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Movie Night

Movie Night: Natural Born Killers (1994)


I remember seeing this as a kid at my grandmothers house and it bugged me out. It’s about 2 lovers who become serial killers. Get a bottle of Jameson, your “boo”, lay up and check this out. Read More »

Movie Night: Nothing To Lose (1997)


This is a slept on classic and one of Martin Lawrence’s dopest movies. It’s going to be mad cold tonight. Grab some raw cones, call your “him’/”her” up and snuggle up to this. Read More »

Movie Night: Tales From The Hood (1995)


I can’t even call this a great movie but it’s the greatest hood horror film of all time. This and some Patron and you’ll be good for the night. Read More »

Movie Night: The Goonies (1985)


I’m not even being funny when I say this just might be the greatest movie of all time. Definitely a 80′s baby classic. These Goonies >>>>> Jim Jones Goonies. This movie was the motivation behind me going outside and just being in peoples backyards and roofs wilding. Had me out in the streets just looking for any kind of adventure. ... Read More »

Movie Night: Groundhog Day (1993)

Watched this last night and was reminded how much of a classic this is. Groundhogs day should be in every movie heads collection. If you and your significant other haven’t seen this, go get it and put that quality time in so you can be freed up this weekend. Read More »

Movie Night: Meteor Man (1993)

Possibly the dopest wack movie of all time. I actually went to go see this TWICE in the movie. That right there shows you something is wrong with me. Robert Townsend as a super hero. Doesn’t get more corny than that….but…it’s a dope movie. I promise you. Smoke something and watch it. You’ll be entertained. N*gga Another Bad Creation is ... Read More »

Movie Night: Hoffa (1992)

This movie will always remind me of Joe Budden’s pool party. I watched this for the first time while I was hungover In my bed due to too much bombay liquor from that pool party. Dope movie about the legendary union figure Jimmy Hoffa. Order this on demand after you come in from Happy Hour. Read More »

Movie Night: Gridlock’d (1997)

I’m pretty sure my younger readers don’t even know this exists. 2Pac plays a heroin addict attempting to enroll into a detox program while being chased by drug dealers and police. Dope movie. Read More »

Movie Night: Jungle Fever (1991)

You young interracial lovers know nothing about this. Classic Spike Lee sh*t. Jungle Fever is about a black man who has an affair with an Italian Woman, his wife finds out and all hell breaks loose. If you’re black and you love white flesh (or vice versa) this is a must see. Oh yeah, Samuel L Jackson & Halle Berry ... Read More »

Movie Night: Pulp Fiction (1994)

I’m a big fan of  Quentin Tarantino movies. I’m a big fan of movies with dope dialogue and that’s exactly what this movie offers. Pulp Fiction is filled with memorable quotes. If you’ve never seen this drop everything you’re doing and get this movie. You won’t be disappointed. Read More »

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