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“InternationalSlick” Instagram APPRECIATION

Not that I encourage pimpin or anything but i’m going to have to say this is the best follow I made on Instagram in minute. I’m from the G Funk Era (Young people… google it) so of course their was a 2-3 year time period where I wanted to be a pimp. Through Internationalslick’s I get to live that childhood ... Read More »


Came across Ali Shakur one night lurking Twitter. Ended up watching every single video of his. Informative gems with humor due to the fact in some of his videos he’s so serious and pissed off it comes across as funny at times. Tell a friend to tell a friend. Ali Shakur ….. N@CT appreciates you. Read More »

“Supermarket Sweep” APPRECIATION

Salute to one of the coolest game shows to ever exist. Til this day running through a supermarket and just putting everything you can in a shopping cart is one of the best things you could ever do. Supermarket Sweep was ahead of it’s time. Maybe a network will bring it back….and it better not be BET. Read More »


Damn, What happened to Tony Sunshine?! The R&B goon of Terror Squad. You couldn’t tell me he wasn’t going to hold the crown for Puerto Rican harmonizers. Fat Joe ran to Miami and left Tony Sunshine to rot in the soul snatching streets of the BX. Tony Sunshine ….We appreciate every bit of fire you gave us. Tony Sunshine ….We ... Read More »

“Hits From The Street” APPRECIATION

This and Rap City are the only reasons BET still has a tiny piece of my heart. Read More »

Howard Stern Interviews APPRECIATION

There’s nobody body at doing interviews than Howard Stern. You don’t have to agree but I have the site so what I say goes. Here’s a few of Howard Sterns best interviews. Howard Stern Interviews Jay-Z  Howard Stern Interviews Wesley Snipes Howard Stern Interviews Joe Frazier  Howard Stern Interviews Louis CK Howard Stern Interviews Hulk Hogan  Feel free to post ... Read More »

Young Jeezy Intro’s APPRECIATION

Is Jeezy the greatest intro rapper of all time? Just might be. Nothing gets you amped like Young Jeezy on a Intro. I’ve seen grown men get teary eyed and replay a Jeezy intro 5 times. I guarantee you if you listen to these before work you’ll consider quitting and chasing your dreams. Read More »

“ExposedPhilly” Instagram Page APPRECIATION

Nothing helps my day go by more than ignorance and filth and Philly always delivers when it comes to that. “ExposedPhilly” is the most entertaining Instagram page (after ArtemusGordon) I’ve ever seen I love it. Just sit back while my daughter watching Ant Farm and see who’s telling. Put my feet up and watch people argue. Wait for the alleged ... Read More »


I don’t know man this show might be better than First Take. It’s nothing but barbershop talk presented as a TV show. Hugh Douglas (Who i’ve witnessed stumble out of a club while cursing people out), Jalen Rose (Who gives you 2-3 rap quotes a show) and Micheal Smith (Who still owes me a shoutout). Skip and Stephen A Smith ... Read More »

Noreaga – Melvin Flynt Da Hustler Appreciation (By @Resolutionary_)

The year is 1999. The day, August 24th. “Melvin Flynt Da Hustler” drops. Me, 11yrs old, sitting on my porch listening to the convo taking place doesn’t quite understand my older friends’ excitement over this album…yet. I end up catching a few songs playing at random times, borrowing the album from my homeboy on the humble, & the rest is ... Read More »

Steven Seagal Appreciation (By @Resolutionary_)

Invincible: in·vin·ci·ble  (n-vns-bl)adj.Incapable of being overcome or defeated; unconquerable. ….or, simply, Steven Seagal. You have your super heroes with their flashy powers & capes, then you have Steven Seagal with a slick ponytail & his girl’s jeans. Don’t get it twisted, Seagal is a legend despite the attire, just stating facts. Out of approximately 5,000 random goons with direct “terminate on ... Read More »

Professor Griff APPRECIATION

For all you young people who don’t know who Professor Griff is….He was once down with legendary rap group Public Enemy. Now he’s the “Minister Of Information”. Some of the stuff he says seems off the wall but he also drops MAJOR jewels. His youtube vids are perfect to watch when your high (aka lonely at night). Keep a open ... Read More »

Patrice O’ Neal – “The Black Phillip Show” APPRECIATION (VIDEO)

One of the funniest comedians ever some would say. He was one of the best at mixing filth with gems and making it hilarious. Take the time to listen to his The Black Phillip Show. This should keep you occupied for a day or two. RIP Patrice O Neal. Read More »

Uncle Ben’s Spanish Style Ready Rice APPRECIATION

Maaaaaan listen. No need to go out looking for Spanish love anymore, it’s right inside a microwaveable bag. Your spanish boo got you heated, you don’t have to reminisce over that Spanish rice and baked chicken. Nope. Go to your local supermarket and grab 5 bags of these and get that Latin wave in 90 seconds. Read More »


Nothing more dope than a nice sloppy Jamaican Platter. The best meal to eat when you’re just miserable, sick and tired of being sick of tired and you just want to drown your sorrows in unhealthy food. Don’t F*ck with clean jamaican spots though, they’re no good. The more dirty the spot the better. Make sure they pile the food ... Read More »


Whenever I feel like i’m starting to slide into the “Sucka for love” category I pop this movie in and it gets me back on track. The Mack, an inspirational and motivational movie, gives men the wise words needed to make it through this cold world. I encourage all guys to have this movie in the stash just to keep ... Read More »

Bruce Lee Appreciation (Video)

No this isn’t a post appreciating his ability to whop someone’s ass. This is to show appreciation for the endless jewels this man use to drop. Read More »

Members Of Byrdgang Vol. 1 APPRECIATION

My favorite mixtape of all time. Members Of Byrdgang should have been the beginning of something special for East Coast rap…..rap period. Instead, shit just went all wrong. Max B, Stack Bundles, Jim Jones….even Mel Matrix got off on this. Mixtape was fire from start to finish. I bet Jim Jones thinks about what could have been. SMH FREE MAX ... Read More »

Thermal Top & Bottom Appreciation

It’s no way you can move through these streets today without a thermal top and bottom. Fuck a winter coat. That won’t do the job. In order to keep your sanity in this weather its a must thermals are a part of your attire. The dopest thing about wearing thermals is interacting with people that don’t. I love speaking to ... Read More »


The greatest thing that ever happen to ESPN since the early years of Stuart Scott. A fellow member of the Fivehead gang and NYC native. Too loud for some people  but always real. His Hiatus from ESPN was torture for me and other fans. Steven A. Smith we appreciate you. To show our appreciation here’s some of the best moments ... Read More »

Oregon Trail Appreciation

Some of you reading this have no clue what your staring at right now. 80’s babies know how dope this game used to be and know how real it was. This was the Call of Duty for the 90’s. I remember going to school with the only thing on my mind being Oregon Trail. I had to play it. I ... Read More »

Wawa Appreciation

“The greatest store I’ve ever been in” – Steve Jobs It’s no doubt in my mind this store was created specifically for people under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. That’s the only time you discover how amazing Wawa is. Where else can you get mac & cheese, grapes, antifreeze, condoms, gas, and a vanilla dutch at 3:30 in the ... Read More »

ExciteBike Appreciation

EXCITEBIKE is easily top 5 video games of all time. You new cats have no clue about this classic. You can keep your 2k12 with that bum ass, extremely hard and nerve wrecking hall of fame mode. Give me EXCITEBIKE over 2kstruggle any day. I use to sit down for hours and play this. Nobody created tracks than me. NOBODY! ... Read More »

Paul Mooney Appreciation

One of the dopest comedians to ever do it. I love watching his stand ups around white people because they’re disgusted every single time. It never fails. Next time you have a room full of white friends…instead of BET….put on a Paul Mooney special. I promise they won’t contact you the following weekend to do out for drinks. Here’s a ... Read More »

SPICE Network Appreciation

ahhhhhh The classic SPICE Network. The beginning of most 80’s babies filthiness. The reason most of us are thirsty creeps. Maybe I’m just speaking for myself. I had the black box so it was free (If you payed for it you’re a rapist). I can remember actually being In school thinking about it, coming home then turning it right on. ... Read More »


This phone was the beginning of ignorant people all over the world being able to communicate with each other. The biggest phone I ever owned in my life. It was like carrying a remote control. ….but I had to have it. If you didn’t own this phone you were a non factor in the streets. You couldn’t even come outside ... Read More »

Chik Fil A Customer Service Appreciation

All jokes aside Chik Fil A might have the best customer service in the history of the world. I’ve never seen a angry face when I go through the drive thru. It’s amazing. I go to Taco Bell, Wendy’s, BK or McDonalds i’m 100% sure i’ll see a stressful employees. Not Chik Fil A. Every person working there acts like ... Read More »

Big Lez Appreciation

Big Lez….. One of the first chicks to ever make me feel that “tingle”. As a young boy I didn’t even appreciate thickness yet, but I knew she was blessed. She’s probably the reason I love thighs now. Young N*ggas do your research. This is why us 80’s babies are best at cuddling. We know the significance of wrapping ourselves ... Read More »

The Bad Chick At The Gym APPRECIATION

I been back in the gym lately. You know, just tuning up this 178 lbs of pure desire…and I figured out what the greatest motivation in the gym is (Late…I know). It’s the bad chick that’s right in front of you while you working out. A guy doesn’t even need the ipod… jeezy, waka…none of that. Just a good looking ... Read More »

Salsa Fries Appreciation

Its no doubt in my mind this is the greatest snack ever! When you got the munchies, these are like freedom in a bag. They hard to find tho so if u know where they at cop a few and send them to me. Yes, i’m dead ass serious. Sidenote: No that’s not my tender ipod. Read More »

ECW (The Early Years) Appreciation

ECW might have been the dopest shit to ever be televised when i first started watching it. I never seen anything like it. I use to stay up late to catch it. Channel 48 i think it was. It didn’t even come in clear. I remember being amazed. I never seen wrestling like that. Never seen wrestlers curse. Never seen ... Read More »

Gus Johnson Appreciation

John Madden. Dick Vitale. Howard Cosell. GUS JOHNSON. Gus Johnson is hands down one of the greatest commentators i ever heard in my life. I never knew about this living legend until this football season. Thanks to NFL Redzone. Gus Johnson has the ability to make every game feel like the super bowl and every single play feel like a crucial ... Read More »

$1 Celeste Pizza Appreciation

The $1 Celeste Pizza is one of the greatest struggle meals of all time. Any nigga with dreams lived off these. Any nigga saving money to get off their mommas filled the freezer with these. Don’t allow any nigga in your circle thats too good to eat these. Shout out to Sap da beatman for reminding me of this struggle. Read More »

$1 Arizona Ice Tea Appreciation

In this fucked up recession you cant get any better than 23 Full Ounces of Ice Tea. I know, i know….“What about the 99 cent Tahitian Treat?”. Read More »

Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash Appreciation

Hands down the best goddamn beverage i tasted in a long time. Go and get a whole case of this shit. Thank me later. Read More »

“Do The Right Thing” Appreciation Blog

Do The Right Thing… My Favorite movie of all time. I remember one summer in New York i watched this shit everyday. Every fucking day. If u never seen this go rent this movie ASAP. I promise you’ll love it. Here’s some of my fav scenes… Read More »

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