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The Realest Podcast Ever Ep 21: “Do You Want A Man or A Dad?” With guests Ry-Ann & Nikki Woods

This week’s show gets a shot of pheromones courtesy of our lovely female guests Ry-Ann (@iamrya) of “Ry’s World Podcast” & Nikki Woods (@l.woods_). This week the guys & gals get in depth with trying to figure out the dating disparity between men & women and what exactly are women looking for… A MAN OR A DAD?? In addition they ... Read More »

A Waste Of Time podcast episode #121: Rory Farrell

Rory Farrell (Hennypalooza, Joe Budden Podcast) sits down with A Waste Of Time podcast to discuss his time with Def Jam, His friendship with Joe Budden, shooting music videos and more. Read More »

Dopamine Decoded: The Five Most Toxic Habits (Part 2)

*Via MillennialMonk.Com* In this installment of the series, I will go through: The 5 most toxic neurothrills we indulge in on a daily basis and what makes them particularly harmful. Actionable advice to help you get started. I will try to keep this post as succinct as possible, while giving you the information you need, in order to critically analyze ... Read More »

Dopamine Decoded: The Key To Discipline (Part 1)

*Via* Think back to the days when you were a kid. The world was such an exciting place, full of endless opportunities. Riding your bike, playing basketball outside with your friends–the simplest things kept you entertained for hours on end. Assuming you weren’t married to your video game console, our childhoods are some of the fondest memories we have. Full of ... Read More »

Stop worrying about if Melo is going to get Lala back and read this… Been slacking on the book alley oops. Sorry about that. Book Club??????? Read More »

#StarInTheMorning: Is Drake Still Having Unprotected Sex In 2017?

STAR IN THE MORNING is the official return of Troi Torain aka STAR to morning radio. The ground-breaking, luminary who inspired generations of free-thinkers via his objective philosophy. Inducted into News Ones Top 20 greatest radio personalities of all time, STAR now re-enters the landscape with a new media model. The new show is being produced by Lawrence “Shampoo” Coward ... Read More »

How To Build Confidence In 10 Steps

*Via EdLatimore.Com*  1) Change your wording. There is no such thing as failure if you actually went for something but the outcome wasn’t what you desired. Yes, you didn’t get what you wanted but you did learn something. If you don’t use what you learn to improve yourself, then you’re a failure. As long as you are improving and learning, ... Read More »

A Guide to Fear Mastery

*Via ZenHabits.Net*  We normally think of fear as something that’s holding us back, or something to be avoided … but what if we could see it as a powerful tool? What if we could master that tool? We’d become masters at life, able to push through fears of rejection, failure, ridicule, and more. Fear is normally like a barrier for ... Read More »

HMWHC Episode 98: “Always Something” ft. @KrisKasanova

This week the clubhouse gets a visit from former guest, and friend, Kris Kasanova, to discuss his new album “Always Something” and an in depth look into his career, and his journey up until now, of course things go left, but whats new? Read More »

Nightmares From The Night Shift: 40k in Debt gone, Quality of Life found (By @crownRingo)

“Nightmares are still considered Dreams” –Me I went from putting on my latex gloves to scrub sh!t stained toilets and throwing away other grown men’s underwear to being completely debt free and running my own business. Let me give you a timeline of how it all went down… December 2015: I quit my job teaching making $45k at a local ... Read More »

Undone: How to Change Our Procrastination Patterns

*Via* Procrastination starts from an avoidance of something from fear, then becomes a pattern that hardens into a habit. We reinforce this procrastination habit through years of practice, and it hurts us in so many ways in our lives — not only with work tasks, but much more. The procrastination habit affects: Dealing with our finances head-on Health habits ... Read More »

App God: RecordGram

Best kept a secret in some of your favorite label offices, New York’s own & Vice Music Group’s Donavan “Donavan The A&R” McLeod, has changed focus from major label views to getting back to the basics and building talent from the ground-up. Currently, he is working with a 15-year old super talent from Canada named Elle Renee, who is soon to be hitting the scene. The ... Read More »

#Sadderday: Death To Hookup Culture (By @BBillions)

Nowadays hook up culture is so prevalent ppl move on from relationships at light speed, any problem you have with someone it’s like well I gave it a shot… time to move on *downloads tinder*… Men & women …I think you are pathetic if you Have Tinder. You on a dating app with the purpose to just hook up with ... Read More »

#Sadderday: Let’s Be In Love Like It’s The 80’s (By @BBillions)

Man everything in the 80’s looked so much better …fashion, parties, drugs and of course being in love! Before the era of social media dating and everybody in ya business and faking relationships just for likes there was real love! Flicking it up in front of a car or some other crazy back drop with a Polaroid camera draped in ... Read More »

Gems from Gerard Adams

*Via* Gerard Adams, co-founder of Elite Daily, which was acquired by the Daily Mail for $50 million in 2015, veered off the traditional route to success, left college early and became a self-made millionaire at the age of 24. Although he made it big, he wanted to fulfill this success and give it meaning. Gerard recently launched a non-profit ... Read More »

He Man Woman Haters Club Podcast Episode 90: “Artsy Chicks”

This week, the clubhouse smells SOOOOOO much better because the gang gets a visit from two of NYC’s most beautiful and talented artists, Roxanne TIneo (@Ohyesitsroxanne) and Ayja Washington, to attempt to have a mature discussion about art and their journey as female artists, BUT because it wouldn’t be the clubhouse if things didn’t, it goes left. (WARNING: EXTREME LEVELS ... Read More »

Make Yourself Her Only Option

*Via RedPill* Premise: Women want to feel tingles. They don’t want to feel guilt or feel dirty. Therefore, the notion that “d!ck is plentiful” for women is only surface level true: yes, when an attractive woman turns 18 she is offered dick everywhere she goes, but women want to feel pride in their choice of d!ck, to be able to ... Read More »

Not Caring What Anyone Thinks Is Damn Near A Superpower

*Via Edlatimore.Com* You’re only as powerful as your darkest secret but you must remember that shame’s power is only in your imagination. It’s not a gun to your head. It’s not your family being held hostage. The only potential victim is your pride. Pride is how the ego holds itself together. Often your ego is a good thing. It is ... Read More »

Why Get Out Is the Best Movie Ever Made About American Slavery

*Via Esquire.Com* Jordan Peele’s horror film is about the theft of black bodies—but it isn’t set in the Antebellum South. Get Out is a kind of taut Universal romp, as if Alfred Hitchcock had finally contemplated the existential terror of race. Get Out is really a masterwork of Afrofuturism, the artistic and scientific framework for understanding race as a technology across time and space. ... Read More »

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How to Move From Being Inspired to Taking Action

*Via @Due for Medium.Com* The longer I run my business the more I notice that people love being inspired, but taking action is a whole other story. Here’s what I mean. Some of my most popular posts on Instagram have some sort of motivational quote on them, but as soon as I post something with actionable steps no one cares. ... Read More »

#Sadderday: Save me! (By @BBillions)

Valentine’s Day just passed and this 1 was extra sad… in the era of putting ALL your business on the internet the couples pics and gifts were all on the timeline and on IG in abundance. The fellas usually always go all out for their ladies but I must say I seen a few chicks go hard this year also. ... Read More »

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#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week

Women are Sadvages now and it's gonna be like this for a while. I'll focus on myself and wait it out tho. — Nerd Nash (@NerdAtCoolTable) February 12, 2017 Shawty bio said "road to the ritches" I know she got some kinda std going on — .private smoke club. (@RediRoc215) February 10, 2017 Some chicks look so good I just ... Read More »

#Sadderday: I Just Wanna Get Married (By @BBillions)

My mood every time I go out now a days… I’m tired of all the chasing skirts, going to random bars and sleeping with random girls every other night… I’m tired of dm’n girls,  going on dates then have them use me for casual sex. People think making love to up and coming rnb singers and aspiring models and actresses ... Read More »

Give The Poet Some: @Lo_Go503

CONTROL Time is very interesting. It allows you to see what you didn’t used to see or, allows you to be free when you were once not allowed to be. Time allows me to be me. And to think, it was always timing me. Asking me, when I was going to decide between, point A and point B. Or if ... Read More »


*Via TheRationalMale.Com* In any relationship, the person with the most power is the one who needs the other the least. This is a foundation of any relationship, not just intersexual ones, but family, business, etc. relationships as well. It is a dynamic that is always in effect. For my own well being and that of my family’s, I need my employer more ... Read More »

Maaaannnn F*#k Valentine’s Day

*Via IdiotsWithDegrees.WordPress.Com* Good evening ladies and gents or whatever time of day it happens to be when you’re reading this. Everyone knows what this weekend is and already has plans ready to go. Probably got your reservations made, you flowers and edible arrangements ordered and ready for delivery, or maybe a weekend get away. But, from the title, I’m pretty ... Read More »

#Sadderday: Never fall for a free spirit (By @leandrekennedy)

First of All S/o Nerd, Bills Now trust me on this one. A free spirit is the best-worst thing that can happen to you. You might be like me.. barely ever get emotionally involved with people because you don’t want to waste your time. But these women nowadays are tricky. Just listen to how my ex got me… So I’m ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week

Who wrist was that in your snap? — Nerd Nash (@NerdAtCoolTable) January 26, 2017 I quit halfway thru that chest workout today felt like bobby brown when Gary found him coked out in the yellow vette — Daddy Mac (@HBKBrandon) January 26, 2017 Ice Cube the only nigga to ever read a contract. — Nae. (@MissDenae) January 26, 2017 2 ... Read More »

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*Via*  Am I “happy”? – compared to just about every man I know, deliriously happy. “Happy” is not an absolute state, but a relative one. Just think about your friend [who committed suicide after divorce]. Would he be alive today if he had not had that woman in his life? When I go to the dentist and have a horribly ... Read More »

John Calipari Interviews Drake on Cal Cast Podcast

Caught me by surprise too but its a good interview. Listen as Drake talks about life, his upcoming projects, Meek Mill and more. Read More »

Judging A Girl By The Friends She Keeps

*Via* When you start dating a girl, you will get to meet her friends, sometimes sooner, sometimes later. But usually within the first couple of months you will have been introduced to nearly everyone she knows (locally), especially if she really likes you. Pay close attention to the types of friends she has (if she has any), for that ... Read More »

Every successful relationship is successful for the same exact reasons

(If you don’t like reading just close this right now) *Via QZ.Com*  Hey, guess what? I got married two weeks ago. And like most people, I asked some of the older and wiser folks around me for a couple quick words of advice from their own marriages to make sure my wife and I didn’t shit the (same) bed. I ... Read More »

How to live a healthier lifestyle: 10 easy changes you can make

*Via @jboitnott for Medium.Com* Our hectic, fast-paced lifestyles don’t always lend themselves to making healthy decisions. Studies show that Americans work more than anyone else in the world and that we take less vacation time, work longer days, and retire later. How can we reconstruct our schedules and habits in order to find something more sustainable? The answer lies in small, simple ... Read More »

#SadderDay: Fly Her Out or Die Alone (By @Bbillions)

Your soulmate is 3000 miles away just waiting on you to pay that plane ticket… the Time is now. Y’all been flirting with each other for 6 years on twitter, y’all know everything about each other, she thinks your the funniest guy ever, she laughs at all you jokes and likes every IG post. She even gets jealous when you ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week

Every 6 months you should look back at who you were 6 months ago and laugh. Stagnation = death. — Michael Medici (@MikeRMedici) January 15, 2017 The Falcons keep hitting Russel Wilson like they don't care that he's a Christian or has his wife at the game — Backwood Ron (@WaterWeedWisdom) January 15, 2017 The Falcons had to win this ... Read More »

Give The Poet Some: @markasfck

2 Myself I just want the American dream Oh, how compelling it seems! New car, big house with a mountain debt Drowning in stress, all to b crowned w success You’re sold a dream & They tell u 2 shun the defects Everything u do impacts ppl u think it doesn’t affect Don’t pay your dues if u choose , ... Read More »

Harv Pierre NFL Picks (Divisional Playoffs)

Now that all the bullsh!t wildcard games are over, we can finally get to the real games… SMH The games we all wanna see… N@CT NFL Divisional Playoffs picks…. * DENOTES HOME TEAM DIVISIONAL PLAYOFFS – SATURDAY, JANUARY 14, 2017   FALCONS* (-4½) Vs SEAHAWKS     This is easily the best game of the day. Something tells me both teams ... Read More »

#Sadderday: The Hopeless Romantic Crew (By @BBillions)

Society has changed and I’m ashamed to say that I’ve let it changed me. Instead of fighting against the norm and still searching for true love, in the era were it’s easier to engage in causal sex than a meaningful conversation with someone …I’ve fell victim to the ways around me. Instead of holding hands and piggy back rides thru ... Read More »

The 7 Consistent Routines of Geniuses

*Via Inc.Com* Geniuses aren’t like everyone else. They just do it and, um, think different. Can they, though, have something in common? Is it possible that they don’t just snap their fingers while drinking a schnapps or a Napa Sauvignon Blanc and encounter eureka? Mason Curry wondered if that was the case too. So he wrote Daily Rituals: How Artists ... Read More »

Harv Pierre NFL Picks (Wildcard Weekend)

Officially ended the 2016 N@CT NFL regular season pick record at 109-92 ( went 11-5 last week )… Told ya’ll to trust me. I ALWAYS come through when its clutch time. Sheeiiiitttttt…. If you see a trash pick this week… Tell me how? lol Looking like pure money down there… N@CT NFL Wildcard Weekend picks…. * DENOTES HOME TEAM   ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week

Being unsure about your partner is truly not worth the anxiety — Dr.RaeRae (@TheBuenaventura) January 6, 2017 You can’t even use mixtape cases as ice scrapers anymore…niggas only have soundcloud links — Backwood Ron (@WaterWeedWisdom) January 6, 2017 what you see as an overnight success is usually 10-15 years of hard work that went unrecognized. — Paul Cantor (@PaulCantor) January ... Read More »

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Why Instagram >>>> Snapchat in 2016

*Via Entreprenuer.Com* Instagram shows no signs of slowing down. The service now boasts a whopping 600 million active monthly users, and that last 100 million joined in just the past six months. Instagram’s only real competition is Snapchat. And while the latter may be the more popular teenager hangout, the real marketing takes place on Instagram. Yes, Snapchat took the industry ... Read More »

Harv Pierre NFL Weeks (Week 17)

Damn… It’s really the last regular season game… SMH… The 2016 N@CT NFL pick record sitting at 98-87 ( 7-8 last week )… Trust me this week. I come through when its clutch time. Don’t be afraid to rock with the underdogs this week… Most teams that are already in the playoffs will sit starters at some point. This week ... Read More »

Harv Pierre NFL Picks (Week 16)

The 2016 N@CT NFL pick record sitting at 91-79 ( 9-5 last week )… Told ya’ll I’d close out the year nicely… Gripped a quick 3 racks on an eight team parlay last week and the game plan is to follow it up again this week…Be careful with your picks this week though… Most teams will start pulling starters in ... Read More »

Give The Poet Some: @RocsiB

  The Smell of Last Night The scent of two infused into one From fighting under the covers Spirit lovers Can you smell our aura A faint invisible emanation of lust and admiration filled the room I wanna smell like last night When you made me sing a tune so heavenly I wanna smell like last night When you slapped ... Read More »

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