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Gentlemen Do Exist (By @iAm4rmJupiter)


There are women who seem to proliferate and say they want a man to treat them with respect, with affection or whatever it is they claim to speak upon.  At the same time….saying there is no such thing as a gentleman, which is false.  A plethora of ladies have never experienced courtship, have never had a man hold the door ... Read More »

“Soul Snatching” (By @Nisyy_)


This submission is for the grown and mature I guess. Some wouldn’t understand and many may have never even experienced the ultimate experience. And you’re like the fuck is the experience? Did you read the fuckin title? No worries. I’m gonna break it down for you… I don’t know about anyone else but I tend to do a lot of ... Read More »

Women & Weed: To Be Honest …. (By @AujaBomaye)


Felt like I needed to shake the table with this one. If I get too rowdy with this topic lemme know; I am high after all, I have no idea what I’m rambling on about. Yes I’m back with another one, but I wanna take things in a different direction this time around. I mentioned in a previous installment that ... Read More »

The Dark Side of Meeting Your Twitter Crush (By @TonyTuss)


Dating on Twitter is tricky because it’s easy to feel like you know someone you never met, based on their thoughts and photos. You get up bright and early every morning to read their overnight tweets like the newspaper. You have perfect attendance on their Instagram page and double tap everything he/she has to offer. Their witty tweets are entertaining ... Read More »

5 Guys Walk Into A Bar … (By @YeahRifaSaidit)


The responses to “5 Chicks Walk Into a Bar” were so dope yesterday that I felt compelled to do a guy version. I like my opinion but in order for it to be genuine it hadddddd to come from a primary source. So, I recruited a guy and after a hilarious, nearly 2 hour session of brainstorming this is what ... Read More »

Am I Gonna Hit Send Or Not??/ (By @YeahRifaSaidit)


“…when I put my pride aside, I be doing the most.”           -Chris Brown, “Drunk Texting” Hi, my name is Sharifa and I am a chronic drunk texter. Everybody say, “Hiiiiiiii Sharifa.” If I’m feeling you, I’m gonna drunk text you and I’ve had enough drunken nights/days/maybemorningsbutdon’tjudgemylife to know how this entire thing goes. *magical movie harp ... Read More »

Tidal for all ….. Except My Broke Ass (By @AujaBomaye)


I was nervous about writing this one because being critical of King Hov gets you charged with high treason these days and the punishment is a label not even the heaux from The Scarlet Letter could stand to carry…. Apparently, being conscious enough to recognize the flaw in Jays blueprint for the powerhouse that Tidal is supposed be makes you ... Read More »

Do You Have A Moment To Talk About The Best Rapper Alive? (By @AujaBomaye)


If you didn’t know I was talking about Drake, you need to take a moment. And if you don’t agree that he is, take two and call me in the morning. Yes this is a Drake think piece. And welcome to it. Leave your phone on that nightstand. I guess I should qualify and say that I think Jay-Z WAS ... Read More »

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 31 (By KevM3)


If you perceive her as a decent woman, don’t waste time ‘hoing’ her out ***** We as men complain about not being able to find decent women, but then so many men end up hitting and quitting ‘em and turning them into the kind of woman we despise. ***** One of the biggest problems we have in this day and ... Read More »

I Love New York (By @_Anamaniac)


No matter how tough you want to portray yourself to be or act like you’re cold hearted, deep down inside we all want love. You can act butt hurt all you want, but you hope to find someone to change that for you and hopefully sweep you off of your feet. Well, I think that’s more possible if you lived ... Read More »

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