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Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 27 (By KevM3)


God gave man the authority to be head of the household. It even tells you in the Bible no woman should have authority over a man…and yet in this modern day, how many men are comfortable deferring to a woman and letting a woman make all the choices? Is it no wonder they don’t respect men anymore? Authority is something ... Read More »

Filter Fishing (By @_Linds_Lo)

filter fishing

It’s so easy to get caught up in filters and smooth witty one liners. But when you’re ready for something more serious I developed a gas mask guideline to filter the smoke. Shall we begin with the breakdown…? His @ is a distinguishing factor… no grown man should have numbers prior or following their @ (that died with aim and ... Read More »

Women & Weed: High Diary (By AujaBomaye)


High Diary, I wrote this down as my first High Thought on a notepad in Black crayon when it came to me. Inspiration can hit anywhere at any time. Be prepared. Be creative. By any means necessary. I changed the name of this post from High Thoughts to High Diary in the middle of a sentence because of that whole ... Read More »

Lifestyles of The Washed and Single: Weekend Wars (By @amoreSTEPH)


You work hard all week, punching a clock at a semi-satisfying job for a wage that is probably a lot less than you deserve. You deal with boring water cooler talk and fight the urge to grimace when your boss makes an attempt at being cool by asking you about a social media reference that you have full knowledge of ... Read More »

Ten Reasons why being a Single Woman in your 30s is totally #Dope (By @Dr_NiamaMalachi)


1. You get to choose. No really, you get to make a well informed decision on who you partner with. While your heart is still in the game, the intelligence and wisdom you garnered over the years is also in full swing. While you may have been led solely by your heart or your hmmm… let’s say… lady parts… in ... Read More »

Women & Weed: The Lonely Stoner (By @AujaBomaye)


Hello again, all my smokers and midnight tokes. How you been? Good, hopefully. It’s been one crazy year, but it’s almost up and I’ve been doing a lot of smoking and reflecting. It’s almost the holiday season; time to be grateful and thankful and get shit-faced on spiked eggnog and relax with your loved ones (or those you only cool ... Read More »

4 steps to mining a gem (By @Khairyx_)


I. Recognize the gem. “Be humble for you are made from earth, be noble for you are made from stars.”  Putting energy in the wrong places is more wasteful than not using it at all. Energy kept and stored is just untapped potential, but energy misused is energy wasted. You can’t get back an opportunity lost. It takes more effort to ... Read More »

There Is No Competition (By @AujaBomaye)


First off, I gotta send a shout out to The Plug for the inspiration behind this one. Good conversation always leads you in the right direction. The title for this one might throw you off a bit; it’s not a hip-hop reference, it’s more an allusion to a scene from one of my favorite movies, The Matrix. You know that ... Read More »

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 27 (By KevM3)


Men are constantly improving themselves, but on the other hand, women aren’t making that same effort because they’re never being held to any standard. When have you seen a recent conversation about a woman seriously improving herself because she wants to offer a better package to men? That she was learning to improve her cooking skills, be more submissive and ... Read More »

This White Man’s World (By @BBQx_)


 Is Racism still alive? When I created my blog, I swore to myself that I would never devote any time to matters concerning race. But I have been fortunate enough to amass a readership that demands output from me and surprisingly, I have received several requests to weigh in on Ferguson, MO and less specifically, the state of race relations ... Read More »

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