Sunday , 20 April 2014
Nerd At The Cool Table


#SadderDay (By @BBillions)


Love vs success… What’s the perfect girl if it ain’t the perfect time? smh. It’s so hard to try to manage a steady relationship and be productive at the same time. Wither you’re working at a cooperate office and gotta put them hours in to finish a big project or trying to make it in the entertainment business and gotta ... Read More »

Sad Life Gang Chronicles: Break Up Rules (By @Idisrespecthoez)


Via FakeDope.Com Another Sad Life Lesson from @iDisrespecthoez …. Sad Life Gang or Die … “Sadderday”: The Movie coming soon. ***** Today I’m going to try and help you n!ggas out…you are about to have a problem bros. Summer is coming around, it’s getting hot outside and your girl doesn’t have school anymore to keep her busy. She is going ... Read More »

#Sadderday (By @BBillions)


I’m here 2 discuss a problem that 84% of the men 16 – 34 in American suffer from… It can be deadly, leads to depression, very time and money consuming and/or get you killed… It doesn’t discriminate. Comes in all shapes and sizes and affects every race. The rich, the poor, the dumb, the intelligent…even happens to a true player ... Read More »

A #SadderDay Short Film (By @DreadieW)


I won’t lie this short film is a little weird but just the fact that someone was willing to make one out of appreciation for the Sadderday movement is a blessing. Shout out to @DreadieW Read More »

#Sadderday (By @BBillions)


Oh, You think sadness is your ally? You merely adopted being sad. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see happiness until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding… Many ppl are out here trying to destroy our sad empire… What we’ve work so hard to build by spreading lies ... Read More »

#Sadderday: The Saddest Fight Scene Ever


Had to watch this fight scene 3 times to actually figure out what I was actually seeing. Easily the saddest fight scene you’ll ever see. Read More »

#Sadderday (By @BettySoBased)


Wattap yall its @BettySoBased. I was asked to share my sad experience from the homie Billz since he ran out of sad shit to say. I dont know how yall niggas are out here happy and shit, while your girl is out in the club taking shots with her friends and Jerome from accounting or even letting her go on ... Read More »

#Sadderday (by @BBillions)


Mannnnn I’m in some deep shit… With the anticipation of the whole ending on 12-21-12 I didn’t even expect to make it to this sadderday… The crazy shit you do when you think Armageddon is approaching smh… I done called allllll my bitches like everyyyy single 1… old bitches, new bitches, even bitches that ain’t even mine yet and confessed ... Read More »

#Sadderday (By @PudgeIsParched)


Firstly I want to thank Nerd for letting share my pitiful awful filthy story of MY SADDERDAY LIFE . N!ggas claim sadderday… I LIVE the life . SHOUT OUT  Bills and Nerd for the platform . Anyway, after reading Sadderday stories and showing my friends it’s a fact….IM SAD BY BLOOD NOT RELATSHUNNN.  Two years back (around October 2010)  I ... Read More »

#Sadderday (By @BBillions)


I dedicate this sadderday to following ya dreams and doing what makes you happy. Life goes by so quick and ppl have many regrets when they get old thinking about what could have been. Wither it be that love that you gave up on or the dream business that you never really pursued hard enough. Most of the time seeking ... Read More »

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