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Keeping It Viral Episode 2: “3pt Dab off” (Video)

Keeping It Real Viral : Episode 2 “3pt Dab Off” Questions, Comments & 2 Submit Videos Email ( All Shows Will Be Available @ Read More »

Ricky J. Reyes – “Blowing La”

“Today I realized a lot of people got me fuuugged up..3 weeks into my gig & I quit, hit the barbershop & cut off my hair..hit the bar & grabbed me cold one…& later on I’m dropping a new track, stay tuned & stay blessed.” – Young Gwala New sh!t from Ricky J. Reyes, “Blowing La” Listen and enjoy. Read More »

Brizz Rawsteen “Get Familiar” Vlog #7 (Video)

Brizz Rawsteen drops another vlog While in Studio working on his upcoming  RAWTHENTIC EP Read More »

$am $hep – “Whole Crew Up” (Video)

Here’s the first single off $hep’s Good Weed and My Sanity Vol 1. project. Read More »

Ty Kenney – “My Homies” (Video)

Off that I know You Noticed mixtape Read More »

Sap Interview with DJ Trexxx (Video)

SAP sits down with DJ Trexxx to discuss the success of his “Self Employed” , being a rapper and producer, Kendrick Lamar  digging his rhymes and more. Read More »

$am $hep – “Milk & Honey” (Video) (Filmed By Camera Nerds)

$am $hep is back with a new visual for “Milk & Honey”  Shout out to Nere (Camera Nerds) behind the camera Read More »

Buck 50 Interview with BlackaPhillyated.Com

*Via BlackaPhillyated.Com* Everybody loves an underdog and rapper, Buck 50 is exactly that. Coming from the Southbridge Projects in Wilmington, Delaware, a place that many people don’t make it out of, he’s been quietly making a reputation for himself. After being shot 10 times and doing 6 years in jail, he said when he got out in 2014 and was ... Read More »

Quadie Diesel X Thwaglord – “Atlantis” (Video)

Peep this new visual from Quadie Diesel x Thwaglord for “Atlantis” off their Thwaggachini 2 Read More »

Ken Masters – Heartbreak Season Part 1 : Desolation (EP)

Ken Masters gives a small but potent does of what he’s been cooking up with his 4 song EP Heartbreak Season Part 1 : Desolation. Read More »

FreshfromDE – “Rewind” x “Finish”

 Delaware native FreshfromDE, formerly known as dFresh, continues to build up a buzz for himself as he now delivers two new singles to start the Fall season.  Titled ‘Rewind’ and ‘Finish’, the tracks are produced by Boston’s own GxWay with the latter holding a guest feature from Yaeday. Consider the pair of new songs a preview of FreshfromDE’s upcoming project ... Read More »

Chuck Savvy – Hubris (Mixtape)

Chuck Savvy out of Delaware releases his new project, HUBRIS.  Read More »

Dennie The Great – “BBB” (Big Booty B!tches)

Dennie The Great releases “BBB (Big Booty B!tches)” off my forthcoming LP If Not Now Then When coming real soon. Read More »

Ty Kenney – “Damn” (Video)

Ty Kenney releases a video for “Damn” off his I Know You Noticed mixtape. Read More »

Scrap – “Lost Children”

Scrap drops yet another new song for the people. He jumps in his “we gotta do better” bag with “Lost Children”  Read More »

Ty Kenney – I Know You Noticed (Mixtape)

My guy Ty Kenney is back with a new project I Know You Noticed . Ty gets help from producers Yung krees, T2Times, Chopmatrix and more. Read More »

Scrap – True Life Stories (Album)

After dropping a bunch of new material Scrap gives us his album, True Life Stories. Stream below and purchase HERE Read More »

Ken Masters – “All Alone”

Ken Masters jumps in his bag for “All Alone”. Be careful listening to this if you in your feels. Read More »

Ty Kenney – “Count Up” (Video)

Ty Kenney drops a visual to his new one “Count Up”. His new project I Know You Noticed drops August 15th Read More »

Ricky J Reyes – “White Bic” (Video)

After teasing us for a few weeks Ricky J Reyes drops a visual for “White Bic”, Directed by Jamisa (Peace Living Films). Read More »

PK & Shep – “Back Out” (Video)

Pk & Shep connect for “Back Out”. Look out for The Show Must Go On PT.2 coming soon. Read More »

Scrap – “How To Rob 2016” (Video)

Scrap returns with “How To Rob 2016”, calling out all Up & Coming rappers in Delaware scene. This appears on his new True Life Stories album you can download for free @ www.ScrapsLife.Com Read More »

TMZ302 – Take 5 & Call Me N Da Mornin (Mixtape)

Check out this project from TMZ302 titled Take 5 & Call Me N Da Mornin. Features include Wes & Good Business with Production from Big Cat Beats, Dreamlifebeats and more. Also, Check out the making up this project below … Read More »

Aviator Keyz ft. Kamera Sha – “Money Calling” (Video)

I must’ve been sleeping on Aviator Keyz becuase this sh1t is hard and I had no clue about it until today. Here’s the visual for “Money Calling” featuring Kamera Sha. Read More »

SAP – “Debt Free”

SAP gives us “Debt Free”,  a track believed to be from his Self Employed sessions. Stop sleeping on SAP’s pen game. Read More »

Jizz Brown – “Window Pane”

Check out this new joint from Jizz Brown titled “Window Pane”. If you’re feeling it…or you hate it…hit me up on Twitter (@InGawdWeLust) and let him know. Read More »

Brizz Rawsteen ft. Gillie Da Kid – “From The Gutta”

URL star Brizz Rawsteen continues to prove he’s not just a battle rapper as he drops this new joint with the King Of Philadelphia Gillie Da Kid titled “From The Gutta”. Read More »

Ken Rosa – Skeletons (EP)

Delaware’s Ken Rosa drops his new EP titled Skeletons. Read More »

Quadie Diesel ft. Turt Luchiano – “Trinaw” (Video) (Directed By MVRFILMS)

Quadie is back with a new visual for “Trinaw” featuring Turt Luchiano. Read More »

Ty Kenney – “Jumpin” (Directed By MVRFILMS)

Ty Kenney gets us ready for his upcoming I Know You Noticed mixtape with a visual for “Jumpin” Read More »

Dreemy Yoey – Fresh Prince Of Delaware (Mixtape)

If you thought this was about a young kid, forced to leave the mean streets of Phildelphia to live a peaceful life in Delaware. YOU’RE WRONG! After a year of raging through Delaware streets with a string of shows and Performances throughout the Philadelphia Tristate, Dreemy Yoey drops his highly anticipated Project “Fresh Prince Of Delaware”! Enjoy! Be sure to ... Read More »

Sap – “I’m Tired” (Video)

Super Producer SAP (Delaware!) is sick & tired of the bullsh!t in this visual for “I’m Tired” off his slept on Self Employed album. Read More »

Quadie Diesel x Beleini Trafelli – “Aktin Out” (Video)

Yesterday Quadie’s “Blue Bag Brazy” caused a slight wave and now he’s back alongside Beleini Trafelli for “Atkin Out” Read More »

Aris Sparks – “She Wanna Know” (Video)

Aris Sparks (Delaware!) heads to Cali to vibe out for his new video for “She Wanna Know”, some smooth sh1t you can listen to when you need a break from that wild trap music. If you’re feeling this check out his Sparks Will Fly EP Read More »

Quadie Diesel – “Blue Bag Brazy” (Video)

Stumbled across this late last night while smoking a spliff. It’s different but I couldn’t stop listening to it. Shout out to Quadie Diesel. Read More »

Ricky J. Reyes – “Like That”

After teasing this for a while Ricky J. Reyes finally drops “Like That”. I have a feeling we should be getting something from Ricky very soon. Read More »

Prentice – “It’s Only Right”

Last time we heard from Prentice he gave us a video for “Diary” . He returns with “It’s Only Right”, Produced by U-Dub Read More »

Walt Fraze – “Feet Wet” (Album)

I’m going to dedicate the next 7 days to listening to this new album from Walt Fraze……Feet Wet Dirty Delaware sh1t at its finest. Read More »

Yoey – “Realest In The Game” (Video

Delaware’s Yoey drops a visual for “Realest In The Game”. Yoey’s album, Fresh Prince Of Delaware is on the way Read More »

SAP – “O Eight” (Video)

SAP releases a new visual for “O Eight” off his Self Employed album (You better not be sleeping on it) Read More »

Nere iLLA – Sound Is Beautiful (EP)

Here’s a new EP from Nere Illa titled Sound Is Beautiful Make sure you follow him on Twitter (@Nere_iLLA) Read More »

SAP ft. Mac Miller – “C4”

Here’s the new single from SAP off his upcoming Self Employed, which drops March 4. This one features Mac Miller. Read More »

Ricky J Reyes – “My Shine” (Freestyle)

Ricky J. Reyes jumps on Mason Betha’s “What You Want” instrumental for a new freestyle titled “My Shine” Look out for a new project from Ricky J. Reyes right around the corner. Read More »

SAP – “Raw x Uncut” Freestyle

SAP jumps on J Cole’s “Firing Squad” instrumental and goes in. Self Employed on the way. Read More »

Aris Sparks – Sparks Will Fly (EP)

Aris Sparks releases his 5 track EP titled Sparks Will Fly. Aris gets some help from Sam Shep, Mook Better and more. Read More »

Dennie The Great – “Shots”

New sh!t from Dennie The Great. Not sure if this is off a upcoming project but feel free to hit him up on Twitter and ask (@Dennie302) Read More »

Prentice – “Diary” (Video)

Prentice drops a new visual (Directed by Jamisa) for “Diary” off his No Bull$#it EP  Download: Prentice – No Bull$#!t EP Stream: Prentice – No Bull$#!t EP Read More »

Sap – “I’m Made” (Video)

Here’s the official video for SAP’s “I’m Made” off his upcoming Self Employed album. Read More »

Ty Kenney – “Master P” (Video)

Ty Kenney is back with a new video for “Master P”. Look out for a new project from Ty Kenney very very soon. Read More »


Check out this new EP from Delaware’s own TMZ3O2 titled Eudaimonia  Eudaimonia by TMZ 3O2 Also, watch part 1 of his Docuseries Searchin For EUDAIMONIA Read More »

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