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Keri Hilson……I just wanna get married…

Im done all the games ma…Its me and you now. Pics from new photo shoot… Read More »

Black kids harass Obama during speech

PROPS TO ICEDOTCOM My opinion… What is he going to do for the black community?!?! Muthafucka, he doing it right now! He giving us inspiration! He about to be the fucking 1st black president (i hope). They had the right to do that, but i think it was kinda foul. Matter of fact, that shit was real foul. SMH….SMMFH! Read More »

2 albums you slept on…and its a damn shame

These might be 2 of the most slept on albums ever!..Yes….EVER!!!! For the 80’s babies….Noreaga – Melvin Flynt Da Hustla Crazy thing is, Nore said he didnt like this album. What!? This shit is a classic. Well, i guess ill just say its a personal classic. I use to bang this shit from beginning to end all day long. This ... Read More »

Damn Trashman, i just wanted you to get beat up…Not arrested.

Remember the nigga, TRASHMAN, the nigga that made my “beat these niggaz up” list the other day???? Well, he didnt get beat up…..they locked his dumb ass up. A New York City man was charged today with posting YouTube videos in which he claimed to have poisoned thousands of bottles of Gerber baby food in a bid to kill black ... Read More »


Im twisted right now… Read More »

Jay-Z on cover of VIBE 15th Anniversary Issue

Props to NAH RIGHT Read More »

I’m not a rapper….I’m a real person

The other night my homie Brizz (you’ll meet him soon…Jen the Pen, I need that “incredible” track) asked me to start rapping again. He’s a inspiring rapper. He’s actually one of the very few rappers in Delaware that I think is nice (Blue Chip being the other). We in the whip smoking out and he comes out of nowhere like ... Read More »

“Myspace pimps, hoes, and sluts”

Its 6:57 am….. I hop on myspace mobile….. This is what a CHICKS profile says…. “Bisexual Princess ~I wanna taste some pussy~” Status Update: “Wanting some pussy” Mood: “horny” Well goddamn! Smh…. Hey, I aint mad at her tho…lol.. Read More »

All i need to see is paperwork

Shawty Lo exposes “Meatball” as a snitch… Who’s meatball? Some nigga that tried to shit on shawty Lo on a dvd. I dont feel ike posting that shit so do ya research, you tube him or go to WORLDSTARHIPHOP…He a snitch anyway so fuck him… Shawty Lo also gets at TI & P.S.C.. Yea im on my beef shit today…no ... Read More »

Random Thoughts 8:32 Am 7/30/08

–Starting tomorrow, I’m gonna be on my DJ Khaled shit. –A whiteboy crossed me over something nasty yesterday…no homo.. I’m still feeling some type of way about that. He looked just like Luke –I think I might go to the beach on Saturday. –Ron Artest on the Rockets….interesting –My ankle is killin me –Joe Budden….I just put 1 more ... Read More »

“Im the biggest CO that u seen thus far” Pt.5….The ETHER burns slow

This nigga Ross is still denying it…smh Here goes some photoshop pics via BOXDEN…. let me stress this point, im not hating, but this shit is hilarious… Read More »

Texting >>>>>>Talking on the phone

Yup. I’m a text junkie. I’d much rather a person text me than to call me. I hate talking on the phone. I hate it with a passion. If someone calls me its a %90 chance I won’t answer. Text me…and you’ll probably get a reply in seconds. Is that wierd? Is that wack? Is that corny? Its much easier ... Read More »

Jay-Z + Timbaland = Crack in its purest form

“I’m gonna have songs with bagpipes too. The music is gonna be so worldwide, he’ll be able to tour the rest of his life, maybe, off just this one album.” Read Full Story Here This should be epic. Not cuz of the bagpipes, lol, but because its magic when Jay and Tim do music together. Read More »

Brett FavrESPN……..Just Disgusting..Pt.3

“I said, ‘Let me compete, you’ll know I’ll win this job’ and Ted said again, ‘Brett, things have changed. Aaron Rodgers is our quarterback” Favre told ESPN that Thompson told him that if he showed up at the training camp Sunday that the team’s top football executive would lose his job. If i was Aaron Rodgers i’d smack fire out ... Read More »

Nerd At The Cool Table Investigates : Who bodied my Playstation 2???????

Its on now! Just when i confessed my love and loyalty for my baby, my PS2, somebody decided to kill my heart…. Last night i decided to rekindle the love me and my PS2 had. I go to put in NCAA 08 and i get the “this disk can not be read” message. First thought, maybe its just dusty inside ... Read More »

Somebody beat these niggaz up….Pt.3

I discovered this shit at DC TO BC. No. I dont want this little kid beat up. I want his father beat up. Somebody needs to smack the shit out of this lil kids dad. A family friend has to take the responsibility into their hands. niggas name is TRASHMAN..SMH…This shit is funny. But the nigga doing this has ... Read More »

$300 Million..And i still aint seen this shit

What the fuck is wrong with me? SMH @ me watching WANTED on bootleg but not seeing this yet. The Caped Crusader’s blockbuster outing, “The Dark Knight,” sold an estimated $75.6 million worth of tickets during the three days beginning Friday, taking its total to $314.2 million, distributor Warner Bros. Pictures said. A week after it scored a record-breaking $158 ... Read More »

Random Thoughts 1:21 PM 7/27/08

–Busta Rhymes is in my head screaming “There’s only 1 month left!!” –NCAA 08 is going to get a lot of burn for the next couple of days –my daughter is Ruby Tuesdays being as loud as she can possibly be –Im about to take a vacation from the bar/club scene…Easier said than done tho –The style network should never ... Read More »

I aint even gonna front…

This shit is hot…well..umm…lets just say i can tolerate “Last night ya girl forehead was on my abs” Read More »

Byron Crawfords take on the Rick Ross situation

Props to BYRONCRAWFORD.COM There’s an obvious correlation to be drawn to the situation Rick Ross is in, where he built his career on being this drug kingpin, and now it’s been revealed that, for a year and a half, back when he was 19, he was making $22,000 a year working as a motherfucking prison guard. When I wrote about ... Read More »

Max B Speaks on the shooting Read More »

Brett FavrESPN…..Just Disgusting Pt.2

Get ready for ESPN to step up the dickriding starting this weekend… Brett FavrESPN is reporting to Training Camp.. Bitch ass nigga. From NFL.COM…. During a telephone conversation Thursday with Green Bay general manager Ted Thompson, quarterback Brett Favre conveyed he is planning to return to the Packers and report to training camp this weekend. If he follows through on ... Read More »

People who dont like Max B’s Music = Unwavy Creatures

Yea i know, max b this, max b that, blah blah blah. So the fuck what. Its my blog. Get used to it… I feel the need to ask people that dont like Bigavels music a question. What the fuck is wrong with you? Yea i know max aint the most lyrical dude in the world but he doesn’t try ... Read More »

WOOOOW….I had a wild night last night..

I gotta make sure i don’t incriminate myself too much so I’m going to just sum my night up with pics….U figure it out… I went Here….. Drank this… Took this flick… Left the bar…Parking Lot was flooded… Seen a whole bunch of these… They wanted us to do this… For reasons i wont get into, we did this… Luckily, ... Read More »

Im Hype as shit for this

SAW V Trailer…. Been a fan of SAW since day 1…. Read More »

Random Thoughts 10:24 PM 7/24/08

–This fucking gas is driving me insane…. –I just found out yesterday that the cowboys got Zach Thomas…Damn!..that’s a good look for them… –Rick Ross…..lmao –Blogger>Twitter>Myspace –The George Lopez Show is fucking hilarious –I wonder how far I can ride this blogging wave –A big piece of hiphop died when Stack Bundles was killed. –Jen The Pen turns me on ... Read More »

Jeezy Speaks on “The Recession”

Jeezy Speaks on his album “The Recession”…. Also speaks on niggaz being fucked up… I hear you Jeezy! Read More »

Nas protests FOX NEWS!!!!

I guess Nas is running with this Sly Fox shit…. I aint mad at him… Read More »

I thought Kay Slay Died today

Word…lol…I got a text this morning from my homie Ron aka Ron luv (Here’s his blog) “Yo i heard Kay Slay died” Im like Damn!…1st niggaz tried to assassinate the most entertaining nigga in the game, MAX B, now Kay Slay is dead…The fuck is going on?!?!?!? So i do a little investigating myself. I hit up damn near every ... Read More »

I got a problem…Money is always on my mind

I got a problem. You might not think its a problem. Its a problem though. Money is always on my mind. You probably think that’s a good thing. Money should always be on someones mind, right? That’s true, but in my case its driving me crazy. I wake up and go to sleep with money on my mind. How much ... Read More »

Sag ya pants in Detroit and u going to Jail

Some niggaz OD with the sagging shit but i dont think u should go to jail for it. Something about that just aint right to me. Props to REAL TALK NY Read the FULL STORY HERE Read More »

Oh hell no! Nigga tried to assassinate Max Bigavel!!!!!!

Max was suppose to do a show last night for HOT97 at SOBS Some goons tried to assassinate Max B…. Props to Sickamore & his blog, Thank god im famous. Read More »

“Im the biggest CO that u seen thus far” Pt. 4……The ETHER continues

I seen this on STREET KNOWLEDGE MEDIA… SMH…. Read More »


WNBA BRAWL… Read More »

This nigga puts in work…New Max B…..

Just when u done riding one wave…Max Hits u with another….OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW 1.Max B & Big Mike Return Of The Wave (Intro)2.Max B – American Slore(Ft. Al Pac)3.Max B – Get Outta Jail (Ft. Al Pac)4.Max B – Actin Up (Ft. Mall G)5.Max B – Feel The Wave6.Max B – Wave Season (Interlude)7.Max B – World Is Filled8.Max B – Oh,Oh,Oh9.Max ... Read More »

The Wackness 90’s Purple Tape

Props to the COMPLEX BLOG Any real 80’s baby needs this in they life…. When your BBQs get rained out this weekend, you may want to consider going to see The Wackness, which hits theaters in NY and LA tomorrow. The movie—which follows a weed-dealing teenager in 1994 NYC—features a soundtrack filled with classic ’90s New York rap shit that ... Read More »

Brett FavrESPN……Just Disgusting Pt.1

Embarassing…. A damn shame…… And its only going to get worse….. Just win we all thought all the ESPN Brett Favre dickriding was over…it got worse. I cant take this shit anymore. I cant have him killed cuz that would be a crime. So what am i going to do? Basically, ,im going to hate. Objective hate?? Nah. Real hate. ... Read More »

Here We Go Again……Cornell Dews opinion on the Rick Ross CO situatuon

Just so yall know, im not getting at Ross for being a CO cuz once again…”niggaz gotta eat” but i just think it was corny that he lied… Props to REAL TALK NY What the fuck is wrong with us? A hip hop community is arguing whether or not an artist was once employed as a correctional officer. I’m certain ... Read More »

Joe Budden “Who Killed it” Pt.3

The 3rd and last installment of “Who killed it”….. “Got the nerve to not wanna hear ras kass/ but fuck wit VIC, Get silly, and that trash” Read More »

Nothing Turns me on more than a white girl with a slick mouth….Pt.2

Danica Patrick Vs Milka Duno Read More »

Alicia Keys…Im sorry but…I’ve been seeing someone else

Keri Hilson…. Read More »

For some real strange reason i woke up with this movie scene on my mind

Opening Scene from American Beauty. If u never seen this movie…GO SEE IT. Dont ask me why this was on my mind…. Read More »

“Im the biggest CO that u seen thus far”……..Pt 3. The ETHER is here.

Damn ross…Just let me say this for the 3rd time….NIGGAZ GOTTA EAT. But damn…SMH… “Fake pictures are created by the fake, meant to entertain the fake.” You aint gotta lie to kick it fam..Damn Looks like THESMOKINGGUN just ethered the “boss”. Read More »

PS2……Im never leaving you

After alot of thinking i came to the conclusion that im never leaving my PS2. This is a bond thats going to last forever. Yea, those other jumpoffs, xbox360 & PS3 are more attractive, but im not shallow. Its not all about looks. We grew up together. We been thru alot. Ups & Downs. Ps2 was there for me when ... Read More »

“Im the biggest CO that u seen thus far” ….The saga continues…

Damn Ross. Like i said, i aint mad at you…Niggaz gotta eat… “My life is 100 per cent real. These online hackers putting a picture of my face when I was a teenager in high school on other peoples’ body. If this s**t was real don’t you think they would have more specifics, like dates and everything?” I hear you ... Read More »

Random Thoughts 7/19/08

— I look good in Stacy Adams… — Ashanti was looking real good on 106 and Park — Jim Jones and Max B need to squash they beef cuz they made damn good music — Its hot as fuck outside — I heard a kid say he was born in 1994…That shit didnt even sound — I need to ... Read More »

Yea im back on the HELL RELL bandwagon

New Video of him getting at RED CAFE Read More »

I dont know what to say about this…ASHER ROTH

I mean…he not wack…he’s nice…but i think im still kinda in shock…. And yes i know im late… And here’s his amilli freestyle… Read More »

The OFFICIAL Nas – Untitled Album Review

Yea…I listened to it…Sober…and high…Let it all marinate…and here’s my review….Feedback would be greatly appreciated… 1 Star – Trash2 Stars- Pusha T’s “ugh”3 stars- Its str84 stars- Im fucking wit this5 stars- EPIC 1. Queens Get The Money (Intro)- Nas is a lil off beat on this but i dont think it even matters. “Hiding behind 8mile and the chronic”. ... Read More »

I didnt like this song at first

I slept on it. Its str8 tho…. New Video…Re-Up Gang “Fast Life” They should of let Liva and Sandman rock tho. Read More »

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