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Live by the tweets, die by the tweets (By @Zoo757)


Hello people, I’m Zoo. Some of you may know me by Zoo757 on Twitter. And some of you may know me as the fat boy in the videos getting busy doing the heel toe. Regardless, I’m sure you’re familiar with my name. Anyway, Friday May 20th was probably one of the worst days of my life. It’s the day I ... Read More »

Top 40 Motivational Quotes From Curren$y (By @DOEDoobs)


If you’ve been a fan of the legendary Curren$y the Hot Spitta for as long as I have then it comes to no surprise to you that the man has given us some of the coolest, slickest bars we’ve ever heard. A favorite that comes to mind is “Y’all acting and I’m actually in action.” While we know Spitta delivers ... Read More »

A Letter To My Younger Self (By @TinyySmalls)


Hi, I write this letter to you from your desk at work. Yes, this means you didn’t grow up to be Carrie Bradshaw. You aren’t writing from an adorable chair, in an adorable apartment, in designer shoes. But you are writing (and you do own some really, really great shoes.) Your position is functional and in many ways you are ... Read More »

A Letter To Every Woman In The World (By @DarthVenn)


Ladies, if no one has told you today, tomorrow, or yesterday I want to tell it to you. You are smart, beautiful, strong, wonderful, fierce, delicate, and worthy of the love you give. Don’t ever let others determine your worth. You are a queen. You were born one, and will die one. Don’t ever forget that. Your “imperfections” aren’t imperfections. ... Read More »

The Mental Hospital: Pain is real, but so is hope (By @DarthVenn)


 I was on the floor screaming and crying. I was convinced my life was over. That I was ready to come to the other side. Cutting. Feeling the glistening blade slice my skin while I scream into a phone how worthless my life is. How worthless existing is. How worthless the fact that I was even born. I was at ... Read More »

Reverse Catfish (By @SerenaAlfaro)


Meeting somebody you’ve been chatting with online for the first time can be stressful, even for extroverts. What if you have nothing to talk about? What if their voice is annoying? The biggest fear of all may actually be….what if they don’t look like their pictures? *GASP* We all know what it means to be “catfished” thanks to Nev and ... Read More »

Dust to Side Chicks.. (By @TinaGray24)


“Ashes to ashes, dust to side chicks”   – Beyonce  Aw man, where do I even start here?  Disclaimer: I DON’T LIKE SIDE CHICKS..PERIOD! Now that that is out of the way…..SIDE CHICKS DON’T OWE THE OTHER WOMAN SHIT!  So, I have this thing where I don’t like being judgmental. I TRY my best at being understanding. I like to understand why someone may ... Read More »

The Real Reason You’re Frustrated With Love and Relationships (By @ModPre1)


The allure of the first 6 weeks dating.   The balance of managing your desire for security and spontaneity.   I could stop there and I would have still titled this piece accordingly. Let’s face it, when it comes to life and everything that falls under that umbrella, we all want the best and the most with the least amount of effort ... Read More »

Naps….I love you (By @Lame______)


Legend has it that if you walk to a beautiful meadow in the mountains and take a nap you’ll wake long after all your problems can bother you and be a new person. Ok that’s a lie. That’s basically a loose interpretation of the tale of Rip Van Winkle. Shout out Washington Irving. But honestly naps are the cure for ... Read More »

Is Social Media Ready for your Relationship? (By @dabst1eva)


When it comes to relationships we all want to be happy right? Of course that is the ultimate goal, but let’s say you have had a few failed relationships and you have just began to date again. When is a good time to let the world or better yet social media know about your relationship?? I know some of you ... Read More »

The Greatness of Pharrell’s ‘In My Mind’ (By @Nu_Kewla)


In 2006 Pharrell released a great album amongst other great albums by other great artist like Jay-Z, Ghostface, The Clipse, Nas, Game, Lupe Fiasco, The Roots, Busta, T.I., Ludacris (whose album Pharrell was on “Release Therapy” and it also took the Best Rap Album in the 2007 Grammys) etc. That year even saw an epic release from Kevin Federline. Okay ... Read More »

Single Boyfriend (By @TinaGray24)


“If a man is not delicate with you or not delicate with your feelings, if he isn’t aware of your femininity and need for comfort, even past his ego, pride and regardless of whether you are friends or together; then he is not ready. For you or any woman for that matter. Stand clear or him…” – B …The whole ... Read More »

The Mental Hospital: “Ask Venny”

download (1)

From psychiatrist offices to psyche wards. From the deep waves of depression to blinding sunshine. I’ve been through it all dealing with my mental illness issues. I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar depression, Borderline Personality Disorder, Panic disorder, anxiety disorder, self harm, suicidal thoughts, and chronic use of certain medical prescription drugs. One thing that my mental issues have given me ... Read More »

I could see, in the depths of his eyes … (By @Twist_it_tea)


…my own beauty reflected. – The Alchemist Falling for someone can feel like the most bi-polar thing to ever happen to your body ….. one moment you’re floating high on life (or on marijuana, whatever you prefer ), looking down on yourself carelessly exiting reality and swan diving into the “happily married’ abyss. The next moment, you’re standing on the edge of the cliff, looking down, PARANOID As Fuck– wondering, is the ... Read More »

What Your Avi Says About Your Twitter (By @imJSanch)


Last year I covered what your haircut says about you, and this year I have another guide for your self-analysis.  What does your Twitter avi say about you? One look at your Twitter avi can give a strong indication of what sub-section of Twitter you belong to or what we can expect to see from your tweets.  Liquor Holder Anyone ... Read More »

Um, why are you so obsessed with water? (By @Miiich_)


 “Drink water” is my life motto. No, seriously. It’s my answer to everything. I should have it tattooed on my forehead. Person1: “My head hurts.”  Me: “Drink water.” Person2: “My stomach is bothering me.” Me: “Drink water.” Person3: “My dog ran away.” Me: “Drink water.” I tend to exaggerate, but there is a method to my madness here. It’s a fact that proper water consumption is ... Read More »

Quick Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 42 (By KevM3)

derek fisher

This may go contrary to what a lot of guys say, but if a woman makes you think or she forces you to play some kind of game in order to deal with her, then DON’T. You can spend all the time in the world learning how to give her an emotional rollercoaster, to play with her emotions and to ... Read More »

Light Road or Dark Road? (By @Dolo_Deon)


I write this in such a fitting space, some kind of thunder/lightning storm that I had no idea about has knocked my power out in my East Atlanta neighborhood. So I’m literally in the dark, and very much so the same for my life. Not in a bad, sad or any kind of harmful way. Just a lost way. I’m ... Read More »

Becoming Yourself (By @SLIMESAUCEBOSS)

finding yourself

What a life…What a life. We are all born and told what to do until we hit that rebellious age where we all just say “fuck it, I’m going to do What I want and makes me happy”. For some that point comes at an early age which can lead them to make naive decisions or mistakes that they will ... Read More »

Ultralight Beams (By @Twist_it_Tea)


Ahhh aesthetics. Color stories make me warm and fuzzy inside. Kind of like the feeling I get when I see pretty shiny lights. Story time … My first year of high school I was forced to be in ‘B Lunch’ and to sit at a lunch table with all upper class men (yikes). I specifically remember a conversation one day  going ... Read More »

The Misrepresentation of The “Lonely” Friend (By @amoreSTEPH)


You know, men have always had an issue with their girlfriend’s “lonely” friend.  There is usually one in every bunch; I can say this because in my very microscopic pool of friends, I am that “lonely” friend. Only, the word “lonely” needs to be defined: if you let a man tell it, this friend is typically miserable 25 out of ... Read More »

How I dropped out and made money traveling and working events I love (By @Dolo_Deon)


In fall of 2013 I dropped out of Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA. I felt like I had disappointed so many people, my family, the 100 black men scholarship organization that supported me, all of my old teachers. Most importantly I felt like I let down neighborhood of East Lake on the Eastside of Atlanta. I saw how student ... Read More »

I think I have Redbone Syndrome (By @VibeHi)


I’m not sure which of my preferences or likes are of my own taste. In a way I feel betrayed, vulnerable and devalued. Do I like what I like because I like it or because I have been programmed to like it? Every celebrity crush since puberty has been a light skin woman and I do not believe that was ... Read More »

Women & Weed: We Be Jammin (By @AujaBomaye)


So I’m chilling the other day, right? Getting in my zone; had just started floating from an incredible edible high,  about to take a ride and cop some eats when I had this crazy epiphany of sorts.  You know how they say everything is better on weed? (weedheads. Only weedheads say this) Now while this, admittedly, is one of the ... Read More »

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Men ….. at HENNYPALOOZA (By @SerenaAlfaro)


If you were in Los Angeles at the end of March, you were at Hennypalooza. Since I was there and I wasn’t sure what to expect besides Henny and a palooza, I’ve gathered some advice. Here’s some tips for the ladies on attending Hennypalooza and how to deal with opposite sex when you get there.  You’re Getting Hit On Like ... Read More »

Are “Big Girls” Dateable? (By @Dabst1eva)

big girls

As a woman I have struggled with the ups and downs of my weight throughout the years. But, as a plus size woman in the dating arena I find myself running across some very shallow men who are comfortable engaging in sexual acts with a plus size woman but not quite comfortable dating them. So that raised the question, “Are ... Read More »

Give The Poet Some: @DarthVenn


I Forgive you I forgive you. For the pain you inflicted, for the nights I spent crying over you. For the insecurities you gave me, for the memories you lit on fire.    For the mistakes you made that I   apologized for. For the friendship you turned into a nightmare. For the nights I spent up wondering what was wrong ... Read More »

The Mental Hospital: How To Accept and Deal With Being Alone (By @DarthVenn)


I truly believe that majority of people’s biggest fear is being alone. I don’t need statistics to even call this one out. People feel as if being alone is the worst hand you can be dealt. Well, I’m here to discuss why being alone is not the worst thing in the world and what to do while you’re “alone”.  I put ... Read More »

Cardi B For President (By @GabGotti)


In case you missed it, Cardi B. was in rare form on the LHHNY reunion Monday night. She draggedddddddd Peter to the end of the earth and back. Of course Black Twitter had various perspectives on the subject. You had your hoteps who think that Cardi is a hoe and therefore aren’t willing to hear anything that she said. You ... Read More »

Give The Poet Some: @Erogenous_Storm


Invitation You see how slavery is more organized ? And game is more strategic to epitomize the social life of my God given right to birth , and be wives. But see, you need an INVITE to insult me you need an invite to impress me You need an invite to belittle me You need an invite to define me ... Read More »

The Mental Hospital: Mental illness, Family & Friends (By @DarthVenn)

I think one of the hardest parts of dealing with mental illness is explaining and dealing with it among family and friends. Everyone has an opinion, often an ignorant one. Meanwhile, you’re two feet from the deep end. Let’s start off with the reactions from oblivious friends. “Look on the bright side” “Just be happy”. Ignore them or educate them. ... Read More »

The Mental Hospital: Introduction (By @DarthVenn)

mental hospital

I’m Venny.  You may know me from many situations and catastrophes. I’m excited to join the cool table as a genuine nerd who always walked by the real one. Let’s get to the dirt of my soul. I’m 24, a writer,  I deal with a few mental illnesses including anxiety,  bipolar depression,  BPD,  and a reoccurring heartache with a indie ... Read More »

Give The Poet Some: @AujaBomaye


You Are I thought of you and had to write this down. I couldn’t hold it in a second longer. If I didn’t say it, right now, how would you know? I couldn’t stand the idea of it; you walking around this earth not knowing. How I feel for you; what you do to me. What you are to me. ... Read More »

Dad vs Stepdad (By @Dabst1eva)


In light of Ciara’s recent engagement to Russell Wilson and Future’s reaction to their engagement it raised a few questions. Why do most men feel that the new man in their child’s life needs to take a back seat on the parenting of the child? Especially when he is actually going to be the more permanent father figure of the ... Read More »

I Need Feminism (By @Turoxshakur)


I have been on the fence about feminism for a very long time. I even wrote a piece titled “I am not a feminist” which, of course, was a joke aimed towards the radical timeline feminists of today’s social media. I always felt that it was unnecessary to actually be a feminist; I found feminism to be annoying. Sorry world, ... Read More »

What Do I Bring To The Table? (By @dabst1eva)


In dating and relationships we have so many things that we just want to be perfect if not perfect but very close to it. We all want the picket fence, the 2.5 kids, and a great career. So before all that comes about we have this grand list of expectations or things we would like to have in a partner. ... Read More »

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 41 (By KevM3)


You realize as you get older that all of the investment you put into women can disappear in the blink of an eye. You put in all of that effort, you got her attention, then for whatever reason she gets bored and disappears. All of that work for nothing. Put your time into things that actually will give you a ... Read More »

The difference between support and tolerance in friendships with people with mental illness (By @DarthVenn)


Trust me, there is a difference. If you are friends with someone with a mental illness there will be days where you don’t understand them, or can’t reach them. Days where your heart breaks for them. Days where you may wonder if your friendship is even much to them. (yes, that’s sad to say). Sometimes your friend will have downs ... Read More »

The Game is the Game (By @Love_Jab)


It seems like every time I turn around I hear about what women need to do to be chosen, what we need to accept as norms, how to freak your man (to keep your man), blah blah blah. I mean, I understand some of that. I know that majority of these ideas are culturally constructed- meaning that they change with ... Read More »

The Part Fear Plays In Suffering (By @TinySmalls)


This is one of those things we aren’t supposed to talk about. It’s only acceptable to talk about suffering in the context of a greater good. It’s only acceptable to hurt in ways that your audience has before. Mainly so they can understand, so they aren’t afraid of you. Writers aren’t the only people who fear losing an audience because ... Read More »

Consistent Actions Makes Things Happen (By @RedHands)


What does it mean to be consistent? What are some things that are consistent in your life? Did you know we have to be consistent in order to survive? How consistent are you in your life? Many of us can be very consistent in one aspect, and not so much in other aspects. Let’s look into how consistency is the ... Read More »

Don’t Make Me Like You (By @amoreSTEPH)

dont make me like you

When you’re as observant as I am and as hopeless of a romantic as I am, you tend to go about dating differently than most. By the time I’ve approached you – because I do tend to be the one doing the approaching – I’ve learned enough about you for me to conclude that this could be a match, so ... Read More »

Quick Gems Dealing With Men Pt. 4 (By @SerenaAlfaro)


I’ve been in a number of relationships, friendships, and “it’s complicated-s” in my life. Naturally, some men are starters, others come off the bench, but some are fine being on the practice squad. I’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge about dealing with the opposite sex, but for some reason, it’s still hard to deal with me. This is just a ... Read More »

Give The Poet Some: D__Poet


“Leftovers” Always aimed to be amicable.. Even avoided ways that would damage you.. But how could we ever stand up to.. Standards that were never true.. Just felt like a force when I said I loved you too.. Which hurts cuz I never trusted you.. So much weight made it uncomfortable.. Made me feel fake when I’d try to comfort ... Read More »

Give The Poet Some: @PaulTheEsquire


“Poem Of You” I took time to unwind my mind and decided to read another poet’s work today. It was amazingly riveting, each word carefully sculpted and took the image of this goddess. This….intricate process that progressed into syllables and verses to a song that I never heard and now fear that I will never hear again. As if the ... Read More »

Stop letting society box you in and live your life (By @The_Kp_Show)


Kanye West’s latest album “The Life of Pablo” is another notch on the creative belt for one of the most innovative artists of our time. The album has struck up some good conversation between myself and some other astute folks as to why we don’t branch out and aspire to be something we are passionate about. “People get so scared ... Read More »

How Meditation Helped Me Grow Up (By @Dolo_DeOn)


I had been three years into my alcohol addiction before I realized I had a problem/disease or whatever you want to call it. In my mind, I thought I was just being fun and cool not just because it’s what I had bouncing into my skull this whole period. But I also felt fun and cool to be the one ... Read More »

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Single Moms (@TonyTuss)


*Disclaimer: I’m not glorifying being a single mother, I wouldn’t dare disrespect #TheWoke* Some men look at single moms as having baggage and others can look past the kid. I’ve been on both sides of the fence, sometimes a kid was a deal breaker and other times I pushed the stroller like Russell Wilson. Anyway here’s a few gems on ... Read More »

The Space between Execution & Emptiness (By @sirwillyum)


On a large spectrum there are two polar opposites: Execution and Emptiness. One beautifully poetic and perfect side of the spectrum is Execution. Once you reach the end of the line, you then discover a room. This room is filled with successful people, from all walks of life, who attained the highest level of success in their respective field. At ... Read More »

Black Women’s Hair & Exercise (By @ZeusOfQLF)


In the last couple years we’ve seen the resurgence of black women embracing their natural hair; whether kinky, straight, short, or long and I for one am a fan, but with this movement of black women rocking their natural hair out comes the anger of sweating it out-in the gym. Every week I’m on the receiving end of death threats ... Read More »

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