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Dope or Nope

DOPE 1. Juelz Santana First album 2. Twitter 3. First take on espn 2 the morning after the Heat lose 4. Tony Danza 5. Blocking people on twitter 6. . Chinese Food and game 3 7.  The “Cash Out” Chorus 8. Indiana Pacers NOPE 1. Rihanna now that she has instagram 2. Miami Heat Fans 3. Maury 4. That “Beat ... Read More »

#WhiteGirlWednesday (Eye Candy)

“You been fronting on the white girls lately my G” – @HopInTheMclaren **SEND ALL EYE CANDY PICS TO NERDNASH@GMAIL.COM** Read More »

Dope Or Nope

Dope: 1.Using starbucks as your office 2.Henny wings from BBQ’s 3.Trying the wiz khalifha “Taylor gang” kick when no one is around 4.Rocking the same cargos for 3 days and managing to not get 1 stain on em. 5.Meek Mill dream chasers 2 (No we haven’t heard it yet) 6. Chief Keef Nope: 1.A weave that isn’t properly taken care ... Read More »

Balmain inspired ‘NY’ snapback by 40oz NY (promo video)

Make sure you Cop 4 of these when they drop. Shout out to @40Oz_Van   Read More »

Dope Or Nope

Dope: 1. Breakfast spots that serve turkey bacon 2. Laughing and joking with your girl 3. White cheddar popcorn flavored Pringles 4. Sundresses and flip flops 5. dirty sprites 6. Patti labelle Nope: 1. Varicose vain’s on young women. 2. The awkward moment when you congratulate a woman on her pregnancy & she says “I’m not pregnant” 3. Jamaican restaurants ... Read More »

BAN B.A.W’s (Baggy Ass Watches)

What did your moms teach you fam? Even if you didn’t have a father how about you grandfather you bum ass n!gga? This is some sh!t that plagues men like colon cancer. Dudes out here slandering women for their excessive jewelry , wearing uggs in the summer and other shit. What about you not taking the time to  take 2 ... Read More »

Game – California Republic (Mixtape) (Hosted By DJ Skee)

New Mixtape from Game. Tracklisting looks promising. I’ll give this a spin today, why not. DOWNLOAD: Game – California Republic (Mixtape) (Hosted By DJ Skee) Read More »

Dope Or Nope

Dope 1.This “Mercy” song by Kanye Pusha T Big Sean & 2Chainz 2. Instagram before Android got a hold of it 3. Watching Kevin Hart go from paper soldiers to where he is now 4. Nerd Winning the Twitter Tournament 5. Kanye’s Theraflu record 6. The Easter KD4′s 7.Vanessa Veasely 8. Los Angeles California Nope 1.Dwight Howard 2. Forgetting you ... Read More »

Dope Or Nope

Dope 1. PF Changs in a bag meals 2.This shortened NBA season 4. Us (The staff of Nerd at the cool table getting a step closer to our goals everyday) 5.The emergence of Troy Ave 6. Weed cookies 7. Bombay Gin 8.Supreme clothing Nope. 1.Charles Hamilton (Yes still) 2.Nike releasing 7 pairs of sneakers every weekend 3.Reactions to the ... Read More »

Dope Or Nope

Dope. 1.Looking at someone who is trying slanders mentions , most of em haven’t been mentioned in 5 days so why say anything to em? 2. Wiz’s new tape , right when we thought he went hollywood with the penny loafers he strikes back 3.Using someone’s EBT card for all the seafood you can carry 4.Women that encourage their men ... Read More »

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