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Jay-Z Interviews >>>>> Church

 Why go to church every sunday when there are mad Jay-z Interviews on youtube? Don’t judge me, you’re not Jay-Z Read More »

The “Bunny God” Manual: Wine Pairing Champion (By @FastTimesAtRF)


Greetings. This week I want to briefly touch on a subject that will bolster your resume when being involved with not only the bunnies, but any woman with a decent sense of class. Become the Wine and Food Pairing Champion my brothas. I’ve been pairing my wine with my food for a good 5 years now and one thing I ... Read More »

#Cooltwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week

@BoxdenFresh “N!ggas just gotta eat more broccoli. It’s that simple” @Jamisaaa “Sallie Mae gets sent to voicemail. And I don’t even have voicemail set up” @WetAsTheCee “Men meet me, take me out, pay for meals, just to try to get me to f*ck them.” @ATLNAY “Son I hate watching videos with my mother why she asking me are they dissing ... Read More »

#Sadderday (By @Bbillions)

Man these stupid twitter girls f*cked up once again. They always ruin my chances at love. My girl went thru my phone and seen me texting them, telling them we go together when i’m in their city and she got mad. Sh!t so wack they make me feel like I have to text them because it’s wack to keep DM’n ... Read More »

Nerd At The Cool Table, 40oz Van & Hovain Present …. Instagrams 10 Sexiest Ladies Pt. 3

We back. Our first list started the instagram thirst, our 2nd list started the wave of other sites doing instagram lists and this one will solidify our spots in history. Once again we sat at the round table and after hours of blunts and arguments we came up with 10 more dope females to inspire you to be better in ... Read More »

Top 10 Reasons Why I’m Going To Start Dating White Men (By @WetAsTheCee)


Ice is a terrorists. He caused all kinds of backlash and reactions from his list yesterday but I thought this one was dope. Shout out to @WetAsTheCee and her blog CeeWhatHappenedWas Who hurt her? It was Ice.  *** I’ma get me one, too. So, while on the Twitters today (you can find me at @WetAsTheCee), there was an article floating around ... Read More »

“See The Problem is…..” (By @Boxdenfresco)

See the problem is n!ggas tuck their du rag cape in on windy days.  Word to my n!gga @Ron_Mexiico. He actually made me realize for once and once only that there was a problem that I was not aware of. It was right up under my nostrils and I didn’t see it. So I started thinking and I realized he ... Read More »

D.O.J (Death Of Jean Shorts): Season 3

“Cut true religions are just jean shorts with a Lil length y’all n!ggas not fooling me” – @Wayno119 Not fooling me either. Fashionable jean shorts are still Jean shorts. A friend came by the crib yesterday and said “Man I had to go buy all these cargos and ball shorts because you killed my spirit” … I replied “I’m not ... Read More »

R.I.P Curtis (Guest Blog by @BlueRayDre)

RIP CURTIS.  Today we are gathered to pay respects to the musical career of Southside Jamaica queens very own, Curtis Jackson. 50… Aka Ferrari, F50. Aka 50 cent. Sabrinas baby boy. Top 5 hiphop artists of all time. With 2 classic albums (Get rich or die trying, Power of the dollar) and creating the mixtape game as we know it today ... Read More »

ItsBizKit “I’m Everywhere” Vlog

Fresh off my boy @ItsBizkit rant massacre on twitter he drops this VLOG to let us know he’s out here. Shout out to Biz, Snookie & the whole HOOD CNN team. Make sure you check ItsBizKit.Com for everything Hip Hop. Make sure you follow that white jawn in the video too. Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week

@OJ_LaFlare “Twitter turns into a personal finance seminar every time Jordans drop” @BarDaStar “Nigga Bane got soft tho got killed by a cat burglar smh” @BlackJew_Du “Atlanta B!tches Is All Dudes” @jahairamarili “I’m gonna go work out now so I can look like my avi” @ASAPYams “cant wait till im 40 when im wearing gucci wit bluetooth in my ear” ... Read More »

Life Lessons from Uncle Ron

lifelessons 3

Life will always teach you lessons. Live through it, then Learn from it. Life Lesson Video 1.   Work Hard…if you’re lazy you definitely wont enjoy the fruits of life. Imagine how miserable it must be to wake up every day and do nothing but be lazy. I cringe at the thought.You can’t get jawns if you dont put in effort, ... Read More »

“The Thirst 48”


Yea, It’s been a while but don’t you dare think thirst is dead. It’s more alive than ever. I’ve been all over….mad BBQ’s, concerts, bars, random white peoples houses, etc… and What i’ve seen almost made me give up on educating and saving the masses. Then I scrolled through some old posts and realized I can’t quit. It’s my duty ... Read More »

Dope Or Nope

Dope 1.Nas’s album 2.The new USA basketball 3. The 3Kings record 4. Using your brain to create an idea that will make you money , instead of complaining that you need money for your idea 5. Ice getting a liquor deal/ sponsorship 6. Not following couples on Twitter & Instagram Nope 1. The asshole who ruined the release of The ... Read More »

F*ck Magic Johnson (By @AL_Patron)


“…and you can live through anything if Magic made it..” – Kanye I understand the sentiment of the above statement, however that sentiment along with Earvin Johnson are wrong on so many levels. First & foremost Magic has made at least half a billion ($500,000,000.00); owns a majority stake in the LA Dodgers & countless other businesses, charities, so on ... Read More »

“See The Problem is” (By @Boxdenfresh)

See the problem is n!ggas casually drinking root beer for a refreshing beverage. You gotta be kiddin me bruh. Root beer?? Just say it out loud a few times and ask yourself why. Bruh the only time I had root beer I almost threw up. Deadass it was like my body rejected it. My body knew it was not meant ... Read More »

Merrim Live Vlog #5 w/ Nerd At The Cool Table (Video)

I did the fake famous thing and chopped it up with the good people over at Merrim Live . Mad props to these brothers because it was at least 98 degrees out and they came out to make this happen like it was nothing. We busted it up about my site, celebs throwing shots at me, Delaware and more. Notice I ... Read More »

#SadderDay (By @BBillions)

Today marks the 6 month anniversary since I 1st became sad… A lot has changed in 6 months period. I get all types of nude pics from beautiful women frowning, when I go out I get kisses from drunk women who feel sorry for me and try to cheer me up which only makes me sadder. I go to perform ... Read More »

#SadLifeChronicles: Cuff Gang (By @iDisrespectHoez)

Via FakeDope.Com Today we are gonna talk about one of the biggest problems that’s troubling our society. No not the economy, not AIDS, not world hunger, NOPE none of them. Its worse, we are gonna talk about the dudes that try and cuff every girl they talk to. This is a big issues amongst niggas that don’t know how things ... Read More »

Movie Night: Meteor Man (1993)

Possibly the dopest wack movie of all time. I actually went to go see this TWICE in the movie. That right there shows you something is wrong with me. Robert Townsend as a super hero. Doesn’t get more corny than that….but…it’s a dope movie. I promise you. Smoke something and watch it. You’ll be entertained. N*gga Another Bad Creation is ... Read More »

Give em Hell kid (By @WhiskeyHandz)

Dudes these days give up way too easily. You gotta stay at it man, women love a man who is persistent. A persistent man is a man who shows effort an trust me, ladies love a man who shows effort. Dudes these days are just way too scared of being called Thirsty, or a creeper or getting a restraining order put ... Read More »

The “Bunny God” Manual: Good White Friends … The Steve Nash Alley Oop (By @FastTimesAtRF)

Portrait of a group of business people laughing against white ba

Greetings. “We’re all out here just seeking understanding” – The Black Conquistador known as @BoxdenFresh So last time we met, we discussed how to prepare for a Caucasian friend’s weddings with @RegularAssRon and the stories I’ve heard since writing that were great. Brothas are out here ready to make moves at these weddings and for that? We’re proud. Moving right ... Read More »

It Feels So Good To Not Be Watching BET: Week 81 … RIP Spike Lee

It’s been 20 weeks since the last Anti-BET post and there’s no better time to bring it back than today….The day after the BET awards. No matter how strong you are, no matter how dedicated you are to this Anti BET movement, the award shows always pull you back in. You’re not alone. I too fell victim to the temptation ... Read More »

Drunk Diary

LOCATION: Main Street. Newark Delaware.  DRINK OF CHOICE: Peach Ciroc/Wawa Raspberry Lemonade LEVEL OF DRUNKNESS: 8 out of 10  It’s saturday night (Sadderday night) and I’m Drunk. I’m at an apartment on main street and I never even knew there were apartments on top of Ali Baba. I’m amazed. This apartment is pretty dope too. I’m on my second bottle ... Read More »

Blogs I CoSign

*Yeah That’s Dope* Dope Cereals, Dope Cartoons, Hip Hop, Dope Pics, Dope Thoughts. It’s just all around dope. Check it out and let them know Nerd sent you. *Respect The Fresh* Get your dose of Music, Fashion, Entertainment and more here. * Only On Camera *  Dope photography from the point of view of a regular n*gga. Some blogs mixed ... Read More »

#Sadderday (By @BBillions)

One of the saddest sadderdays ever for me. Instagram was broke this morning so I couldn’t stalk my Ex page to see if she wore a hoeish outfit last night to the club. I know she did because she always did after we argued. Her best friend didnt go out  tho. We skyped all night during the storm talking about ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets of The Week

@DragonFlyJonez “N!gga said Wale is top 3 in MMG. N!gga. It’s only 4 of them n!ggas.” @IcantStandShyla “B!tch n!ggas will always be non factors.” @81Smallz “The art of turning your personal enjoyment into a brand.. Don’t f*ck with my mind, talents, or status.. Just try & get down while you can” @GreatScottInc “Don’t judge others just because they sin different ... Read More »

D.O.J (Death of Jean Shorts): Season 3

I know this carpet design too well. This is a bowling alley. I hope this guy is just stopping in to grab a beer and some food because there’s no way he’s going to be able to succeed out there in the bowling lane wearing jean shorts. Not just Jean Shorts but Jean Shorts that come down all the way ... Read More »

DJ Drama Brings out T.I., Asap Rocky & Future at Beer & Tacos in Atlanta (Video)

Last Summer, My partner @BeingSpot told me about these Beer & Taco events In the A every Wednesday. I gotta stop playing and get to one. This past Wednesday DJ Drama brought out T.I, Asap Rocky, and Future. Damn, I need to be in the A, i’m slipping. Shout out to @SteveIsDope with the footage. Read More »

It’s too hot to do anything else but read

Stay in with the AC and read this book. I seen someone on twitter mention it so I copped it. Learn to Co-Create your word your way you savages. Read More »

“See The Problem Is….” By (@BoxdenFresco)

See the problem is n*ggas not cracking their car windows when they park on these hot days. What is your problem? You don’t know how to pay attention bruh? Do you know what happens to a car in the sun with the windows tightly closed? A damn Easy Bake Oven bruh thats what happens. You might as well put some ... Read More »

Nightmares From The Night Shift: @WhoseDre & @MicRNS


Here’s more Nightmares From The Night Shift. May god bless you all @WhoseDre Nerd, the night shift is letting the devil in. While people are having nightmares in their sleep, we living it. People count sheep at night we counting street sweepers and car alarms during the day. You sometimes go to work not knowing what day it is. While ... Read More »

The Secret About Your Significant Other (By @TheBreyKeys)


Ladies, This is for YOU. I’m here to let you in on a secret some of you may be lucky enough to already know. Keep in mind if you are in the honeymoon phase of your relationship and your man still looks at you with that twinkle in his eye, disregard what I’m saying because he still likes you. That ... Read More »

Theme Song For The Day: Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra)

I double dog dare you to say this song ain’t uncut dope. Read More »

#SadderDay (By @BBillions)

Today is offically the saddest sadderday everrrrr.. Summer just started. In 1 weeks time I’ve been dumped twice.  My iphone got cut off and worst of all b*tch ass lebron james got a ring … I got so drunk off henny (the offical drink of unemployed goons) last night I tried marvins room texting all my old b*tches and noooobody ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week

@Bardastar “If you have 2 boyfriends in one year you are a hoe tho” @_Wavy_ “u lightskin niggas are something else” @DukeStar24 “It’s 90 out and u walking and smoking” @UptownTrizz “Nas fans swear he Malcolm X yo FOH” @VivaLaGiGi_ “U don’t have to like me, I like my damn self” @YolieTheJew “I hope your boyfriend breaks up with you! @OfficialAdele“ ... Read More »

1st Dates Suck Part 3 (By @AL_PATRON)

“P*ssy will always be there, opportunity won’t.” – @bobbylight4real Robert Light couldn’t be any more right. However, he’s responsible for the single worst date in the history of blind dates. That is called irony. After all my previous dating mishaps I decided to fall back & just chill, work and hang out at parties. Robert Light took it upon himself ... Read More »

“Cool Stories”: @Elz_523


If you’re trying to f*ck your boss daughter keep your mouth shut b. **SEND YOUR COOL STORY TO NERDNASH@GMAIL.COM** Read More »

The “Bunny God” Manual: How Julia Stiles Almost Ruined It All (By @FastTimesAtRF)


Dear Julia Stiles and her fans, No. I am so sorry, but just no. Some of us at Nerd At the Cool Table have an appreciation for quality white women and Julia Stiles almost ruined a whole generation of impressionable bunnies with her movies. Hell at one point, I even fell for the Julia Stiles type thinking it was all ... Read More »

#Sadderday (By @BBillions)

You know whats sad? when you in the car with your girl and a better car drive by and she turn her head…break her neck to check the car out….you work so hard to buy her nice things …dont even buy things to keep your car nice and she just looks at another mans car … everything u worked for ... Read More »

“See The Problem is….” (By @BoxdenFresh)

See the problem is n!ggas think they’re too good for tap water. Bruh who do you think you are? You think you Prince Hakim bruh? You think you King Julian from Madagascar bruh? They talking about tap water dirty…..I bet your bed sheets are dirty too so who give a damn. Drink up muhfugga. Before bottles and purifiers, it was ... Read More »

Real N!gga Do’s & Don’ts

— Real n!ggas don’t type “OMG” — Real n!ggas damn near shed tears when they hear Stack Bundle songs — If you never took a nap in your childs bed you not a real n!gga — All real n!ggas will be at Troy ave party tonight — Real n!ggas don’t take sips out of another mans moet bottle in the ... Read More »


Nothing more dope than a nice sloppy Jamaican Platter. The best meal to eat when you’re just miserable, sick and tired of being sick of tired and you just want to drown your sorrows in unhealthy food. Don’t F*ck with clean jamaican spots though, they’re no good. The more dirty the spot the better. Make sure they pile the food ... Read More »

D.O.J (Death Of Jean Shorts): Season 3

D.O.J Season is back again. The 3rd year of the most powerful movement in the country. More and more people are becoming aware of the jean short epidemic and we are glad to say we were the ones to spark this revolution. No, we are not telling you what’s “not cool”, we’re not telling you what to wear, we’re not ... Read More »

The Body Jewelry Hypothesis (By @TheSUNK)

The Body Jewelry Hypothesis is a proposed explanation for the relation between body jewelry and sexual preference phenomena. With this hypothesis, I state that said jewelry predicates said sexual behavior and/or likes. We will take a few examples of certain body jewelry and predict what they say about a woman’s sexual tastes. Without further ado, The Body Jewelry Hypothesis: Tongue Rings- She’s a ... Read More »

#SadderDay (By @BBillions)

You ever wonder what ya girl will do if you die? Like how many weeks will she wait till she start f*cking another n*gga? Ya girl say she love you to death right now… Yall argue yall fight but that’s what all relationships about… But honestly you think she could last 6 months with out giving it up? Shit stressful… ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week

@_iamextra “N!ggaz With Iphones Swear They Paris Hilton” @Itsbizkit “Jus cuz u follow unfollow & follow again don’t mean I’m a follow back I see u tho” @YaBoySkeete  “my body can’t take no more fun I think I got the Mexican aids” @Resolutionary_ “”The Heathcliff EP” coming. me on the front w/ the Cosby sweater & ya aunts around me ... Read More »

#SadLifeChronicles: The Serial Lunch Buyer (By @iDisrespecthoez)


In todays installment of the Sad Life Chronicles we are gonna talk about “The Serial Lunch Buyer”…And bro that is one thing you don’t want to be. You ask what the Serial Lunch Buyer is? That’s the dude that think he is going to impress a girl just by giving her shit nonstop. And that’s no way to go about ... Read More »

“See The Problem is…..” (By @Boxdenfresco)

See the problem is n!ggas not using facial cleansers. You must just like to be a dumbass bruh. I really think you enjoy it. How can you expect to be wealthy with squeaky clean credit and good health with clogged facial pores? I personally cant comprehend a situation as such. That damn month old bar of Dove not gon get ... Read More »

Recent Emoji Readings


Nerd The Emoji Reader is back  once again with 2 new readings Kendra The crying laughing face tells me you have a great sense of humor and you can see the humorous side to things instead of always being so serious. The sick emoji worries me. Try Drinking Green Tea in the am. Another thing that worries me are the ... Read More »

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