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Why Does Fear Exist? (By @HowardJayy)


I understand the fear of failure all too well, it eats at me: emotionally, physically, and creatively. It usually ends up at the point where I am unmotivated to put out into the world the ideas I have in my head. Do you know this fear? Sometimes I wonder why I am like this, I believe that my ideas are ... Read More »

Women & Weed …….and a baby?!! (By @AujaBomaye)


What up fammington? I know it’s been such a long time, I’ve missed you so, but I’m here now so hush and let’s discuss, shall we?? Read that title, take a moment to remove your britches from betwixt your uptight ass cheeks, and follow me as I paint this picture for you right quick… January 4, 2017.  Just days after ... Read More »

Your past is not your future (By @DarthVenn)


We all have some darkness in our past. Nagging demons that constantly trigger a deep, sickening, feeling in our stomach every time is passes through our minds. Like a horror movie we created, and are forced to watch our whole lives. I’m here, standing today with that same issue. A dark past of things I will never be proud of, ... Read More »

On dating, sex, and why we do the things we do (By @TinyySmalls)


The worst lie ever told is that you will have the best sex with someone you love. I often wonder whether the person who said this first was an extremely romantic virgin. Or someone who had just got their heartbroken and needed a poetic way to say, “my new partner is better cause he actually loves me”. But maybe they were simply ... Read More »

A Quick Shot Of Motivation And Self Reflection (By @Quinton_Harris)


You can follow your dreams/create them or you can get stuck in a nothingness pit helping others build their dreams because you were too scared to have faith in the talent God allotted you. God will guide and help you if you put some trust and faith into him, he’s not going to come to you tho, you have to ... Read More »

Stalk Her Instagram Big Board Week 1 (BY @BobDIGI_)


This article is a weekly ode to the greatness of the stalk her instagram series. This is a top 3 IG draft Mel Kiper homage to these thirst trap queens who make your procrastination in life that much worse. Bonus point: Reading this in Mel Kiper’s voice gives this a +1000 boost Juana_Fernandez – Look at her focus here. She ... Read More »

22 ways to finesse life (By @sartorian0)


Love yourself This is more than hyping yourself is up and believing you’re the shit. It’s about being kind to yourself, trusting yourself, and having patience with yourself Select your thoughts Once I controlled how I thought, I controlled my emotions and my emotions no longer took a hold of my life. Being aware of how you think allows for ... Read More »

Cranes in the Sky (By @TinaGray24)


“Keeping yourself busy is only a form of self-medicating depression. You’re still not dealing with the issues…” So I’ve sat on this entry for a couple months…probably more than a couple I lost count. I didn’t know how to express this, I didn’t really know how to feel about it…I couldn’t really get to what IT really was.  It’s really ... Read More »

Let It Glo (By @Sartorian0)


If you’ve ever found yourself chugging a glass of wine on FaceTime with your girl friend asking her that question you always ask- “Why do I always date these guys?”- then I’m here to be that friend that says, “Suck it up, you’ll thank him later.” Everyone thats ever dated has encountered one or two “fuck boys”- or girls- for ... Read More »

PRIMETIME: How to Close on a Woman at Home (By @ChampagneMalc)


DISCLAIMER: YOU ARE NEVER ENTITLED TO SEX. Dating is just like basketball and home ownership. The most difficult part of the entire process is closing. JANUARY 2017. You just had a spectacular date with a stunning woman. The energy and ambiance were wonderful, you two ended up hitting a player little spot after dinner and now you playing kissy face ... Read More »

A Conscious Revolution (By @Sartorian0)


When it comes to politics I usually play the role of observer and pay attention to people’s experiences, suggestions, expectations, and overall feelings towards a situation. All over social media, individuals with opposite and alike stances share their opinions and proudly voice their outlook. I’m lucky enough to be acquainted with people that think like me, but also differently than ... Read More »

Why 2017 Is Not Your Year!! (By @Quinton_Harris)


If you’re thinking “New Year, New Me” you’re already losing to be honest. What in the fuck can a year changing do for someone who doesn’t take advantage of a day?, NOTHING! You had a whole gotdamn year to find what you love & chase it unconditionally & you spent it bullshitting & helping others achieving their dreams. I know, ... Read More »

All P*ssy Is Not Created Equal (By @Champagnemalc)


When I was a young lion cub, my father told me that sex would make me weak. That it would incapacitate me if I let it. Make me jaded… Influence my decision-making and make me susceptible to manipulation. As a youth I didn’t realize what he meant, but my entire world flipped when I got my first taste of top ... Read More »

“Dont Save Her, She Don’t Wanna Be Saved”: Let her have her Hoe Phase… (By @KortKobane)


First things first, I wrote this piece to Drake’s “Houstalantavegas” The Hoe Phase is a phase in a woman’s life where she experiments and gets to know herself sexually. There’s always been a stigma attached to the word “hoe” and the period in which women go through this time of sexual freedom and liberation. The misconception about the hoe phase ... Read More »

Nice to meet you, I have a neurological disease! (By @AliMoments)


It was the end of a fantastic, self-empowering summer, exactly a month since my 26th birthday when I was diagnosed with a neurological disease called Multiple Sclerosis. What is it? *Bill Nye voice* Picture this: your nerve cells are covered in a protective protein coating called myelin. With MS your own immune system attacks the myelin leaving your nerve cells ... Read More »

Kiss Me Through The Phone: Making The Best Of A Long Distance Relationship (By @KortKobane)


“If you want to live together, you first need to learn how to live apart.” — Anonymous Long Distance relationships have been given a bad rap. Ultimately people thrive off of attention, affection, and communication when it comes to relationships. That big 3 has to be consistent if you even plan on developing something long lasting with someone you love that lives ... Read More »

“Momma Gotta Have A Life Too!”: dating women with kids… (By @KortKobane)


We can’t help who we are attracted to, and we definitely can’t help who we fall in love with, so we create standards and criteria for those to meet before we even entertain the thought of letting them have our number. Getting to know someone is great, but falling in love with someone is beyond one of the greatest feelings ... Read More »

The Xanny Family (By @Akapistolrose)


This is NOT a family you want to be in. To start off let me validate myself. I started out taking Xanax, xans, bars, hulks, school buses, whatever you want to call it, just to test them out to make sure they were okay(which I learned they are NEVER okay) before giving them to other people. I never really liked ... Read More »

She’s gone & she’s never coming back & that’s okay (By @Quinton_Harris)


It took me a while to finally make it to this point but I arrived tho & it’s okay. Gonna tell you how I arrived here. About 2 years ago I received a call from the woman I considered my better half, my rib & I had no clue that she was about to put me in Limbo. I answered ... Read More »

The Fall of the Music Blogger (By @Yanblaze)


Remember circa 2008, being thrilled to visit sites like DigitalDripped for the latest shit to download that wasn’t already all over myspace playing from the music players on everyone’s pages? Remember when reviews were alluring and effectively captured the thoughts and feelings that the lyrics within the bodies of art they depicted, brought about when you listened to them? The ... Read More »

Life Is a Long Game (By @BritneeGillis)


As I get older, it feels like life is flying by. It seems like just yesterday I was in high school worrying about my crush and getting good grades. Now I’m almost 30, worrying about my purpose in life and whether or not I’m putting enough in my 401k. In the process of living and growing, we tend to forget ... Read More »

Women & Weed: High Diary IX (By @AujaBomaye)


High Diary, Okay look… let me explain… A LOT of shit has gone down since our last check in. I can’t even feel bad cuz once I break it down you’ll understand the absence and you’ll probably want the number to my therapist. I’ll write it down for you after I’m done with this entry. First of fucking all, Donald ... Read More »

Barbershop Unwritten Rule #1: “Eyes” (By @knowledgekno717)


Let’s take it back to the late 90s/early 00s, I was 12/13 and I finally convinced my mom to stop giving me trash cuts and give me a $10 allowance every two weeks. I decided to go to the neighborhood barbershop (since I obviously wasn’t driving). In my previous experiences of going to the barbershop with my dad and step ... Read More »

Focus On Yourself (By @PGoodiezz)


“How could I ever let your words affect me, they say hip hop is dead, I’m here to resurrect me.” – Common When the path is clear to you, nothing can stop you from achieving the success that you have visualized for yourself. The only condition is that you have to believe. Here are 5 suggestions to consider for the ... Read More »

President Trump: A Spiritual Analysis (By @christymaccc)


Donald J. Trump, 45th president of the United States, is truly going to make America great again… AND HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW IT! In contemplating the results of the presidential election from a place of spirit, I’ve found a sense of peace with it all. Maybe America needed this Trump presidency to understand just how dark they’ve allowed themselves to ... Read More »

Focus On Yourself (By @Pipe_tyson)


“I’ma tell you why I’m mad, youknowhatI’msayin? I’ma tell you why I’m mad. These niggaz is makin five hundred thousand dollar videos, yunusayin? They drivin around in hot cars. They got bitches, they got all that shit. YouknowhatI’msayin? I’m still livin with my MOMS, youknowhatI’msayin? That’s my word. I’m makin records I ain’t made no money yet. This is my ... Read More »

Celibacy as sexual freedom (By @christymaccc)


The definition of celibacy has been widely accepted by society (though defined specifically by the Roman Catholic church) as abstinence from any and all sexual relations, so first and foremost let me be clear that I define it as abstinence from outside sexual relations in an effort to better know thyself… Allow me to explain. Growing up in the catholic school system, I ... Read More »

We’re all hoes (By @__TheWill)


First and foremost let me start off by saying shout-out @AujaBomaye for writing this article and capitalizing the word Hoe and recognizing it’s place in the grammatical world as a proper noun. Now lets get down to business. There is an age old question among men that is used as an equalizer a measuring stick if you will, to judge ... Read More »

3 things I learned from my favorite villain “The Reverse Flash” (By @JymesX)


Ever think about the villains agenda? We can learn a lot from our favorite villains. My favorite villain of all time is The Reverse Flash for so many reasons. Born in the 25th Century, Eobard Thawne (The Reverse Flash)  grew up idolizing the Flash and studying the legacy of the Scarlet Speedster. However, as he learned more about the Flash, Eobard (The ... Read More »

For The Love Of Thirty! (By @CosThoughts)


Ladies, if you’re anything like me you’ve probably had an entire blueprint to how you thought your life would be. You figured you would graduate high school, go off to college, meet the love of your life; Simultaneously, get married, have children along with a wonderful 9 to 5 career that would unrealistically allow you to retire within 10 years, right? ... Read More »

8 Things We Learned From Ghost About What Not To Do As Parents (By @MoneyMarr)


Come on mannnnn. Come on. I wasn’t going to write about this but after seeing the newest episode of Power I had to put something together to express my feelings towards the situation.  Ghost is taking care of his kids financially but as far as being there as a father? He definitely dropped the ball.  Kanan killed his son in ... Read More »

If Our Candidates Skated. (By @omarimunch x @_hahaitsdiego x @shoelacebeltz)


Every four years America comes together as a country to pick someone to be the puppet  president. This year is quite possibly the most entertaining election to date with the debates sounding more like reunion episode of “* Insert American City* Housewives” which is a jab at the nominee’s debate skills and not Hilary So we just decided to sum up our ... Read More »

Give The Poet Some: @WriterFromBklyn


Letter To My Women Whatever happened to the aspirations of greatness? Women mature faster than men but yet they’re still immature, Running the streets reckless with no sense of direction, They think the only thing they’re good for is getting up and putting down an erection, Whatever happened to the dream chasers? The ones on the sheets of Ebony and ... Read More »

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Independent Women (By @SerenaAlfaro & @TonyTuss)


There are two types of women in this world: gold diggers and goal diggers. We can all appreciate a woman who has her own, but there is a deeper darker side to dealing with one that’s I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T if you know what I mean. Here are a few gems for dealing with women who want, but don’t need you: Trustworthy: She ... Read More »

How shaving my head changed my perspective on life and why every woman should do it at least once (By @misfit_cearra)


After being diagnosed with a neurological disorder as a teen, depression took over my life. My battle with depression caused me to be insecure and it has really felt like I’ve constantly played an internal game of tug of war, having to battle between outward appearances and how I truly dark I felt inside. Coping with a neurological disorder as ... Read More »

It’s His loss (By @ChinkBaeB)


So let me guess… they left you.  They no longer needed you & now you’re sitting there stuck.  You’re hurting, depending on how much you loved them; you might feel like you can’t breathe.  You’re replaying everything back in your head, every word spoken and every action made.  You start thinking about all the things down to the small things, ... Read More »

Effort Ain’t “Tricking” Bro …. A Guide For The Real (By @Bazzquiat)


Something that younger me and a lot of my not as emotionally developed friends and acquaintances currently suffer or have been victims of the ideology that putting in effort with a woman or doing something nice for her either makes you “whipped” or you are tricking. I am way too young and haven’t lived enough to know where this logic ... Read More »

Give The Poet Some: @Lo_Go503


They throw daggers at the walls of the glass house. Nothing is staggered or well mannered when you choose to wake up like none of it matters; you left it all out. I write it all out. It’s not the time to fall now. I know my feet won’t fail me. I know you could walk the trail that I ... Read More »

Don’t sell yourself short out of love (By @Bettyeshete)


As females, we tend to give all of us when in a relationship. I grew up hearing about the sacrifices my mother made for my father, the family, etc. And i’ve heard the same story repeatedly from other female figures throughout my life, “I did it for my family” or “ I did it because I love him”… I never ... Read More »

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 42 (By KevM3)


Never make the development of your manhood contingent on ‘what the ladies like’ because different ladies like different things and it’s a very weak metric to use what women like as the barometer to judge your life because their tastes can be so fickle and you are also giving up your autonomy as a man by basing your actions on ... Read More »

Why You Can’t Find Your Purpose (By @x_confucius)


“Finding your purpose” is a something I know  you’ve heard a million times. You’ve probably googled how to do it just as many. And you still wind up stumped by the end of scanning a bunch of articles on Forbes and searching Amazon for the perfect book to help you do it. But here’s the thing… can’t discover something that ... Read More »

Attachment 1 Image: “Protect Her Nudes By Any Means Necessary” (By @KortKobane)


Life is different. We have become society obsessed with the small electronic devices that document our lives daily. Our lifestyle appendages; iPhones, Droids, and Tablets, have all become our new right hands and hold the key to each of our own secret lives. The camera phone has changed everything about our personalities. The self consciousness that Kanye rapped about on ... Read More »

Why Older women are great (By @Bazzquiat)

Woman drinking wine and smoking a cigar

This is my first time writing for other people to see beyond reports to my college professors in about 3 or 4 years; I wanted to start it off with a deep quote or a fascinating epithet to portray my intelligence and great writing skills but nothing felt cool enough or flashy enough that I would get crowned as the ... Read More »

Give The Poet Some: @_MS_TIINY


  “Pain” What is pain Pain is weathering the storms Come out on top & still lose Cause your hearts been broken And easy to bruise Your mind is lost And easy to lose Loss of appetite & going crazy Knowing he’s sleeping next to another lady Or maybe Having somebody else’s baby Pain is seeing you hurt Watching you ... Read More »

Gems From The Workplace Vol. 4 (By @YoungLordSean)


What’s good good people? It’s ya boy Bernie Slanders aka young metro young metro young metro card aka it’s too hot to do that right now you tripping bro wait til sunset. I came back like Cleveland down 3-1 with Gems From The Workplace Volume 4.  I had to take a hiatus I was unemployed and I can’t lie to ... Read More »

Growing. Glo’ing. Gone. (By @AujaBomaye)


It happens the same every year, but I can hardly believe how summer flew by. It seems like just yesterday we were waiting for it to really heat up and now we’re welcoming hoodie season back with open arms. This summer was particularly unmemorable, save for a few exceptional bright spots and I find myself very happy to finally see ... Read More »

5 Tips To Help Women Survive Football Season (By @LeronCrowder)


Madden just hit the shelves. Do you know what that means ladies? Yep, it’s that time of year again. The NFL is BACK. Do you want your man home a little more than usual? Buy him Madden. Make your relationship stronger. Okay, now back to the topic at hand. The smell of pigskin and jerseys seem to be circulating through ... Read More »

How To Get Her Back Pt. 2: The Shawn Michaels “Heart Break Kid” method (By @BABYGATOR)


After reading part one I hope you went out and bought the same gloves Sting had on when he went against the NWO because it’s time to get your hands dirty. What do Tom Brady, Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds and Shawn Michaels all have in common? They are winners and are also willing to bend the rules to win. Some ... Read More »

Give The Poet Some: @FAVIOLA_Inc


How can you even attempt to kiss a woman When you don’t even get the fire behind her eyes? You won’t even begin to understand her taste. Her eyes are like wildfire Insatiable ferns Revolving eruptions Commanding, you yearn Her lips will dissolve in the throws of your touch Her skin is a blaze Immerseful rush Her tears are.. Casablanca ... Read More »

The longest Distance (By @aliciamarierob)


Idk how many of you have every dated someone either out of your state or even out of your city but if you have then you know how crazy it can drive you. Rewind eight months ago. He was starting his last semester of college and only had two classes. He decided (after some pressure lol) to move in with ... Read More »

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