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Harv Pierre’s Week 7 NFL Picks


Rebounded nicely last week… 8-7 on the NFL Week 6 picks. Not my best showing but it’s better than .500 so you gotta respect it. I’m still trailing two of the pros over at CBS but not for long… Homeboy over at still dishing out them Al’ Davis picks… 5-9-1 (ssmfh) last week … I did nothing but rub ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


The one thing you can be certain about is what you want or don’t want. Start from there. — Kajal Pandey (@dearkajal) October 7, 2014 People who are afraid to love are like gamblers who are afraid to bet. The “jackpot” is forever beyond your reach. — Curtis Scoon (@CurtisScoon) October 6, 2014   she can cheat one time and ... Read More »

“InternationalSlick” Instagram APPRECIATION


Not that I encourage pimpin or anything but i’m going to have to say this is the best follow I made on Instagram in minute. I’m from the G Funk Era (Young people… google it) so of course their was a 2-3 year time period where I wanted to be a pimp. Through Internationalslick’s I get to live that childhood ... Read More »

New Jack from ECW Tribute (Video)


Wrestling execs made sure this n*gga didn’t step foot in Wcw & WWE arenas. No way they were going to let white kids support this man. Regardless, he was one of the dopest wrestlers of all time. Word to @SmokeDza Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 6 NFL Picks


Another subpar showing last week… 7-8 on the NFL Week 5 picks. My record took another hit last week but at 40-36-0 I’m still over .500. This week you gotta f!ck with me though… These east coast temps dropped and all I did was stay indoors and watch game film… I feel like Bruce LeRoy from The Last Dragon when ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 5 NFL Picks


Disgusting… 6-7 on the NFL Week 4 picks, but I’m not going to apologize. Nope … No Sir… Why would I? I’m still your best bet by far when it comes to these NFL spreads…The streets are saying (27-33-1) NFL picks are better though. You see that trash record. SMH… My record took a hit last week but at ... Read More »



DOPE  1. Love & Hip Hop Hollywood (Yea I said it) 2. Postseason Baseball 3. Fanduel.Com 4. “All About the money” By Troy Ave x Lito 5. Kansas City Royals 6. Payroll Giovanni 7. Dej Loaf 8.  Key! 9. Steve Smith 10. Black Jesus on Adult Swim NOPE 1. Peter Rosenberg 2. Pulled Pork from Wendy’s 3. Blackish on ABC ... Read More »

7 Steps to a Holier Life by Mother Teresa


When we are stressed or feel overly burdened in life it’s usually because we’ve gotten our priorities out of order. Here are 7 of my favorite Mother Teresa quotes that will help. When read in this order, they are guaranteed to bring order and peace back to your life. Give them a try. Step 1: Slow down. “I think the world today ... Read More »

Harv Pierre’s Week 4 NFL Picks


12-4 on the NFL Week 3 picks and not a soul showed any appreciation…You n!ggas ain’t gon appreciate me til’ I’m gone… No reason why all of #DelawareTwitter shouldn’t of walked out of Delaware Park with this month’s Rent-A-Center payment in hand (minus my 5%)..With a season record of 27-21 I’m currently washing the “professionals” over at CBS:   DOLPHINS ... Read More »

#Sadderday: “Ask Sad Pitt” (VIDEO)


Our good friend Sad Pitt (@BBillions) answers questions from all the sad people around the world. Look out for these every Sadderday at Midnight Happy Sadderday yall. Read More »

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