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Currency – “Incredible” Freestyle

I jumped on the Currency bandwagon a couple of weeks ago. This is a freestyle over the INCREDIBLE instrumental. Jen The Pen sent me this instrumental so my homie Brizz can body it…HURRY UP BRIZZ!!Currency – Incredible Freestyle Props to NAH RIGHT His new mixtape, Fast Times at Ridgemont Fly coming in a few days…. Im co-signing him…. Read More »

Kanye Brings out Jay-Z, Performs new song “Jocking Jay-z”

Song sounds aight… Blueprint 3 on the way…. It better be good HOV cuz nas just, u know what, ima save that for a different blog….. Read More »

New Young Jeezy – “Crazy World”

Off the album RECESSION… Jeezy been on fire lately. I think he about to be 3 for 3. Click Link to Listen : Young Jeezy – “Crazy World” Read More »

New Max B – “Where Do i Go” (BBQ Music)

Only Max B could do this shit… Vigilante Season Coming Soon…Click link to Listen : Read More »

Kanye Speech at Madison Square Garden

Once again, the Randy Moss of catching feelings rants…. Read More »

Joe Budden Promotes Album & Shits on Prodigy

Right Joey….lol…Fuck these niggaz…. Im co-signing this…. Padded Room Coming Soon. Read More »

Yea i know…Im late…

…and i know its on like 1000 blogs but fuck it… Nas brings out Jigga.. Read More »

2 albums you slept on…and its a damn shame

These might be 2 of the most slept on albums ever!..Yes….EVER!!!! For the 80’s babies….Noreaga – Melvin Flynt Da Hustla Crazy thing is, Nore said he didnt like this album. What!? This shit is a classic. Well, i guess ill just say its a personal classic. I use to bang this shit from beginning to end all day long. This ... Read More »

Jay-Z on cover of VIBE 15th Anniversary Issue

Props to NAH RIGHT Read More »

All i need to see is paperwork

Shawty Lo exposes “Meatball” as a snitch… Who’s meatball? Some nigga that tried to shit on shawty Lo on a dvd. I dont feel ike posting that shit so do ya research, you tube him or go to WORLDSTARHIPHOP…He a snitch anyway so fuck him… Shawty Lo also gets at TI & P.S.C.. Yea im on my beef shit today…no ... Read More »

“Im the biggest CO that u seen thus far” Pt.5….The ETHER burns slow

This nigga Ross is still denying it…smh Here goes some photoshop pics via BOXDEN…. let me stress this point, im not hating, but this shit is hilarious… Read More »

Jay-Z + Timbaland = Crack in its purest form

“I’m gonna have songs with bagpipes too. The music is gonna be so worldwide, he’ll be able to tour the rest of his life, maybe, off just this one album.” Read Full Story Here This should be epic. Not cuz of the bagpipes, lol, but because its magic when Jay and Tim do music together. Read More »

Byron Crawfords take on the Rick Ross situation

Props to BYRONCRAWFORD.COM There’s an obvious correlation to be drawn to the situation Rick Ross is in, where he built his career on being this drug kingpin, and now it’s been revealed that, for a year and a half, back when he was 19, he was making $22,000 a year working as a motherfucking prison guard. When I wrote about ... Read More »

Max B Speaks on the shooting Read More »

People who dont like Max B’s Music = Unwavy Creatures

Yea i know, max b this, max b that, blah blah blah. So the fuck what. Its my blog. Get used to it… I feel the need to ask people that dont like Bigavels music a question. What the fuck is wrong with you? Yea i know max aint the most lyrical dude in the world but he doesn’t try ... Read More »

Jeezy Speaks on “The Recession”

Jeezy Speaks on his album “The Recession”…. Also speaks on niggaz being fucked up… I hear you Jeezy! Read More »

Nas protests FOX NEWS!!!!

I guess Nas is running with this Sly Fox shit…. I aint mad at him… Read More »

Oh hell no! Nigga tried to assassinate Max Bigavel!!!!!!

Max was suppose to do a show last night for HOT97 at SOBS Some goons tried to assassinate Max B…. Props to Sickamore & his blog, Thank god im famous. Read More »

“Im the biggest CO that u seen thus far” Pt. 4……The ETHER continues

I seen this on STREET KNOWLEDGE MEDIA… SMH…. Read More »

This nigga puts in work…New Max B…..

Just when u done riding one wave…Max Hits u with another….OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW 1.Max B & Big Mike Return Of The Wave (Intro)2.Max B – American Slore(Ft. Al Pac)3.Max B – Get Outta Jail (Ft. Al Pac)4.Max B – Actin Up (Ft. Mall G)5.Max B – Feel The Wave6.Max B – Wave Season (Interlude)7.Max B – World Is Filled8.Max B – Oh,Oh,Oh9.Max ... Read More »

The Wackness 90’s Purple Tape

Props to the COMPLEX BLOG Any real 80’s baby needs this in they life…. When your BBQs get rained out this weekend, you may want to consider going to see The Wackness, which hits theaters in NY and LA tomorrow. The movie—which follows a weed-dealing teenager in 1994 NYC—features a soundtrack filled with classic ’90s New York rap shit that ... Read More »

Here We Go Again……Cornell Dews opinion on the Rick Ross CO situatuon

Just so yall know, im not getting at Ross for being a CO cuz once again…”niggaz gotta eat” but i just think it was corny that he lied… Props to REAL TALK NY What the fuck is wrong with us? A hip hop community is arguing whether or not an artist was once employed as a correctional officer. I’m certain ... Read More »

Joe Budden “Who Killed it” Pt.3

The 3rd and last installment of “Who killed it”….. “Got the nerve to not wanna hear ras kass/ but fuck wit VIC, Get silly, and that trash” Read More »

“Im the biggest CO that u seen thus far”……..Pt 3. The ETHER is here.

Damn ross…Just let me say this for the 3rd time….NIGGAZ GOTTA EAT. But damn…SMH… “Fake pictures are created by the fake, meant to entertain the fake.” You aint gotta lie to kick it fam..Damn Looks like THESMOKINGGUN just ethered the “boss”. Read More »

“Im the biggest CO that u seen thus far” ….The saga continues…

Damn Ross. Like i said, i aint mad at you…Niggaz gotta eat… “My life is 100 per cent real. These online hackers putting a picture of my face when I was a teenager in high school on other peoples’ body. If this s**t was real don’t you think they would have more specifics, like dates and everything?” I hear you ... Read More »

Yea im back on the HELL RELL bandwagon

New Video of him getting at RED CAFE Read More »

I dont know what to say about this…ASHER ROTH

I mean…he not wack…he’s nice…but i think im still kinda in shock…. And yes i know im late… And here’s his amilli freestyle… Read More »

The OFFICIAL Nas – Untitled Album Review

Yea…I listened to it…Sober…and high…Let it all marinate…and here’s my review….Feedback would be greatly appreciated… 1 Star – Trash2 Stars- Pusha T’s “ugh”3 stars- Its str84 stars- Im fucking wit this5 stars- EPIC 1. Queens Get The Money (Intro)- Nas is a lil off beat on this but i dont think it even matters. “Hiding behind 8mile and the chronic”. ... Read More »

I didnt like this song at first

I slept on it. Its str8 tho…. New Video…Re-Up Gang “Fast Life” They should of let Liva and Sandman rock tho. Read More »

Im fucking wit this

I been kinda disappointed in Hell Rell…But im fucking wit this right here… Read More »

WOW…Im not the only one that reads my blog

Now at least i know im not just doing this for my health….lol Sickamore gave me props on his blog, Thank god im famous…I stepped his max B knowledge up….Here’s where he gave me my props U probably saying to yaself “Ok, so whats the big deal?”. The big deal is somebody is actually reading this…lol Motivation….CHECK! Read More »

New Currency Mixtape Cover….A+ for effort

I came across this at ONSMASH….Not really a currency fan but i thought the cover was ill… Curren$y – Super Tecmo Bowl [Mixtape] 01. Intro02. Techmo Flo03. I Did It Myself04. Bad Bitches & Vodka05. Plane Hater (Feat. Young Roddy)06. Mandatory07. Opening Act08. Jets09. Selfish10. Whoa11. U Wish (Feat. Trademark Da Skydiver)12. Blaze Something (Feat. Ceto)13. Top Shelf14. They Don’t ... Read More »

“Im the biggest CO that u seen thus far”

Rick Ross During his CO days….. No hate here homie…..Niggaz gotta pay bills…. I seen this on SICKAMORE blog…. Read More »

I actually copped a album today

Yea, I copped Nas shit today…You should too… I never cop albums…. Last albums i went to a store and purchased… 50 Cent – CurtisKanye – GraduationLupe – Food & LiquorJim Jones – Diary of a Summer Read More »

Max B – Domain Diego

I support everything this nigga does. Im not a “fan” of too many rappers but he’s one of the few rappers i can say i check for everytime he drops something. This cd is material he record while in San Diego. Supposedly he did this in 2 days. If u fucks wit max, check it out…if u dont….then u just ... Read More »


Read More »

Joe Budden Video Blog

By the way….He is the best rapper alive. Read More »

“Whats a FOX characteristic?…Slick shit…..”

New Video for Nas “Sly Fox” Read More »

Max B Interview….This nigga is fucking hilarious

Read More »

The Most Entertaining Nigga in The Game

Max Bigavel….This nigga stay wit quotables….Interview quotables that is.. Read More »

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