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How to Enter a Room Like a Boss


*Via ArtOfManliness.Com* “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” –Will Rogers Charlie Dresow knew when he entered the courtroom that every eyeball would be trained on him. It was the first day of trial for his client, Max Wade. A child of a well-to-do family who was raised in affluent Marin County outside San Francisco, Wade ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 9 NFL Picks


On any given Sunday your team can be washed… That statement was easily proven in the Monday Night game… Last week was a catastrophe on the NFL picks… A lot of bullsh!t took place in week 8… No excuses though. The show must go on… Season record stands at 61-61-0 which is horrible in my opinion but still better than ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 8 NFL Picks


Fell off last week… 7-8 on the NFL Week 7 picks, but the only pick I regret is that Niners pick… Nerd almost put me on a one week suspension for suspect performance… Until he took a look at last week’s picks by pros over at CBS….. The best over at CBS went 6-9…..Last week was just one of those ... Read More »

“Ask Rev Ron”


Dear Rev Ron,  Last night, as I was entering my apartment complex, I was pulled over for a “routine check”. Now any other day this wouldn’t have been problematic but this particular night I  reeked of marijuana and had a small roach in my pocket. Probable cause was all it took.  In one instance, I went from being a smart, ... Read More »

A Brief Guide to Overcoming Instant Gratification


*Via Zenhabits.Net* It’s no secret that we live in the Age of Instant gratification. That’s not news. But Paul Roberts has written an excellent essay at The American Scholar looking at the breadth of this phenomena on our society — it’s a must read. A sample quote from Roberts’ essay: ‘The notion of future consequences, so essential to our development as functional ... Read More »

6 Things the Most Influential People on Social Media Do


*Via Inc.Com* Influencers are among the most magical, powerful creatures in social media. Within specific niches or across large audiences, they have the power to shape how people think about an issue, start important conversations, make businesses stand up and take notice, and more. Outside of having a large following, how do they do it? And how did these influencers amass ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 7 NFL Picks


Rebounded nicely last week… 8-7 on the NFL Week 6 picks. Not my best showing but it’s better than .500 so you gotta respect it. I’m still trailing two of the pros over at CBS but not for long… Homeboy over at still dishing out them Al’ Davis picks… 5-9-1 (ssmfh) last week … I did nothing but rub ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


The one thing you can be certain about is what you want or don’t want. Start from there. — Kajal Pandey (@dearkajal) October 7, 2014 People who are afraid to love are like gamblers who are afraid to bet. The “jackpot” is forever beyond your reach. — Curtis Scoon (@CurtisScoon) October 6, 2014   she can cheat one time and ... Read More »

“InternationalSlick” Instagram APPRECIATION


Not that I encourage pimpin or anything but i’m going to have to say this is the best follow I made on Instagram in minute. I’m from the G Funk Era (Young people… google it) so of course their was a 2-3 year time period where I wanted to be a pimp. Through Internationalslick’s I get to live that childhood ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 6 NFL Picks


Another subpar showing last week… 7-8 on the NFL Week 5 picks. My record took another hit last week but at 40-36-0 I’m still over .500. This week you gotta f!ck with me though… These east coast temps dropped and all I did was stay indoors and watch game film… I feel like Bruce LeRoy from The Last Dragon when ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 5 NFL Picks


Disgusting… 6-7 on the NFL Week 4 picks, but I’m not going to apologize. Nope … No Sir… Why would I? I’m still your best bet by far when it comes to these NFL spreads…The streets are saying (27-33-1) NFL picks are better though. You see that trash record. SMH… My record took a hit last week but at ... Read More »



DOPE  1. Love & Hip Hop Hollywood (Yea I said it) 2. Postseason Baseball 3. Fanduel.Com 4. “All About the money” By Troy Ave x Lito 5. Kansas City Royals 6. Payroll Giovanni 7. Dej Loaf 8.  Key! 9. Steve Smith 10. Black Jesus on Adult Swim NOPE 1. Peter Rosenberg 2. Pulled Pork from Wendy’s 3. Blackish on ABC ... Read More »

7 Steps to a Holier Life by Mother Teresa


When we are stressed or feel overly burdened in life it’s usually because we’ve gotten our priorities out of order. Here are 7 of my favorite Mother Teresa quotes that will help. When read in this order, they are guaranteed to bring order and peace back to your life. Give them a try. Step 1: Slow down. “I think the world today ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 4 NFL Picks


12-4 on the NFL Week 3 picks and not a soul showed any appreciation…You n!ggas ain’t gon appreciate me til’ I’m gone… No reason why all of #DelawareTwitter shouldn’t of walked out of Delaware Park with this month’s Rent-A-Center payment in hand (minus my 5%)..With a season record of 27-21 I’m currently washing the “professionals” over at CBS:   DOLPHINS ... Read More »

#Sadderday: “Ask Sad Pitt” (VIDEO)


Our good friend Sad Pitt (@BBillions) answers questions from all the sad people around the world. Look out for these every Sadderday at Midnight Happy Sadderday yall. Read More »

The Heartbreaking Cruelty of Comparing Yourself to Others


We all do it: we look at what others are doing and wish we were doing that too. Or, alternatively, we scoff at what they’re doing and judge them, and see ourselves as better. One makes us feel bad, the other makes us feel superior. Neither makes us happy. Let’s take a couple of quick examples. Example 1: Looking at ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 3 NFL picks


Struggled last week and went 7-9 on the NFL Week 2 picks… Definitely not my best showing but my season record of 15-17 still respectable… Before you destroy my mentions peep how I measure up against the “professionals” over at CBS: N@CT NFL Week 3 picks….. * DENOTES HOME TEAM BILLS* (-2½) Vs CHARGERS No denying that #BillsMafia is competing ... Read More »

Life Lessons with Uncle Ron: Live Your Dreams and Stop Dreaming About Them


You have dreams don’t you? You have visions, plans and goals I hope? Cool. Here’s a secret that’s not a secret…your dreams, visions, plans and goals don’t mean anything and will amount to nothing unless you work towards them. Not just tweeting about them. Not just thinking about them. Real work. 8 hours or more a day type work. The ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 2 NFL Picks


On the low NFL Week 1 was dope with the exception of the bullsh!t TMZ pulled on Monday…Not that Ray Rice didn’t need to be exposed, but dropping that video on Monday week 1 was real wack… Especially since we all know they had the video on tuck…..  *8-8 record this season* N@CT NFL Week 2 picks….. * DENOTES HOME ... Read More »

7 Discipline-Mastering Practices

self discipline

*Via Zenhabits.Net* A craftsman masters his trade by repeated practice, with care and continual learning, with devotion to the purpose. It takes the same kinds of things to master the craft of discipline: Repeated practice Single-minded devotion to the purpose Continual learning Care I’ve been giving some thought to what it takes to master the craft of discipline, and have ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 1 NFL Picks


NFL week 1 is here and so are these unforgiving spreads…. Odds makers got the drop on me somewhat last year, but this year I spent the offseason in the film room breaking down playbooks and game tape. All I ask is that you hit my PayPal with 10% from every win, or a login. Let’s work……. N@CT NFL ... Read More »

The Lies Your Mind Tells You To Prevent Life Change


*Via ZenHabits.Net* The mind is a wonderful thing. It’s also a complete liar that constantly tries to convince us not to take actions we know are good for us, and stops many great changes in our lives. Scumbag mind. I’ve had to learn to watch these rationalizations and excuses very carefully, in order to make the changes I’ve made in ... Read More »

Emoji Readings


*************** Starr Just the type of woman a man loves. Crying laughing emoji first one at the top. A sense of humor…One of the top qualities a man looks for. Also, You have a the “Hair Done” emoji at the top so this tells me you stay on top of your hair as much as possible. We appreciate that. I ... Read More »

How To Successfully Pull Off A Threesome


Just about every red-blooded, heterosexual male fantasizes about the elusive threesome. While many have tried, even more have failed. In witnessing numerous unsuccessful attempts by men to bed multiple women at once, I’ve noticed a few common mistakes that guys make when trying to set up a three-way. Not only do most men have the wrong approach when it comes ... Read More »

10 Secrets to Influencing Absolutely Anyone


*Via Inc.Com* Ever wish you were better at getting people to do what you want? You can be. All it takes is practice and desire. I know this from experience. When I first got involved in the American Society of Journalists and Authors, I quickly learned a few things about freelance writers. They’re (mostly) brilliant. They’re creative and articulate, accustomed to living literally ... Read More »

This Guy Quit His Job and Had The Best Summer of His Life


*Via Raul Tammesalu for Medium.Com* As the summer was approaching in March and beloved ladies from HR team wanted us to submit our vacation plans for the summer, I felt really frustrated. Another year, another summer. Again just two weeks to relax, have few sunny days if I get lucky and then back to the darkish and coldish office again. ... Read More »

10 Things To Get Rid Of If You Want To Be Happy


*Via MindBodyGreen.Com* What would you throw away right now if you were given a magical trashcan where you could get ride of all the stuff that’s causing you stress? During times of stress and heaviness, what we need is to let go of the things that are causing the overwhelming feeling of, “it’s too much.” It’s not about taking on more ... Read More »



DOPE 1. Rachel Maddow 2. Wiz Khalifa’s Blacc Hollywood album 3. Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” video 4. Breaking Bad Marathon every Sunday for the next couple of months 5. Mangu 6. TastyBlacks.Com 7. BSB 5 8. Lonely Tweeting 9. Mo’ne Davis 10. Spy Calc App NOPE 1. Rosemary Church 2. CNN 3. Cris Carter 4. Police 5. Wendy’s Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


Don’t catch no feelings for me — JUSTiNA (@Leximylove_89) August 17, 2014   My vibrator is 200 miles away from me. I’m sick. — RC (@RissyCrozay) August 13, 2014   You ain’t washed til you go to the gas station after work and pull up at the pump and dont get out for 10 mins cuz youre tired of everything ... Read More »

What Leaders Can Learn from Narcissists, Manipulators and Psychopaths


*Via Inc.Com* Sometimes scientific research teaches us things we might not want to know. That happened when organizational psychologists studied West Point cadets to learn what personal qualities were most likely to predict success. The No. 1 answer? Narcissism. “It was kind of amazing,” says Seth Spain, assistant professor of organizational behavior, Binghamton University School of Management. The cadets were measured on many ... Read More »

How To Believe In Yourself


*Via ZenHabits.Net* There was a long time when the lack of belief in myself was a major factor in my life. I didn’t pursue an ideal career, or start my own business, because I didn’t think I could. I didn’t stick to habits because I didn’t really believe I had the discipline. I was shy with girls, I had a ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: #WhiteGirlWednesday Top Follows

wgwlogo (1)

@CuntFormityy @ClaudiaPoka @b_Elizaabeth_ @J_Mariee22 @SoLauraJean Read More »

Make Yourself Work


*Via ZenHabits.Net* One of the biggest problems you need to solve if you work for yourself is how to make yourself do work. The best entrepreneurs have figured it out and just pound out the work they need to do. But many others put off their dream careers, or stay in jobs they like, because they’re afraid to figure this ... Read More »

Help deciding on a tablet to buy

apple ipad air

Finding the best 2014 tablet for gaming isn’t necessarily an easy task. Not all gaming requirement are the same. Playing simple downloadable games in the Angry Birds and Candy Crush genres doesn’t require the kind of power that you get from the latest quad core or even eight core microprocessors and dedicated GPUs. Neither does playing online casino games such ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


Bae N’ Nite — 40 (@40URTY) August 8, 2014 Black women don’t have the dinner ready when you come home cause they was trying to see if you was cheating or not — DADITO CALDERONE (@TAXSTONE) August 7, 2014   I never knew how much meek meant to Instagram until he was gone — DADITO CALDERONE (@TAXSTONE) August 6, 2014 ... Read More »

“F*ck You” Friday


Michelle Beadle ….. F*ck you As I blast “Don’t Disturb This Groove” for the 15th time this morning I think about the love I once had for you. You were everything to me. A cute, sports savy chick I loved to watch on my Television screen ….. Then you left for hollywood…which was perfectly fine. Go dream big baby…I was ... Read More »

Life Lessons w/ Uncle Ron: Take Vacations


Take Vacations from Negativity The summer is so dope. But, the summer is easily the biggest life trap. Summer provides you with endless opportunities for nights that don’t have to end and countless things to buy if you have the money to spend. I never realized until I was an adult that being miserable is a choice. As a child ... Read More »

Tales From The Female Cheaters Part 3


Anonymous I dated a guy for almost 4 years towards the end of college and afterwards, I cheated on him multiple times for two reasons one, his penis hadn’t quite hit puberty and two, he insisted on being  incredibly poor at covering up his own cheating and just being a selfish asshole in general. So in a sense I genuinely ... Read More »

The End Of Day Philosophy


* Via ZenHabits.Net * ‘If your knees aren’t green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life.’ ~Bill Watterson I’ve been making my small decisions throughout the day, recently, with a simple question: How will I feel about this when today is over? If I have a choice right now between reading social media and ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: #WhiteGirlWednesday Top Follows


@jajbarh @Andracdeezy @Vaginimation @RaWanted @samantharisa_ SEND ALL “#WHITEGIRLWEDNESDAY” SUBMISSIONS TO NERDNASH@GMAIL.COM Read More »

Tales From The Female Cheaters Part 2


Anonymous Yes,  I’ve cheated on my boyfriend in the past. I was a bartender , he knew this when he met me. I never gave too much attention to the men that came into the club. He started listening to his friends saying I was being flirtatious and in guys faces being too friendly. Understand that being a bartender, you ... Read More »



DOPE 1. Doug McDermott 2. NFL Training Camp 3.  Spicy Mustard 4. Drake first album 5. Pad Thai 6. Sour Patch Kids gum 7. Young Guru Instagram page 8.  Twitter love 9.  Calypso Black Cherry lemonade 10. Bob Evans Home Fires NOPE 1. Michelle Beadle 2. Childish Gambino 3. Ghost Pepper Sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings 4. All Male group ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


U really enjoy songs bout gettin money more when u broke. — Michael (@Mike_Phresh803) July 25, 2014 you look great today did you do something different to your personality — warsan shire (@warsan_shire) July 21, 2014   “Bitch” should be a zodiac sign. — Wayno (@Wayno119) July 22, 2014   Sometimes you gotta let her know you can’t take that ... Read More »

“F*ck You” Friday


Justin Blackmon …… F!ck you. About 35 days ago I stopped smoking weed …..I relapsed but that’s not the point. I stopped because n!ggas like you ruined the weed culture. Breh….. You threw away millions … MILLIONS of NFL money just so you can blow L’s. Funny thing Is I never saw your face until I googled you….Then it all ... Read More »

“Ask Rev Ron”


Dear Rev Ron,  I am so awkward.  I can’t help it. I’ve been awkward from since I can remember. I never fit in, I always felt alone and I never found that niche where I am settled and comfy.   And that’s the crazy part. I always have tried to figure out how I probably fit in without compromising myself and ... Read More »

Stop worrying about T.I., Tiny & Floyd and read this


The God Part Of the Brain …. Go buy this now and stop trying to figure out if Floyd piped Tiny. Shout out to @JosephAParker for the assist. Read More »

Tales From The Female Cheaters Part 1


These posts are strictly to make men paranoid. Nothing more, nothing less.  Make sure your queen is happy breh…..or see’ll be sending us a email. Sh!t, she might be happy and still send us one. Life aint fair sometimes.  *************** Anonymous My boyfriend and I were having regular fights, maybe 3-4 times a week. Mostly about insecurities he was having ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: #WhiteGirlWednesday Top Follows


@Julia__Garrett @MBeezy008 @Stephaniesnezyk @Oosaraa @Yo_BVD @RayChillHarvey SEND ALL “#WHITEGIRLWEDNESDAY” SUBMISSIONS TO NERDNASH@GMAIL.COM Read More »

Emoji Readings


***************** Jess  Looks to me like you’re the typical female who loves to use the crying laughing emoji more than necessary. Nothing new or strange there. The sneaky eyes being at the top tells me you’ve been sneaking around lately. Maybe not enough tho because the banana emoji is all the way at the bottom and we all know what ... Read More »



– 76% of women who work at Bank Of America are great in bed – 98% of women who drink Monster energy drinks won’t become wives –   67% person of IG likes men give women are done while they’re laying next to their girlfriend –  68% of men retweeting @DJZeeti twitpics have a family at home – 92% of “Hot ... Read More »

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