that someone was willing to make one out of appreciation for the Sadderday movement is a blessing. Shout out to @DreadieW Read More »

#Sadderday (By @BBillions)

Oh, You think sadness is your ally? You merely adopted being sad. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see happiness until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding… Many ppl are out here trying to destroy our sad empire… What we’ve work so hard to build by spreading lies ... Read More »

#Sadderday: The Saddest Fight Scene Ever

Had to watch this fight scene 3 times to actually figure out what I was actually seeing. Easily the saddest fight scene you’ll ever see. Read More »

#Sadderday (By @BettySoBased)

Wattap yall its @BettySoBased. I was asked to share my sad experience from the homie Billz since he ran out of sad shit to say. I dont know how yall niggas are out here happy and shit, while your girl is out in the club taking shots with her friends and Jerome from accounting or even letting her go on ... Read More »

#Sadderday (by @BBillions)

Mannnnn I’m in some deep shit… With the anticipation of the whole ending on 12-21-12 I didn’t even expect to make it to this sadderday… The crazy shit you do when you think Armageddon is approaching smh… I done called allllll my bitches like everyyyy single 1… old bitches, new bitches, even bitches that ain’t even mine yet and confessed ... Read More »

#Sadderday (By @PudgeIsParched)

Firstly I want to thank Nerd for letting share my pitiful awful filthy story of MY SADDERDAY LIFE . N!ggas claim sadderday… I LIVE the life . SHOUT OUT  Bills and Nerd for the platform . Anyway, after reading Sadderday stories and showing my friends it’s a fact….IM SAD BY BLOOD NOT RELATSHUNNN.  Two years back (around October 2010)  I ... Read More »

#Sadderday (By @BBillions)

I dedicate this sadderday to following ya dreams and doing what makes you happy. Life goes by so quick and ppl have many regrets when they get old thinking about what could have been. Wither it be that love that you gave up on or the dream business that you never really pursued hard enough. Most of the time seeking ... Read More »

#Sadderday: The Saddest Birthday Ever (By @BBillions)

How ironic is it that my bday would land on an actual Sadderday lol… You would think on my day of birth there is no way I could be sad right… Smh you couldn’t be more wrong… I turned 24 and I ain’t ducking child support or got a record deal this ain’t nothing how I imagined… I’m damn near ... Read More »

#Sadderday: Changing your number doesn’t bring happiness

Girls keep calling your phone and your girl is pissed huh? So it’s the same story.. “i’m going to change my number babe I promise” … So you change it. Everything is all gravy now. The love is restored and yall can finally focus on each other. Then yall argue again….and you promise to yourself this is it, you’ve had ... Read More »

#Sadderday (By @BBillions)

Do you miss your ex? Are you still in love with them but it seems like they’ve happily moved on? Do you still stalk there timeline and get angry when you catch them flirting? Did you almost comes to terms with the realization that is was really over, but with the recent CB and RiRi hook up gave you a ... Read More »

You’re not too good for Sadderday (By @The_S_S)

It’s nearly the end of 2012 and I know for an absolute fact, some of you f*cked up once or twice this year and trimmed ya beard too low. No amount of dark liquor, white women, or vanilla Dutch gonna make it grow back any faster. You gotta live with that filthy regret until that shit grows ignorant. I also ... Read More »

#Sadderday (By @BBillions)

This aint no way to live… I got drunk as hell last night like usual in the club having wild fun kissing random girls and telling them I love them… But when the parties over what did I do you ask? I went like 0 for 88. I marvins roomed everrrrry single girl in my phone and couldn’t get 1 ... Read More »

#Sadderday: Sad Olympics Gold Medalists

The Sadderday Olympics have come to an end. We made history, ruined relationships and spread sadness all over the world. It’s been a grueling week of competition where only the elite survived. Shout out to everyone who participated and were willing to put their souls on the line all for the spirit of Sadderday.  Here goes the 2012 Sadderday Olympics ... Read More »

#Sadderday (By @iDisrespecthoez)

When your girl leave you, between all the sickness, crying and confusion, you really dont have no idea why she left you. Most of us never expect her to leave we just think she gonna stay no matter what so when she leave that shit is a blind side hit. You have no idea why she bounced. So for a ... Read More »

#Sadderday: Sad Olympics Update

2 Days into the Sadderday Olympics and who knew it would take off like it has. Sunday night it trended worldwide on Twitter. I guess it’s safe to say Sadderday Olympics >>>>>> Regular Olympics. In these 2 days we’ve already witnessed legendary  performances worth gold medals. Here’s an update of the key performances in each category….. Marvins Room Text Event ... Read More »

#SadderDay: 1st Annual Sad Olympics

“Nobody sadder than me” – @BBillions Here’s your chance to prove him wrong. Today is the start of the 1st annual SAD OLYMPICS. 4 Events to showcase just how Sad you are. From today until next Sadderday you have a chance to claim your spot as the saddest person in world. You’ll have bragging rights forever and sympathy that could ... Read More »

#Sadderday: Top 20 Saddest Deaths In A Movie (By @_IamExtra)

Here’s a list from my man @_Iamextra of the top 20 saddest deaths in movies. We don’t want to debate. Just appreciate the list and enjoy your Sadderday. Its too much lust, BBQ’s and drugs out here to debate.  (List was originally 35 but we know yall can’t pay attention for that long) 20. Money Making Mitch Played By Mekhi ... Read More »

#SadLifeChronicles: She Just Wants To Party (By @iDisrespectHoez)

Today I’m gonna give you a lesson on what “The Phase” is.  The Phase is probably your worst nightmare if you are in a relationship with a girl that has yet to live out her hoe fantasies. These are girls that are usually in the age range of 21-23 that have yet to reach their hoe peak.  It starts out ... Read More »

#Sadderday (By @Bbillions)

Man these stupid twitter girls f*cked up once again. They always ruin my chances at love. My girl went thru my phone and seen me texting them, telling them we go together when i’m in their city and she got mad. Sh!t so wack they make me feel like I have to text them because it’s wack to keep DM’n ... Read More »

#SadderDay (By @BBillions)

Today marks the 6 month anniversary since I 1st became sad… A lot has changed in 6 months period. I get all types of nude pics from beautiful women frowning, when I go out I get kisses from drunk women who feel sorry for me and try to cheer me up which only makes me sadder. I go to perform ... Read More »

#Sadderday (By @BBillions)

One of the saddest sadderdays ever for me. Instagram was broke this morning so I couldn’t stalk my Ex page to see if she wore a hoeish outfit last night to the club. I know she did because she always did after we argued. Her best friend didnt go out  tho. We skyped all night during the storm talking about ... Read More »

#SadderDay (By @BBillions)

Today is offically the saddest sadderday everrrrr.. Summer just started. In 1 weeks time I’ve been dumped twice.  My iphone got cut off and worst of all b*tch ass lebron james got a ring 🙁 … I got so drunk off henny (the offical drink of unemployed goons) last night I tried marvins room texting all my old b*tches and ... Read More »

#Sadderday (By @BBillions)

You know whats sad? when you in the car with your girl and a better car drive by and she turn her head…break her neck to check the car out….you work so hard to buy her nice things …dont even buy things to keep your car nice and she just looks at another mans car … everything u worked for ... Read More »

#SadderDay (By @BBillions)

You ever wonder what ya girl will do if you die? Like how many weeks will she wait till she start f*cking another n*gga? Ya girl say she love you to death right now… Yall argue yall fight but that’s what all relationships about… But honestly you think she could last 6 months with out giving it up? Shit stressful… ... Read More »

#Sadderday (By @BBillions)

#SaddestDayEver RT @JayRoc87: Soho bout to suprise my girl at wrk RT @JayRoc87: Wow …… Went to suprise my girl with lunch at wrk and some next nigga is there Smh…. Life so sad… You think you got you a good girl, you leave all ya hoes alone, be a great boyfriend, don’t get drunk, don’t be tweeting all crazy, ... Read More »

#SadderDay (By @Bbillions)

I don’t wanna be the drunk lonely nigga at the family gatherings… I got college girls, women with careers, young chicks I cop sneakers for, bad bitches and women who just genuinely love my no good ass. But what I’m gonna do when they get tired of my bs and go find boy friends on me???? Smh of course my ... Read More »

#SadderDay (By @BBillions)

Brooklyn.. New york.. May… The weather grey the rain thick… I wake up depression all around me (girl I meet last night) …dark thought clouding my mind (how the fuck imma get her to leave) I open the draw and I see two things… 2 crisp untouched condoms and I know that today will be a sad day… 3rd chick ... Read More »

#SadderDay (By @Bbillions)

This sadderday goes out to a very special girl I’m in love with from canada… Who says you can’t find love on twitter??? I think it’s actually the best place to. From late night DM’s to countless skype sessions to my phone bill being a extra 100 bucks… Even tho we’ll probably never meet in person I know she’s the ... Read More »

#SadderDay (By @BBillions)

Every #SadderDay from here on out will be dedicated to the ones down in the dumps. When things get tough don’t stress out …. just be sad.  I dedicate this #sadderday to a very special girl I was in love with for like 3 months until she found out I had a gf and left me… I’m sorry and I ... Read More »

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