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#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


U really enjoy songs bout gettin money more when u broke. — Michael (@Mike_Phresh803) July 25, 2014 you look great today did you do something different to your personality — warsan shire (@warsan_shire) July 21, 2014   “Bitch” should be a zodiac sign. — Wayno (@Wayno119) July 22, 2014   Sometimes you gotta let her know you can’t take that ... Read More »

“F*ck You” Friday


Justin Blackmon …… F!ck you. About 35 days ago I stopped smoking weed …..I relapsed but that’s not the point. I stopped because n!ggas like you ruined the weed culture. Breh….. You threw away millions … MILLIONS of NFL money just so you can blow L’s. Funny thing Is I never saw your face until I googled you….Then it all ... Read More »

“Ask Rev Ron”


Dear Rev Ron,  I am so awkward.  I can’t help it. I’ve been awkward from since I can remember. I never fit in, I always felt alone and I never found that niche where I am settled and comfy.   And that’s the crazy part. I always have tried to figure out how I probably fit in without compromising myself and ... Read More »

Stop worrying about T.I., Tiny & Floyd and read this


The God Part Of the Brain …. Go buy this now and stop trying to figure out if Floyd piped Tiny. Shout out to @JosephAParker for the assist. Read More »

Tales From The Female Cheaters Part 1


These posts are strictly to make men paranoid. Nothing more, nothing less.  Make sure your queen is happy breh…..or see’ll be sending us a email. Sh!t, she might be happy and still send us one. Life aint fair sometimes.  *************** Anonymous My boyfriend and I were having regular fights, maybe 3-4 times a week. Mostly about insecurities he was having ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: #WhiteGirlWednesday Top Follows


@Julia__Garrett @MBeezy008 @Stephaniesnezyk @Oosaraa @Yo_BVD @RayChillHarvey SEND ALL “#WHITEGIRLWEDNESDAY” SUBMISSIONS TO NERDNASH@GMAIL.COM Read More »

Emoji Readings


***************** Jess  Looks to me like you’re the typical female who loves to use the crying laughing emoji more than necessary. Nothing new or strange there. The sneaky eyes being at the top tells me you’ve been sneaking around lately. Maybe not enough tho because the banana emoji is all the way at the bottom and we all know what ... Read More »



- 76% of women who work at Bank Of America are great in bed - 98% of women who drink Monster energy drinks won’t become wives -   67% person of IG likes men give women are done while they’re laying next to their girlfriend -  68% of men retweeting @DJZeeti twitpics have a family at home - 92% of “Hot ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


I wasted 27 days being drug free lol — Nerd Nash (@NerdAtCoolTable) July 17, 2014 “Bought a Phantom cause I always WANTED one” is one of the most inspirational quotes of the last 15 years, man. — My Name Is My Name (@CoryTownes) July 16, 2014   I’m so high I don’t wanna go to sleep and lose a good ... Read More »

“F!ck You” Friday

LBJ Presidential Library Hosts Summit Marking 50 Years Since Civil Rights Act Of 1964

Joe Budden ….. F!ck you As a fan I have to say I was disgusted with what I witnessed at Total Slaughter. That wasn’t the joe Budden from “dumb out”. You brought “love & hip hop” Joe Budden to a battle and it was painful to watch. I couldn’t tell if I was watching you battle or if it was ... Read More »

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