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eye candy

Keri i love you…I swear…but…. Read More »

I love this bitch

Nicki Minaj Interview Read More »

Alicia…U cant be calling me when Keri is around

New Pic of my side jawn looking gorgeous as usual Props to NICOLE BITCHIE Read More »

On Tuesdays i just wanna chill with my boo

Some Keri Hilson pics. Just cuz i feel like it. Read More »

I knew this bitch was a Freak

I never fail when it comes to spotting a freak. I called this the first time i seen her on Making the Band… I knew Aubrey was a freak… “I usually watch black guys doing white girls, that’s my little fetish, even though in real life race isn’t a factor for me. Really, I’m more turned on by watching the ... Read More »

Im sorry but i been so busy boo….

Stumbled across this pic on ONSMASH My wifey Keri Hilson… Read More »

More Sarah Palin pics…

Dont sleep on her…lol Read More »

McCain picks running mate

Sarah Palin..Governor of Alaska I’ll give you props McCain. Smart move. Announce who your running mate is the day after Obama’s speech to stop the hype. I ain’t mad at you. Matter of fact, i applaud the tactic. Im gonna have to do my research on this chick cuz she just came out of nowhere. Never heard of her. Im ... Read More »

When Alicia & Keri gets on my nerves…….

I gotta go see my young jawn…. Nicki Minaj Interview… Props to ONSMASH & Hip Hop Game Read More »

Me and Keri >>>>>>Jay and Beyonce

New KERI HILSON pics…Sick & Rihanna….Yall dont want it either…lmao Props to Necole Bitchie for the flicks… Read More »

Keri Hilson……I just wanna get married…

Im done all the games ma…Its me and you now. Pics from new photo shoot… Read More »

Alicia Keys…Im sorry but…I’ve been seeing someone else

Keri Hilson…. Read More »

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