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Dear Cam Newton: A Love Letter (By @GabGotti)


Dear Cam, You just lost the Superbowl. I know, because I watched it. I was angry that your team let you get sacked 7 times. I was angry that I didn’t get to see you dab. Angry because I knew the media would rain down all types of judgement on you – win or lose. White America’s issue with you ... Read More »

Coconut Oil Can Save The World (By @ZeusOfQLF)


Over the last two years Coconut oil has moved up the ranks from being that product women used to control their hair and skin to being one of the leading products in health, fitness, and lifestyle. It really does fix everything, seriously, everything. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if this stuff is exactly what the good folks of Flint Michigan ... Read More »

Confessions Of A Condom Counter: The Lyin King (By @ToiMeetsWorld)


THAT LOVE YOU SO GOOD I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING LIKE, “I’M ABOUT TO CREASE THE FUCK OUTTA THESE KHAKIS.”  HE AIN’T WEAR KHAKIS …… BUT THAT’S BESIDE THE POINT. I think this may have been the only person I truly ever purely loved.  Mind not clouted.  Guards all the way down.  So when the opportunity presented itself again, I ... Read More »

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Men Pt. 2 (By @Turoxshakur)


Stop pillow talking Ladies, men don’t give one damn about what your best friend’s man is doing wrong to her. Of course he’s listening, but the information that you’re giving him is unnecessary, and it’s making him dangerous. Men really do talk and gossip just as much as women do. Stop telling homeboy you met three weeks ago your business. ... Read More »

Gems From The Workplace Vol 3: Black History Month (By @YoungLordSean)


Peace brothas and sistas its the honorable prophet younglordsean aka Booker T Poppington aka Huey Newton keep the computers putting also known as The Hood Sociologist  back with Gems from the Workplace Volume 3. BLACK HISTORY MONTH EDITION I’m going to keep it short and sweet because black history month is the shortest month of the year *stay woke*.  To ... Read More »

Woe / Man vs Deez / Nuts (By @Mreeuh)


MAY I INTEREST YOU IN A THINKPIECE? HERE YOU GO. THINK ABOUT DEEZ NUTS. no really, deez nuts was a presidental candidate, what ever happened to deez nuts? I don’t know about yalls nuts but deez nuts are still here. Rachel Dolezal became a global news story for posturing as a black woman around the same time Bruce Jenner came ... Read More »

Healthy (By @TinyySmalls)


If you listened in on my conversations you would hear millions of apologies for things I can’t control and millions more for things I can. You’d have heard someone tell me that I do not know what a healthy realtionship is and you would have seen the frown on my face because I don’t. And though it hurt to hear ... Read More »

Take Care Of Yourself (By @CrisLex)


Take care. Take care of yourself. Take care of you. Take care. We hear this a lot as farewells when leaving friends, as closing greetings in letters/emails, in conversations as we hang up the phone. We hear people say “Take Care of Yourself”, but do we really actually heed the words told and TAKE CARE of ourselves?  These past few ... Read More »

10 Things To Know About Dating Me (By @TinyySmalls)


1. Don’t ask me about commitment. I’m always looking for something that means something. I value things for what they are and I know better than to constantly want more. This doesn’t mean I don’t want marriage or something like it one day. I just know that most people don’t think love can be genuine, or real, or “life changing” unless ... Read More »

Gems From The Workplace Vol. 2 (By @YoungLordSean)


Whats good, Its Younglordsean aka the hood sociologist aka Bernie Slanders back with #GemsForTheWorkplace Volume 2.  I came back with more gems to get you employed and keep you employed off that government assistance you heard?  So chill out and take this good advice and change your tax bracket. This edition is for my unemployed job seekers trying to avoid ... Read More »

Persistence Will Get You The Distance (By @RedHands)


Are you trying to get ahead? Do you want to go the full distance in whatever your doing? Whatever it is, persistence will get you the distance. Being persistent isn’t easy, but if your persistent enough, it’s easy to become persistent. (See what I did there) Many people that we admire and respect have great stories of persistence. Maybe it’s ... Read More »

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 40 (By KevM3)


I find that a man should always be focused on something else other than women. Why? Because when you invest in other areas of your life, it actually brings a return on time spent. With a woman, she’s free to up and leave at any time and you never know when, and all of the gain from the effort you ... Read More »

Spiritual Growth & Practical Application (By @Pgoodiezz)

spiritual growth and prac app pic

“The most direct way to know love in every moment is to be love in every moment rather than to demand it from another person.” – Dr. Gabriel Cousens A seeker will spend his or her entire life on a quest for growth and on each and every one of those days, we are still human. Celebrate your internal struggles. ... Read More »

Gems From The Workplace Vol. 1 (By @YoungLordSean)


What’s good its King Sean aka The Hood Sociologist aka Young Direct Deposit and I’m here to put you recent college grads and regular people on game.  College doesn’t teach you how to survive in a corporate environment so I said you know what I’m a hold it down and show y’all how move in the matrix they call the ... Read More »

#Sadderday: Saddest Person Of The Week (By @BBillions)


Jesus Christ man… Broooo… Yooooo… Damnnnn… What the hell did I just read… This is crazy… Man idk dude name but he looks like a Michael so let’s just call him Mike… Damn lil Mike mike I feel ya pain… We’ve all been there but not this bad I almost appreciate how bad my ex treating me after I read ... Read More »

Charged Up For The ’16 (By @KeepItRealCole)


I never thought I’d be talking from this perspective…  What a year it’s been. If we’ve kept in touch at all throughout this year, you might know how much of a struggle it’s been. Not because I’ve been depressed or I have major complaints about anything that happened this year, no, this year was tough because there’s been a lot ... Read More »

#Sadderday: New Year, Who This? (By @BBillions)


After 4 years I’ve finally decided it’s time to move on and forget about my ex. It’s honestly getting old and boring and I’m tired of it. It’s over. We both moved on, we both happy, having fun and living life. Sometime you gotta know when to let go.  Honestly, if we got back together it would not be the ... Read More »

Women and Weed: New Year, New Tree (By @AujaBomaye)

new weed

Whaddup fam… Before we jump off into this thang, I just wanna applaud you. Us. We’re facing the blunts end of another year and I know more than a few of us didn’t think we’d make it all the way through before tapping out but if you’re reading this, you did. Nigga we made it!! Be proud. Take these last ... Read More »

Time Is On Your Side (By @RedHands)


We are all just an indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. Actually, that is the definition of the word “Time”. Are you using your time or is your time using you?  Do you know how timing works and how to use it to your advantage? In our previous articles we learned ... Read More »

The Masquerade Is Over: Moving On (By @RedHands)


In case you missed it, last week we talked about how you can’t solve a long term problem with short term thinking aka putting a band-aid on a bullet wound.  This week we are going to talk about what to do after you take care of your bullet wound. How does one move on from a situation and start the next ... Read More »

Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do (By @ClockDodgers)


If you’re a fan of the TV series “Lost”, you already know what the title of this post is from. It was one of my favorite “Lost” moments ever as it really resonated with me. In the scene, one of the main cast members on the show (John Locke, who was crippled) was being told he could not do something ... Read More »

Some Real Girl Power Sh!t (By @Tinyysmalls)


I have learned that it is ok to be the type of woman men enjoy looking at. What’s more important is that I do not mistake a pair of eyes for hands. I am a woman who understands now that it is not fun to be beautiful – it is important. Because men need to see what a woman looks like since many of them ... Read More »

Be More Than Somebody They Use To Know (By @Lddennis3223)


It’s astonishing to me in modern times we have more ways to talk and be in contact with each other than ever in the history of mankind but we communicate less than ever. I’ve never been able to stand in a room with someone I once said I loved and just act like they don’t exist. I’ve witnessed this first ... Read More »

I Only Sit in the Family Section (By @Lddennis3223)


I remember vividly the look in my mother’s eyes on those nights when she would tell me beautiful lies. The most frequent lie in my youth she told me was “Son you eat, I’m not hungry”. She would say this with a straight face as she would give me a portion of food that was meant for her mouth. Instead ... Read More »

Women & Weed: High Diary VIII (By @AujaBomaye)


High diary, I knooooow it’s been a while. A long while. My bad dawg, I’m not too good with keeping track of diaries. Or anything else really. It’s the weed. You know, I was so high the other night I got in the shower with a hat on. Not a scarf or bonnet or anything but like an actual outside ... Read More »

Putting Band-Aids On A Bullet Wound (By @RedHands)


Are you a big picture kind of person? Or do you live in the moment and only think about the now? Either way, many of us try to fix long term problems with short term thinking. Hence the name of this article, because you can’t put a band-aid on a bullet wound and expect things to get better. Find out ... Read More »

Cut You Off … to Grow Closer? (By @Queen_biird)


We’ve all heard and participated in the “cut off negativity” ritual. We’ve all cut out people in our lives and either seen instant results or instantly regretted the decision.  It’s been a very self loving year, not only for myself  but also for the whole community it seems. The more i scrolled past my instagram feed the more I saw “cut ... Read More »

Bandwagon Haters (By @NateSaid)


If you don’t like something then that’s cool. Everything isn’t for everyone. I get that. However..if you don’t like something because someone else doesn’t like it then you’re just a hater. A flat-out hater. A Bandwagon Hater at that. And Bandwagon Haters are not welcome in the culture. Bandwagon Haters have got to be expelled from the culture with any Yes Man, Wavejacker, or culture vulture. Bandwagon Hating works ... Read More »

Find your Spark & Build Momentum for the New Year (By @Cozy_Bryant)


2015 is winding down (thankfully, for some of us) and we starting to look ahead to the New Year. I can’t speak for everybody, but for me 2015 was all about getting those Ls out the way. I lost mad shit this year… my license, my job, my girl, my car, and for awhile it felt like I lost my self. ... Read More »

Empowered Couples (By @pgoodiezz)


The idea of “power couples” is commercial. Two people strategically aligned and presented to the public as the ideal. When I imagine these power couples, I imagine that most of their time is spent apart working tirelessly to maintain an image of richness and power in commerce.  It seems profitable, but cold in most cases. Power is defined as “the capacity ... Read More »

Reality Doesn’t Have To Suck (@ClockDodgers)


It’s something that you hear people say all the time, “well, back to reality”. Such a depressing, vibe killing, view on life. It doesn’t have to be that way though. “Back to reality” doesn’t have to be the worst thing in the world, but many people have made it that way. The scary part is when you tell yourself that ... Read More »

The Aftermath Of A Glo-Up (By @QofAstoria)


The glo-up, the coveted celebration after several years of being curved by potential-lovers because of self proclaimed ugliness. The glo-up, the verbiage now passed around as a prized possession on social media accounts with reference to Drake lyrics. The glo-up, a challenge of sorts and an excuse to hate your previous lack of self awareness and present self of over ... Read More »

“Did you eat today?” and other non-negotiables (By @gabrielleione)


The following is a list of non-negotiables in the world of baedom, boo-loving, trying to get out the friendzone (for the fellas). Non-negotiables AKA how to get a girl and KEEP her AKA if he don’t do these things let him go sis. 1.“DID YOU EAT TODAY?” We’ve all heard it said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I ... Read More »

The Female Friendzone (By @TuroxShakur)


Ladies we’ve all done it, met a really great guy who treats you really well that you just can not imagine yourself fucking.  He’s so amazing! He changes your light bulbs, takes out your trash, you invite him to your cookout because you know he’ll volunteer to supervise the grill, he even lets you talk to him about your man ... Read More »

Abuse (By @TinyySmalls)


There are so many types of abuse. Most of us only recognize the type that leaves visible marks. Bruises and scars aren’t the only lingering remnants of abuse. Those who have been abused often adopt abusive behaviors as part of an abusive cycle – the most difficult cycle to break. These are the remnants that hurt the most. The first ... Read More »

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 39 (By KevM3)


Just about every man wants that super strong love and to be validated in that belief that your woman will hold you down forever. Reality? She can get bored and leave at any time. Therefore, you have to mentally have the expectation that she will leave at any time or do something in which you will have to go your ... Read More »

Is What A Time To Be Alive Unappreciated ? (By @OhMiikey)


The enormous hype surrounding Future and Drake’s collaborative mixtape “What a Time to be Alive” made expectations unfulfillable.  This album was put together not to be one of the greatest of all time, but to be a celebration of what has been a great year in music. The tape is exactly what the culture needed – two rap super stars teaming ... Read More »

International Players Article (By @BlackDannyOcean)


Ladies and gentlemen aka sluts and savages, I have a disclaimer. This article is based on the data I’ve reviewed myself from other men who I know very closely. This doesn’t speak for all of us, but I think it speaks for a whole lot. If you’re an exception, shut up, f*ck you and keep reading You can’t turn a ... Read More »

Drugs and Mental Illness…A Love Affair (By @DarthVenn)


Depression and addiction go hand in hand. When you’re depressed you want to escape reality and drugs do that. Drugs become…It’s like a vacation from the pain, the heartache, the emptiness, the prison inside you. It’s like being Alice and you’re depressed, but every time you take a drug you get to to back to a wonderland. You begin swallowing ... Read More »

The curious case of the Derrick Rose Syndrome (By @stumprothstein)


Today, I found myself reading some articles on basketball, and talking to a few friends on what to write about. Upon request, I was asked to write something in the neighborhood of Derrick Rose’s injury prone nature. That has led me to further explore the very nature of how this rule came about, and most Chicago fans, when I was ... Read More »

8 Things I need to teach my daughter (By @SHREMPwithaE)


For the most part my life has pretty much unfolded the way I thought it would.  I did my prep and cut corners where I could.  I basically planned and prepared for everything.  It’s in my blood.  It’s who I am.  Every move I make has always been premeditated.  Go to school…..check.  Get a job…..check.  Get married after you turn ... Read More »

Women & Weed: Match Something (By @AujaBomaye)

match something

I’m on one today you guys, bear with me. It’s been a while since I’ve had something to say in regards to my two favorite topics but life lately has inspired me. The title’s pretty self-explanatory; no need to go that deep, but part of what inspired this one is this new group of folks I’ve been smoking with. I ... Read More »

Balance (By @P_GoodSpeed)


I often think about why the evolved teach detachment. Intellectually speaking, of course I understand. I know the dangers of addiction, insatiable passion and getting lost in fantasies. Detachment isn’t being cold, its being aware and open creating space for balance. Here are the “whys” and “hows” of balance as I understand it at my current milestone: Why: We are ... Read More »

Wiz Khalifas Impact & Influence On The Culture Over The Years (By @OhMiikey)


It’s 2:39am on Sept. 15th, right before one of the most influential artist of our time jumps right back into headlining a world tour. I wanted to take time to appreciate the cultural impact Wiz Khalifa has made over the years. I was first introduced to his music as a freshman at Grambling State, obviously I was aware of “Say ... Read More »

How To Eat Healthy on A $100 A Week “Diet” (By @ZeusOfQLF)


So I’ve been reading comments everyday about how expensive it is to buy food and I figured if anyone is going to help y’all out it might as well be me. So I want to dive into how to save y’all hundreds a month by switching to GIECO.. Wait, I mean by eating out and even food shopping so you ... Read More »

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 38 (KevM3)


Whenever you show weakness and plead to a woman, it’s messed up from there on out. The only real solution right now is to keep it pushing, because the longer you stick around, you’ll eventually realize that things keep progressively getting worse, with her getting more and more distant. ******** Once you start crying and showing her weakness, her whole ... Read More »

The Truth About Loving Unhappy People (@TinyySmalls)


I recently read through hundreds of posts on one of my favorite blogs. I found countless pieces on how to help, how to love, how to be happy. I couldn’t find one piece written for people who’ve spent years trying to be happy for someone else. At an early age my parents taught me that misery loves company. As an ... Read More »

How To Keep Your Sanity In A Long Distance Relationship (By @DarthVenn)


I refuse to believe in the idea that long distance can’t work. I also refuse to believe that out of the billion people in this world, or soulmate has to live in a 5 mile radius. Just here to give some healthy long distance relationship tips, because your relationship is just as important as any other relationship. Especially since it’s based ... Read More »

How To Deal With Her Mental illness (@DarthVenn)


Dating someone with a mental illness can be such a struggle sometimes. Confusing, unsure, sad, a bit scary, and alarming. But, don’t you dare for a second think it can’t be beautiful. People with mental illness are the same as anyone else. Deep down I think everyone has one, just not as intense as others.  You love her, you need ... Read More »

How To Finesse Twitter (By @NorthKai_)


The internet is based on content.  Every tweet you send out is a form of content.  Pictures & videos being shared are another type of content.  Articles, reviews and text in general are the most recognizable forms of content. Once you have lots of people engaging with your content then you can start the process to generating income.  No matter ... Read More »

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