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#QLF – “Lift The Fork” Season 2 Episode 4: Big Momma’s House edition (Video)


Welcome to Big Momma’s House! For this episode of Lift The Fork, Irv & Robin J. went to hang out with the talented chef Dalal Monroe of Little Love Catering. Dalal showed the two how to cook healthy at home while keeping it delicious and affordable. Also in tow was rapper Wordmiff, dishing on how he kept his body right ... Read More »

Things I Learned This Weekend: @BBillions x @ChefWaites x @AujaBomaye


Snap chat makes you misbehave: if you go on snap and see somebody having wild fun you gonna try to out do them and if you have a wild fun night it’s gonna be gone in 24 hours so you gotta have another fun night just for the ppl who might have missed your snap from the night before. Getting ... Read More »

Sexual Attraction & Relationship Attraction


*Via RedPill* Dual mating “Dual mating” is a sexual strategy in which the female seeks reproduction and partnership with two different males. She seeks to reproduce with a genetically superior male (called ‘alpha’) and to enter into a relationship with a reliable, capable male (called ‘beta’) that will provide her and her children with protection and resources. In most cases, ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


If you hesitate when I’m Tryna pass you the L Ima take 2 more extra pulls — Nerd Nash (@NerdAtCoolTable) April 28, 2016 Be quiet and work — DADITO CALDERONE (@TAXSTONE) April 26, 2016 I swear I can smell the pork oozing out of some people’s skin — Inge (@IngBing81) April 25, 2016 Only way you can build something is ... Read More »

#QLF “Lift The Fork” Season 2 Episode 3: Uptown Veg & Juice Bar (Video)


On this episode of Lift The Fork, Irv and Robin J head uptown to Harlem World to kick it with VH1’s Black Ink Crew cast mate and photographer Walt (@da_wzrd). Just blocks away from the famous tattoo shop, they dined at Uptown Veg , a vegan spot with Caribbean flair. Watch as we chow down on soy bites, find out ... Read More »

Respect My Art: @Hobodia


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This 10-Minute Routine Will Increase Your Clarity And Creativity


*Via @BenjaminPHardy for Medium.Com* “Your subconscious mind works continuously, while you are awake, and while you sleep.” — Napoleon Hill Your subconscious never rests and is always on duty because it controls your heartbeat, blood circulation, and digestion. It controls all the vital processes and functions of your body and knows the answers to all your problems. What happens on your subconscious ... Read More »

Sites & Snaps: @Marzjones_


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#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


Don’t watch my snaps if u owe me money — Ju Will (@Mrs_OctoburrrJB) April 22, 2016 Phife, prince, chyna… I don’t even know what my childhood looks like anymore. — QuantumLeapFitness (@ZEUSofQLF) April 21, 2016 People that never died before is dying smh — Fat Jesus (@BardaStar) April 21, 2016 LIFE. — Jaye (@___Jaye) April 21, 2016 Twitter get more ... Read More »

Sites & Snaps: @AMEXXV


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Respect My Art: Kevin D. McCoy


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Why Quitting Your Job to Chase Your Dream Is a Terrible Idea


*Via @JeffGoins For Medium.Com* We’re conditioned to see big career leaps as tales of risk and reward, but they’re mostly fables. Not long ago, my friend Bryan quit his corporate job working as a technical writer for a Fortune 500 company in order to do something new. On his last day, everyone in the office expressed a mix of envy ... Read More »

#QLF “Lift The Fork” Season 2 Episode 2 – VBurger, New York (Video)


On this weeks Episode of Lift The Fork We met up with Kameron Mccullough, the founder of Hennypalooza. Kameron has built a legacy by creating the biggest party of this generation. But the rockstar lifestyle isn’t always the healthiest. So they swapped out his fried chicken and Hennessy for unchikn and kombucha at VBurger- a Vegan Fast food spot in ... Read More »

Sites & Snaps: @Howardjayy


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The Friend Zone Scam & Marriage


*Via illimitableMen.Com* Firstly I’d like to thank /u/Archwinger for his topic on Reddit here and /u/Human_v2’s follow up post here which serve as the basis of inspiration for this post. We hear a lot of talk about the friend zone and a lot of women bleating indignantly in response about how “what she does with her body is up to her” ... Read More »

Here’s How You Become A Millionaire……


*Via RedPill* Why Listen To Me In the last 5 years, I have become a millionaire. I currently sit with approximately $750,000 in cash/real-estate/stock investments, with no debt. And I have an online company that has generated me approximately $500-$600k a year for the last 3 years. In my book, this makes me a millionaire as I put a conservative ... Read More »

Give The Poet Some: @Dennie302


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Movie Night: Natural Born Killers (1994)


Put that quality time in tonight so you can run the streets tomorrow. Roll up a spliff and watch this tonight. Read More »

Give The Poet Some: @BlakeHefner


Her Addiction Bomb head A pair of C’s Maybe Double the D’s A slight arch With something behind soft to squeeze Hands that tease Lips that please An appetite for climaxing So her I must feed So her I will lick So her I will caress So her I will stroke I’ll be her pusher Get her hooked on this ... Read More »

Respect My Art: @iKnowRose


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There’s More Than Enough Time, When You Use The Time You Have


*Via @BenjaminPHardy for Medium.Com* Have you ever been so busy that you struggled to notice the needs of those around you? Even those most dear to you? Even worse than being over-busy is being distracted by things with little or no value — like mindlessly surfing the web when your child wants to play. Without question, there are countless things we could ... Read More »

#QLF “Lift the Fork” Season 2 Episode 1 – Natural Blends – Brooklyn w/ Kris Kasanova


Season 2 of Lift The Fork is officially underway and we are shaking some things up this time around! Irv returns with a new sidekick Robin J. This season, Irv and Robin J are bringing some friends for the ride as they uncover the tastiest, healthiest eats in NYC. For this episode they take it to the borough of Brooklyn ... Read More »

A Sensible Beginner Guide to Getting in Shape for Summer

in shape

*Via RedPill* It is my hope this guide will set beginners for the course towards a better body, rescue some from analysis paralysis and remind others of the basic principles of getting in shape. To this end the ideas are presented in order of increased difficulty so that they form a natural progression. Diet As this editorial in the British ... Read More »

Fear Is Why We Have Too Much Stuff


*Via Zenhabits.Net* While we might want to get out from under the mountain of possessions we have, and have all the best intentions of simplifying our lives … the truth is that we continue to have too much stuff. Part of that is laziness, an attitude of “I’ll get to it later” … but the real driving force behind our ... Read More »

It’s Much Easier Than You Think to Live the Life You Want


*Via @IsaacMoreHouse for Medium.Com* Maybe not “easy”, but entirely possible. I recently listened to an episode of The World Wanderers Podcast where the host discussed working at a cafe in a great city that a lot of people would love to live in. She mentioned how, had she not moved to this cool, exciting city, the job she had would ... Read More »

Gems from Ed Latimore On How He Learned To Manage Money


*Via EdLatimore.Com* The following is an expanded version of my answer to a question that was posted on my fan page. A guy asked, after reading one of my articles about growing up in the hood, “How did you learn to manage money, could you give me some recommendations?” Short answer, the hard way. Long answer, by having a combination of ... Read More »

“Respect Life” Season 2 Trailer


Let’s gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


Sometimes You Just Have To Tell People To Shut Up. — Mike Zombie (@MikeZombie) April 1, 2016 Do yourself a favor go listen to the church for the wild podcast — Esco Menendez (@93tilinfinity_) April 1, 2016 People be screaming “Free such and such” and don’t even know what they did. — Wayno (@Wayno119) March 31, 2016 me: “i think ... Read More »

SameSh!tDifferentToilet Podcast Episode 16 / Special Guest @NerdAtCoolTable


Listen as the Same Sh!t Different Toilet podcast interviews NerdAtTheCoolTable.Com founder Nerd Nash. They discuss Hip Hop, Social Media, the podcast game and more. Read More »

Understanding Female Psychology


*Via illimitableMen.Com* “One ought to hold on to one’s heart; for if one lets it go, one soon loses control of the head too.” – Friedrich Nietzsche Contents: 1.) Introduction 2.) The Cultural Battle of the Sexes 3.) Solipsism’s Role In Femininity 4.) The Role of Rationalisation & Sophistry 5.) In Closing/Relevant Reading 1.) Introduction: As I write this, I cast my mind back to ... Read More »

Respect My Art: @JASMYNMILAN


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Sites & Snaps: @TheProvided


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Respect My Art: @ArtByVenus


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Create more than you consume


*Via @MikaElcho for Medium.Com* A few nights ago, I did something for the first time in my life. I listened to a full album (Jay-Z’s Magna Carta…Holy Grail), from the first song to the last, without any interruptions. I put on my headphones, closed my eyes, and just listened. I have been working a lot on reading more thoughtfully so ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


She’ll ignore your dm and still retweet you every day — Nerd Nash (@NerdAtCoolTable) March 26, 2016 i super fuck w/my friends but they don’t really be on the same shit as me. — lord of the wolves. (@beerbellyboodha) March 24, 2016 Text your significant other “it’s starting to get real nice out .. Don’t forget to not fucking play ... Read More »

Respect My Art: Markus The Artist


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The OTAP Show Episode 30: Venny (@DarthVenn)


Check out Episode 30 of the OTAP show with special guest @DarthVenn (Writer for NerdAtTheCoolAtble.Com). Listen as she speaks on mental illness, Writing a book, her mean tweets and more. Read More »

Sites & Snaps: @_Studio354


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Same Sh!t Different Toilet Podcast: Sadderday Edition w/ Special Guests @BBillions @YaBoySkeete @NaeSantana_


Here’s another dope episode of “SameSh!tDifferentToilet” this time I had the opportunity to talk to @sadpitt about the origin of the ‪#‎sadderday‬ brand, why he chose the logo, if it goes down in the DM, the sadderday concerts and what cities he plans on going to next to build the brand and much more!!!! ……I also had the opportunity to ... Read More »

10 Techniques For Letting Go Of Stress And Quieting The Mind


*Via HigherPerspectives.Com* At the end of another busy week, sometimes all you want to do is have a glass of wine to help you forget it all. Whether you’re a working mom, a stressed out dad or a 20-something just trying to make your way in this world, taking a time out to de-stress and center yourself is important for ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


My girl said “She want a ring” Bitch take your phone off silent 😒😂 — Lil Guwop (@liltunechi94) March 18, 2016 You gotta suck his toes while you’re in reverse cowgirl. — YA MAMA (@iAintGottaRap) March 17, 2016 I’m not an alcoholic. I only drink 2 times a year. 1. On my birthday. 2. When it’s not my birthday — ... Read More »

Thinking Inside The Bubble


*Via @GenerallyMade for Medium.Com* BUSINESS BOSS: Gentleman, as you know, Q2 sales floundered. We need some fresh ideas to save this company. The two employees nod in agreement. BUSINESS BOSS: Let’s not just think outside of the box on this one. Let’s rebuild the box. EMPLOYEE #1: Hmm…. BUSINESS BOSS: What is it? EMPLOYEE #1: Well, no, it’d never work. ... Read More »

Sites & Snaps: @justinhustle


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#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


You know that bitch only fuck with you cuz you got a good ass job you nerd — Fat Jesus (@BardaStar) March 9, 2016 Hood niggas don't be tweeting a lot they just retweet the thank you god I'm awake tweets and log out — ZARA (@dontaddmefam) March 9, 2016 If he wear Muslim oils as his cologne…. He definitely ... Read More »

#QLF “Lift The Fork” Season Finale – Dig Inn, New York, New York (Video)


It’s been an amazing ride so far, and we wanted to close the season out with one the few seasonal restaurants in New York, son this week we paid a visit to the folks at Dig Inn, located in the flatiron district of New York City! Dig Inn has a great philosophy on food: ” Farm-to-Table” while offering it at ... Read More »

Sites & Snaps: @thewaywardminds


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Work F*cking Hard

work hard

*Via @DariusForoux for Medium.Com* One of my mentors is a 71-year-old entrepreneur. He started working since he was 12 years. The thought of retiring has never crossed his mind. He told me he wants to die working — he loves it that much. He said: “People will try to tell you that hard work is bad for you. And that you should ... Read More »

Why We Don’t Need to Try So Hard to Be Better


*Via TinyBuddha.Com*  “To heal a wound, you need to stop touching it.” ~Unknown I’ve always been an overachiever. In sixth grade, I spent weeks memorizing over five pages of the poem “Horatius at the Bridge” for extra credit, even though I already had an A in the class. When I started therapy in my mid-twenties to deal with depression and ... Read More »

Ed Latimore’s 10 Observations From 2 Years Of Not Drinking


*Via EdLatimore.Com* Yesterday marks 2 consecutive years I have gone without having a drink of alcohol. By traditional metrics I don’t know if I had a drinking problem: Of the people who know me, I would imagine that there are some who will say that I needed to cut back while others will say that my drinking and behavior was average ... Read More »

Champion’s Mentality – How To Stop Being A Loser & Become Epic


*Via illimitablemen.Com* Contents: 1.) Introduction 2.) Monk Mode Recap 3.) Consume Less, Produce More 4.) Enjoying Work 5.) Escape The Crab Bucket & Avoid Victim Mentality 6.) On Losers 7.) Quality Beats Quantity 8.) Applying Quality Over Quantity To Sales 9.) Loser’s Entitlement Mentality – Give It To Me Now! 10.) Don’t Take Advice From Losers & Victims 11.) In ... Read More »

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