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“InternationalSlick” Instagram APPRECIATION


Not that I encourage pimpin or anything but i’m going to have to say this is the best follow I made on Instagram in minute. I’m from the G Funk Era (Young people… google it) so of course their was a 2-3 year time period where I wanted to be a pimp. Through Internationalslick’s I get to live that childhood ... Read More »


ali shakur

Came across Ali Shakur one night lurking Twitter. Ended up watching every single video of his. Informative gems with humor due to the fact in some of his videos he’s so serious and pissed off it comes across as funny at times. Tell a friend to tell a friend. Ali Shakur ….. N@CT appreciates you. Read More »

“Supermarket Sweep” APPRECIATION


Salute to one of the coolest game shows to ever exist. Til this day running through a supermarket and just putting everything you can in a shopping cart is one of the best things you could ever do. Supermarket Sweep was ahead of it’s time. Maybe a network will bring it back….and it better not be BET. Read More »


Tony Sunshine header

Damn, What happened to Tony Sunshine?! The R&B goon of Terror Squad. You couldn’t tell me he wasn’t going to hold the crown for Puerto Rican harmonizers. Fat Joe ran to Miami and left Tony Sunshine to rot in the soul snatching streets of the BX. Tony Sunshine ….We appreciate every bit of fire you gave us. Tony Sunshine ….We ... Read More »

“Hits From The Street” APPRECIATION


This and Rap City are the only reasons BET still has a tiny piece of my heart. Read More »

Howard Stern Interviews APPRECIATION


There’s nobody body at doing interviews than Howard Stern. You don’t have to agree but I have the site so what I say goes. Here’s a few of Howard Sterns best interviews. Howard Stern Interviews Jay-Z  Howard Stern Interviews Wesley Snipes Howard Stern Interviews Joe Frazier  Howard Stern Interviews Louis CK Howard Stern Interviews Hulk Hogan  Feel free to post ... Read More »

Young Jeezy Intro’s APPRECIATION


Is Jeezy the greatest intro rapper of all time? Just might be. Nothing gets you amped like Young Jeezy on a Intro. I’ve seen grown men get teary eyed and replay a Jeezy intro 5 times. I guarantee you if you listen to these before work you’ll consider quitting and chasing your dreams. Read More »

“ExposedPhilly” Instagram Page APPRECIATION


Nothing helps my day go by more than ignorance and filth and Philly always delivers when it comes to that. “ExposedPhilly” is the most entertaining Instagram page (after ArtemusGordon) I’ve ever seen I love it. Just sit back while my daughter watching Ant Farm and see who’s telling. Put my feet up and watch people argue. Wait for the alleged ... Read More »



I don’t know man this show might be better than First Take. It’s nothing but barbershop talk presented as a TV show. Hugh Douglas (Who i’ve witnessed stumble out of a club while cursing people out), Jalen Rose (Who gives you 2-3 rap quotes a show) and Micheal Smith (Who still owes me a shoutout). Skip and Stephen A Smith ... Read More »

Noreaga – Melvin Flynt Da Hustler Appreciation (By @Resolutionary_)


The year is 1999. The day, August 24th. “Melvin Flynt Da Hustler” drops. Me, 11yrs old, sitting on my porch listening to the convo taking place doesn’t quite understand my older friends’ excitement over this album…yet. I end up catching a few songs playing at random times, borrowing the album from my homeboy on the humble, & the rest is ... Read More »

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