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The Cool Table

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 22 (By KevM3)


The biggest problem in this day and age is that people on both sides aren’t getting real information and they are ultimately dopamine addicts. People love that emotional rush and they confuse that with ‘being in love’, which is why they are always so quick to throw away what they have for something new. Something new almost always gives you ... Read More »

New York Doesn’t Love You (By @JohnDevore)


Are you okay? Is New York getting to you? Are things not going according to plan? Stop whining. For fuck’s sake. The plan you don’t plan for isn’t the plan you planned but it’s usually more original. Isn’t that why you moved to New York? To be original? God, you didn’t move to play make-believe, did you? Because New York ... Read More »

A Horoscope: For Everyone (By @ProSTTP)


Capricorn Bio: A jubilant bunch. Except when a family member dies. Very active people. If not doing one thing, they’re doing another. Depending on the day, maybe nothing at all. It all depends. The people who make up this sign tend to be born in a few different regions of the world. Mostly North America. South America, too. Asia, Europe. ... Read More »

I’m just confused (By @EmersonAce)


Before I get started, I just wanna apologize for what I am about to say. I hope that you guys can read this and just understand that I’m growing up. Thank you. I’m emotionally reckless. I don’t know what I want, and that is what clouds my vision. Do I want the good girl who stays in on the weekends ... Read More »

The stock of d!ck pics (By @FU_Carter)


Sorry fellas, but the value of your penis pics has gone way down.  I don’t know who, what, when, why or how this trend was started, but it sure needs to come to an end. It’s an epidemic… I’ve received dick pics from men whom I don’t have their phone numbers or know their real names… Thank you Instagram, Twitter ... Read More »

The Art of being a Woman (@CaptainKelz)


Sexy can be so simple, it damn sure don’t take much. Leave something to the imagination that’s how you bread infatuation… “Sexy” has no specific definition, but more so a feeling, maybe in the way a woman wears her hair, to the way her foot arches when she wears her heels, it truly cannot be defined. As we all know ... Read More »

Are You Parched? (By @_anamaniac)


Have you ever stopped yourself from pursuing someone because maybe you was being a little too persistent, AKA, thirsty? Because apparently while being thirsty, it seems to block out a part of the human brain where you don’t realize when taking it too far causes for awkward moments. Let me help you understand. Fellas - I know you try to ... Read More »

A Letter To My Younger Self (@jlsolivan)


I recently found myself saying “man, if I only knew then what I know now…” so I wonder if I could give the younger me advice what would I say? After some reflecting (this has to be a symptom of quarter life crisis syndrome)…  A letter to my younger self: Hi sweetie pie,   Ah my goodness you’re so precious, so beautiful, so innocent, and so talented, so kind, and ... Read More »

How to Fall In (and Out) of Love: A Step-By-Step Guide to Finding, Getting, Loving, and Losing The Girl (By @DanielaMardero )


One: Finding A wise internet quote once said, “The right person at the wrong time is still the wrong person.” But you’ll meet her at the right time. When everything is finally calm and still, when the ocean waves have finally given up trying to kiss the shore. She’ll come in at you like a tsunami, raging and beautiful, with ... Read More »

When the weather changes…so does your girl (By @EmersonAce)


I think it’s about time we talk about the things we think of when no one’s around, but never bring up to other people. So let me just say it… Your girl changes almost exactly when the seasons do. Around September or October beautiful women start to look for relationships a lot more. It’s starting to get cold out, and ... Read More »

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