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Once again Kanye catches feelings

What has Kanye emotional this time???? A nigga accused…well not even accused…he just stated that maybe Kanye had someone write his blogs. Maybe he had a “ghost blogger”. Who’s the nigga with the theory? Fellow Blogger MARCUS TROY So i guess Kanye or his “people” got the word and Kanye got mad. I swear Kanye is like Randy Moss when ... Read More »

WOW…Im not the only one that reads my blog

Now at least i know im not just doing this for my health….lol Sickamore gave me props on his blog, Thank god im famous…I stepped his max B knowledge up….Here’s where he gave me my props U probably saying to yaself “Ok, so whats the big deal?”. The big deal is somebody is actually reading this…lol Motivation….CHECK! Read More »

“I’m not an economist … I am an optimist”

Well aint that a bitch….. Today Bush had a press conference. He spoke on a few things. One of those things being the economy. Most of it was pretty much “blah blah blah” for me, but when he said “Im not an economist…I am an optimist”…i was done. Here’s the vid…. Read More »

I actually copped a album today

Yea, I copped Nas shit today…You should too… I never cop albums…. Last albums i went to a store and purchased… 50 Cent – CurtisKanye – GraduationLupe – Food & LiquorJim Jones – Diary of a Summer Read More »

Random Thoughts 7/15/08

—I gotta be the worst defensive player in delaware…..Think Steve Nash with no effort…that’s me–that being said, I gotta be the king of put backs….I’m a poor mans Dennis Rodman.. –i can’t front, I like that song by Rock City… –why was my daughter up with me watching US Marshalls at 3am last night????? –The Carter 3 might be one ... Read More »

They doing my nigga Obama Dirty

And its only going to get worst…..I cant front tho, the sandals got a lil chuckle out of me… Props to Sickamores Blog… Read More »

Im starting a new movement…..The Anti-Upscale Movement

Im starting the Anti-Upscale movement. Who’s with me????? I went to philly saturday night with 2 of my homies. Went to this “upscale” bar/lounge called Ms.Tutsys (something like that, i could be wrong)….. See, i like partying with drinks and people with no sense so the upscale thing was a whole different look for me. I just figured i’ll switch ... Read More »

My daughter doesnt love me

This is what i get for teaching her how to say no…lmao Read More »

Somebody beat these 2 niggaz up…..Pt. 1

Yung Muthafucking Berg. Maybe im just being a “hating ass blog nigga” but fuck it. I cant stand this nigga. Everytime he talks i just wanna hit the nigga. Will from The Real World. The biggest bitch ass nigga in Real World history. Now im kinda exposing myself for even being in tune with The Real World, but hey, im ... Read More »

“Whats a FOX characteristic?…Slick shit…..”

New Video for Nas “Sly Fox” Read More »

My New Excuse For Everything…..”Gas is $5″

This used to be my excuse…. Friend: “Yo we going out nigga, u coming?” Me: “nah im chillin…” Nowadays, this is my excuse…. Friend: “Yo, come scoop me…lets go to a club, get some drinks” Me: “Gas is $5 nigga!” This shit is getting piti-fucking-ful. First off, let me tell u that my transportation of choice is a fucking SUV ... Read More »

This nigga got me shook….Dr. Lee Warren

Props to my nigga Magnum Opus X for putting me on. Read More »

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