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Women and Weed … The Breakdown (By @AujaBomaye)


I didn’t even know where to start with this one. Took me all week to figure out the right approach. I didn’t wanna come off all think piece-y or whatever but I really wanted to speak up because I am deeply affected by this particular topic. I, a woman who smokes weed, can’t sit back idly and accept the slander ... Read More »

Dating While Damaged (By @RaquelSmith_)

damaged goods

New York City is so ethnically diverse finding someone that tickles your fancy is not so much of a difficult task. It is arguably one of the most diverse and factually, the best city in the world. It’s a great place for everything from late night food runs to museums to meeting new people. As beautiful of a place as ... Read More »

Commitment? Noooo Thanks (By @Word_OnDaTweets)


“People are taught how great love is but that’s bullshit. Love hurts. Feelings are disturbing.” – Jim Morrison This whole idea of having commitment “issues” needs to be discussed. I receive a lot of flack for my anti-love, not-wanting-a-committed-relationship mentality. But why is said mentality considered an issue? I can’t speak for males, but because I’m a female, not wanting ... Read More »

You’re living in New York City making less than $40k? Not cool (By @JLSolivan)


People are still make under $40,000/year in New York City? I am talking full time, professional adults (regardless of age), that seems unreal and unfair. To live in New York City is expensive, hell a 1 bedroom converted to a 3 bedroom goes for a minimum of $1,000 here. Regardless of how entry level the position, it’s a full time ... Read More »

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 25 (By KevM3)


Man honestly, I don’t know why guys are spending all this time trying to figure out these little hints, signs, tips, strategies, techniques and tactics, as if this or that woman has some magnificent prize to offer you for all the effort. What does she have to offer really? That box that 20 to 30 other guys have already been ... Read More »

#Sadderday: I want to come back home. (By @BBillions)


Smh… Lebron went back to Cleveland and the 1st thing I thought about was getting back with my ex..I mean come on that was the worst break up in history of all break ups, so if he could go back there and the city forgive him surely my ex could forgive me for everything I’ve done. She only caught me ... Read More »

Wake Up. Now. (By@AujaBomaye)


Ever have a dream so vivid, yet so elusive, some days you just wanna stay asleep to feel like you gettin closer to it, and some days you can’t sleep a wink cuz you thinking and plotting and scheming tryna make it happen? I do. I gotta be up and on the move in t-2 hours but this post woke ... Read More »

Why Soccer in the US sucks (By @SHREMPwithaE)


So with the US Men’s Soccer team being booted from the World Cup; now the time has come for us to yet again explain why the sport of soccer still lacks a majority following. Personally I always figured that if we ignored soccer long enough it would just go away, but even I have to admit that the sport has ... Read More »

The King James Version (By @evgeeker)

king james

Most people have heard of the King James Version of the Bible. Some may not know who that King James was. King James I of England was the one who translated the Bible to an English version. The king that I want to write about is the one who is ruling the NBA today, Lebron James. Lebron James aka “King ... Read More »

Don’t Be A Dumbass (By @Lame______)


I’ll be honest with you because maybe no one else is/will… Go ahead and not drink water or eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. Keep turning long nights into longer days. Keep always being on the go. Keep acting like you’re too busy to make time for the folks who genuinely love and support you in life. Keep not smelling ... Read More »

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