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My Open Letter (By @LamondreDeshawn)


I try to not have my post be so personal when I write because I want my thoughts to be presented clearly but also I don’t want to sound like I’m writing in a diary. But sometimes you get to the point where you can’t explain what’s going on or why certain things happen, but you just know that it ... Read More »

Women & Weed: High Diary 4 (By @AujaBomaye)

breakfast club

High Diary, I should begin this entry with a Hail Mary of sorts. I was supposed to be detoxing off the herb for another new job opportunity but quitting weed always makes me feel like a hypocrite or something. Every time I lay my Dutches down for even the smallest amount of time, I go through an existential crisis over ... Read More »

Women and Weed …. The Wait (By @AujaBomaye)


“Hey… you in the area? Can I get a dub from you right quick?” I’ve bemoaned these words via text so many times my phone auto completes the sentences for me now. Yall know me, I’m all about a good interpersonal supplier/buyer relationship, but we really gotta discuss something important. It’s getting out of hand. And every user across the ... Read More »

Hip Hop We Need You (Again) (By @TheAndreGeorge)


The music — fans and hip hop pundits alike often lament the days when activism more loudly resonated throughout the culture. Without romanticizing yesteryear in the same vein as many hip hop zealots, I find myself suppressing the need to compare today’s hip hop climate with that of its predecessors. Instead, I put a moratorium on my criticisms of today’s ... Read More »

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 28 (By KevM3)


Find a way to enjoy your life regardless of whatever woman you are dealing with is doing. If she goes cold and disappears, oh well, she can be replaced… but never let a woman cause you a ton of stress or have you worrying about her. I used to sit around worrying about why this woman who supposedly loves me ... Read More »

FUTW 2: Us Vs Them (By @KeepItRealCole)

cole frayer

IS THIS THING STILL ON?!  That’s a rhetorical question… Of course it is. My mic is always on.  Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Good night. Whatever the case may be, welcome. It’s been awhile since some of us last spoke, I hope I still have your attention.  2014 needed to be the most important year of your life. Was ... Read More »

Women & Weed: Non – Smoking Section (By @AujaBomaye)

non smoking

Hey fam. It’s been a little while and so I wanna just get right into some gangsta shit because I’m all about learning and research this year. I have this burning curiosity about people who have never and don’t want to try weed. It’s hard to understand em when they so judgy and hostile and all that, but I do ... Read More »

The Thunder’s Future Demise? (By @LamondreDeshawn)


In just over 2 months of professional play, it’s been a pretty interesting two months of basketball – to say the least. So many story lines we could look at: the Knicks are terrible once again, LeBron James and the Cavaliers can’t get right, Oklahoma City is on pace to be the most dangerous 8th seed ever in league history, ... Read More »

Women & Weed: High Diary 3 (By @AujaBomaye)


High Diary, *Cues reflective Moesha ‘diary entry’ music* 3 days into the New Year and it simultaneously feels like no days and many days have passed so maybe I died in my sleep while I was taking that weed nap on NYE and I’m in Limbo or something. I do prefer this to the speed racer days of last year ... Read More »

The Real Definition of Trolling Part 1: Criticism =/= Trolling (By @AceMulatto)


Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that many people misuse the word “Trolling”. As someone who has been praised and also bashed by his peers for his trolling ability, I’ve decided to educate you all on what a real trolling is in this mini-series. In this particular article, I will break down how legitimate criticism differs from trolling.  I ... Read More »

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