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App God: RecordGram

Best kept a secret in some of your favorite label offices, New York’s own & Vice Music Group’s Donavan “Donavan The A&R” McLeod, has changed focus from major label views to getting back to the basics and building talent from the ground-up. Currently, he is working with a 15-year old super talent from Canada named Elle Renee, who is soon to be hitting the scene. The ... Read More »

16 Apps That Will Help You Travel The World

*Via @ProductHunt for Medium.Com* If you ask just about anyone what they’d like to do more of, travel is bound to be one of the most common answers. For those of us who don’t travel a ton, we want to see new and exciting destinations—and we want to do it more frequently. For those of us who travel a lot ... Read More »

#AppGod: Color Switch

Don’t ask where the App God been. Just appreciate that he’s here to drop off a game that will have you under the covers ignoring texts from your bae. Shout out to my daughter for putting me on. Read More »

App God: Faded

It’s summer time and you can’t be out here looking for love or flexing on Ex’s without having a good photo app with good editing abilities. Got an App the App God needs to see? Send it to NerdNash@Gmail.Com Read More »

#AppGod: We don’t have to be on Instagram anymore

First let me apologize to the developer of this app and the innocent people already on it. After this post tons of Honeys & savages will be invading. Please forgive me. “Scrap” Bascially Instagram with the ability to break your pics down into albums. Honeys…. You can make an album with nothing but selfies….It doesn’t get any better than that. ... Read More »

App God: Mextures

Been gone for a while because I wasn’t really in the sharing mood but here’s a gem for summer. The first time you use this app to get your instagram page lit the least you can do is give me a shout out. Here’s a video and some examples of the wave you can add to your pics with this ... Read More »

APPGOD: Twitter introduces a new video sharing app VINE

Yup, ANOTHER video sharing app. This one might be a little more respectable though, due to the fact Twitter is Cosigning this. I messed with it for a few days just to see if it was just another video app people would ignore and honestly it’s kind of dope. The spirit is still “Black Twitter” free but of course once ... Read More »

#APPGOD: Let’s slowly evacuate Instagram

First off I want to apologize for the previous #AppGod post about KEEK. That sh1t was trash just like The Bunny God (@FastTimesAtRF) told me it would be. Delete that sh!t off your phone and forgive me. Ok Now…. It hurts me to say this but we are going to have to eventually get out of IG. Don’t get me ... Read More »

#AppGod: Keek For The Creeps

Yup. The new creep app is here. It’s called “Keek”. Basically, it’s instagram but videos instead of pictures. Yes, it’s better than Cinemagram and no it’s not just like that other video app (I forgot the name but the sh!t was wack) You get 30 seconds. If that’s not enough to get ya aura across then I don’t know what ... Read More »

APP GOD: The Official Game of Fall/Winter

Yup. This is the one right here. App God found that gem for hoody season. MAD COASTER We sucked the life out of Temple Run so here’s the next wave. I discovered this at a bar last night over a bottle of some octoberfest (Shout out to @Fasttimestrf). I never lied to yall. This is pure fire. It has that ... Read More »

The greatest Instagram page hands down

Let’s assume you want to see a little more than big butts and pretty faces on instagram. Here’s a perfectly placed alley oop off the backboard…. Follow ArtemusGordon .. The best Instagram account, no debate. Read More »

APP GOD: R.I.P Tweetlogix

Yup, Get Tweetlogix the f*ck outta here. There’s a new king in town…..TWEETBOT. No more “exceeding rate limits” (Whatever the hell that means)….No more freezing…No more struggle. Tweetlogix had it’s run but all runs come to an end. It’s TWEETBOT’s time to shine. You can float from list to list smoothly, add people to lists smoothly, mute people for eternity, ... Read More »

App God: Yes….Another Social Network

N*ggas love social networks. That’s just how it is now. The aim is to be apart of as many social networks as possible. So….Here’s another one the App God has stumbled upon. “Get Glue” This app is basically just like foursquare but instead of posting where you are, you post what your watching. For example…If i’m watching Martin on TVone, ... Read More »

The #AppGod is back again: It’s over for Pandora

Just delete Pandora off your phone right goddamn now. The App God has found its replacement. The SONGZA app. Commercial free music and better playlists. Download it right now and prosper in your cubicle on this beautiful Friday afternoon. Playlists I suggest: Kid Cudi, 90’s slow Jams, 90’s Summer Classics and Jay-Z just to name a few. Once again you’re ... Read More »

The #AppGod Returns

I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is I found 2 dope apps, Like I, The #AppGod always does. The bad news is only one of them are Android proof. Feel free to totally ignore the app android users have access to.  SmugMug A Dope ass camera app you can add to your arsenal and ... Read More »

They tried to keep this a secret but the APP GOD is here to save you again.

First I saved all the lonely Android users with MyTubo, then me, @Hovain and @40Oz_Van led yall to prosperity on Instagram….well I, the self proclaimed #AppGod, am here to save the people once again. I introduce you all to CINEMAGRAM. This will be the new wave for Iphone users…just in time for spring/summer. When I first discovered Cinemagram I debated ... Read More »

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