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#CoolTwitter: #WhiteGirlWednesday Top Follows

@xAliceGoodwinx @Young_Queen @NiykeeHeaton @LaurenPisciotta @PlaymateJamie Read More »

#BLACKTWITTER101: New Fall/Winter Rules (With @Wayno119)

Summer is a wrap. It’s just about time for hoody season. Different seasons call for new waves. Real n*ggas (Blk, white, asian, etc….) leave their summer mindset behind for Fall/Winter. It’s time for Black Twitter to destroy and rebuild. We can’t let Black Twitter become the filth known as Myspace. So me and my brother @Wayno119 are here to break down ... Read More »

#BLACKTWITTER101: “Battle Of The Juices” FINALS (With Co-Commissioner @RellyOnSmash)

Well Well Well…….After a brutal tournament we finally have the Championship set. Before we get into the “Battle Of The Juices” Championship matchup lets recap the semi-finals…. #1 Seed Simply Raspberry surprisingly dominated #5 seed Naked Juices 62-41, crushing all dreams of Naked Juice Fans. #6 seed $1 Arizona Fruit Punch pulled a epic upset over #2 seed Snapple Apple ... Read More »

#BLACKTWITTER101: “Battle Of The Juices” Semi Finals (with Co-Commissioner @Rellyonsmash)

After a week of voting we have the “Battle Of The Juices” 2nd round matchups set. First lets recap the 1st Round action…… #1 Simply coasted to a victory over #8 V8 Berry Blend with a score of 67 to 45 #2 Snapple Apple slithered out of the 1st round with a 47 to 39 win over #7 Nantucket In ... Read More »

#BLACKTWITTER101: “Battle Of The Juices” (With Co-Commissioner @RellyOnSmash)

N*ggas love juices. It’s that simple. Black n*ggas, white n*ggas, chinese, etc…. The juice u decide to drink in the morning while your still half sleep sets the tone for the whole day. The juice u purchase with your dutch/backwoods/bluntville etc.. determines how good the high will be. I won’t even smoke in a someone’s house unless their juice game ... Read More »

#BLACKTWITTER101: Scared Thirst Don’t Make Thirst

Twitter is the greatest social networking site ever created. It’s no doubt about that. If used correctly, you can make things happen. Even make some $$. But while all the networking is going on…..its a much darker movement happening….. The Thirst. “Thirst” – The extreme, sneaky, and desperate things done by people to show interest in the opposite sex Black ... Read More »

#BLACKTWITTER101: Black Twitter Public Enemy #1

Its always that one person everyone loves to hate. That one person who you really have nothing against but for the sake of unity amongst your crew you join in on the hate. Wrong I know…but that’s just how n*ggas are. N*ggas hate. N*ggas hate steve harvey just because. He’s never did anything wrong to anyone. So what, N*ggas hate ... Read More »

#BlackTwitter101: Whispers From The Blocked Cave Dwellers

“Your nobody till somebody blocks you” – Me Those are words to live by. You haven’t really experienced the aura of Black Twitter until you’ve been blocked or had to block someone. It’s the go to move for Black Twitter. Somebody is in your mentions annoying you…block them. If they don’t agree with your opinion….block them. “I’m never mad when ... Read More »

#BLACKTWITTER101: A Very Important P.S.A

After a meeting last night with a few high ranking Black Twitter officials, we came to the conclusion that something had to be set straight…… There’s a few organizations that are being mistaken as a part of Black Twitter…… So in this installment of #BlackTwitter101 I will separate these organizations from Black Twitter so there is no more confusion. First……. ... Read More »

#BlackTwitter101: How Black Twitter rates music

Yup. The most hated blog post on the world wide web is back with another installment for the people. Today I’m going to shed light on how #BlackTwitter rates music. First, lets make this perfectly clear…… Black Twitter aint paying for music so the feedback is coming str8 from people that didn’t take 10 minutes to spend $10 on music…….. ... Read More »

#BlackTwitter101: The Backlash

Yea. I managed to anger some people again. This time it wasn’t planned tho. What started out as a simple blog post turned into not only a civil war between 2 different “Black Twitter” sides but a case of Nerd Colombus and the twitter indians. I cooked up what i thought was witty serving for my people on twitter ….. ... Read More »

#BLACKTWITTER101: R.I.P Mister Cee

When #BlackTwitter gets even the slightest chance to get somebody outta here…….. you’re done. #Blacktwitter is responsible for the demise of tons of people…140 characters at a time. Yung Berg The chick responsible for #ThePlate Just to name a few. Recently #Blacktwitter buried a good man and a legend Mister Cee “The Finisher” got caught receiving oral stimulation from a ... Read More »


Build it…..and the niggas will come. That may not be what you want but it’s gonna happen. So the best bet is to embrace it. Look at myspace and facebook. The creators probably dreamed of a nice place for white faces to socialize……..then black folks came. Just how it goes. This is exactly what happened to twitter. When I first ... Read More »

This is what the people wanted…….Gleams Vs. Taylor Boy

Everyone on twitter…well on my timeline…been waiting for this. Gleams ( Yea…Gleams from the slander Files) Vs. Taylor Boy ……… Ima let the people decide this one. Whoever the loser is will never be the same on twitter. Nigga will have zero country. Here we go…. Taylor Boy – “Crunch Time” (Gleams Diss) Vs. Gleams – “40 bars guts and ... Read More »

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