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#Sadderday: 2015 Sadderday Olympics

sadderday olympics

The SADDERDAY OLYMPICS are back! From Sadderday March 14th till March 21st you have a chance to claim your spot as the saddest person in world. You’ll have bragging rights forever and sympathy that could possibly turn your sadness around. Let’s get into the events….. “Shoot Ya shot!” #OTFZ (out the friend zone) There’s somebody you’ve been interested in for ... Read More »

#Sadderday: “Ask Sad Pitt” Episode 2 (VIDEO)


Bills aka “Sad Pitt” is back to answer more questions from the people. Happy Sadderday Yall Read More »

#Sadderday: “Ask Sad Pitt” (VIDEO)


Our good friend Sad Pitt (@BBillions) answers questions from all the sad people around the world. Look out for these every Sadderday at Midnight Happy Sadderday yall. Read More »

#Sadderday: “I Hate My Ex” (Promo Video)


Make sure you go to SadderdayShop.Com and purchase a “I Hate My Ex” Tee SHout out to @BBillions Read More »

#Sadderday: I want to come back home. (By @BBillions)


Smh… Lebron went back to Cleveland and the 1st thing I thought about was getting back with my ex..I mean come on that was the worst break up in history of all break ups, so if he could go back there and the city forgive him surely my ex could forgive me for everything I’ve done. She only caught me ... Read More »

#Sadderday (By @BBillions)


You ever sit in a bar and stare at a complete stranger and just create a whole life together in your head? Like the places y’all gonna go already … plan out little picnics and movie dates… Plan out the arguments y’all gonna have and how good the make up sex will be… Love at 1st sight!… But you don’t ... Read More »

#SadderDay (By @BBillions)


Love vs success… What’s the perfect girl if it ain’t the perfect time? smh. It’s so hard to try to manage a steady relationship and be productive at the same time. Wither you’re working at a cooperate office and gotta put them hours in to finish a big project or trying to make it in the entertainment business and gotta ... Read More »

Sad Life Gang Chronicles: Break Up Rules (By @Idisrespecthoez)


Via FakeDope.Com Another Sad Life Lesson from @iDisrespecthoez …. Sad Life Gang or Die … “Sadderday”: The Movie coming soon. ***** Today I’m going to try and help you n!ggas out…you are about to have a problem bros. Summer is coming around, it’s getting hot outside and your girl doesn’t have school anymore to keep her busy. She is going ... Read More »

#Sadderday (By @BBillions)


I’m here 2 discuss a problem that 84% of the men 16 – 34 in American suffer from… It can be deadly, leads to depression, very time and money consuming and/or get you killed… It doesn’t discriminate. Comes in all shapes and sizes and affects every race. The rich, the poor, the dumb, the intelligent…even happens to a true player ... Read More »

A #SadderDay Short Film (By @DreadieW)


I won’t lie this short film is a little weird but just the fact that someone was willing to make one out of appreciation for the Sadderday movement is a blessing. Shout out to @DreadieW Read More »

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