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“The Recession” Tracklist

Props to Nah Right1. The Recession (Intro)2. Welcome Back3. By The Way4. Crazy World5. What They Want6. Amazin’7. Hustlaz Ambition8. Who Dat9. Don’t You Know10. Circulate11. Word Play12. Vacation13. Everything featuring Anthony Hamilton and Lil Boosie14. Takin’ It There featuring Trey Songz15. Don’t Do It16. Put On featuring Kanye West17. Get Allot18. My President featuring Nas Hmmmmmmm…Interesting features. Nas, thats ... Read More »

Me and Keri >>>>>>Jay and Beyonce

New KERI HILSON pics…Sick & Rihanna….Yall dont want it either…lmao Props to Necole Bitchie for the flicks… Read More »

I thought Greece was supposed to be good

USA bodies GREECE 92-69Game was only competitive in the first quarter. After that it was a str8 bore. D Wade was just doing whatever he wanted. LMAO @ The “experts” saying this would be a tough game and USA could possibly lose. USA lost alright….Lost interest in playing those bum ass niggaz. I did one of my horrible live blogs ... Read More »

Fuck it…..USA vs Greece….Live Blog

Via sidekick……. End of 2nd quarter… Score 20-16 USA leads… Looked kinda ugly. — wow…D wade is snapping…Alley Oop to Kobe…Lebron wit the dunk!…26-21 USA up 7:26 2nd quarter… — D wade is putting on a fucking show! Kobe stop playing around with these dudes. Where’s Carmelo??…Lebron wit the dunk!…38-26 USA 2nd quarter.. — oh my god! Lebron wit another ... Read More »

Jockin Jay-Z = Jordan on the Wizards????

lol… I came across this blog on Go Old HeadWhen people used to tell me that Michael Jordan on the Wizards wasn’t the same as Jordan on the Chicago Bulls, I used to disagree with a passion. I was so excited that the man, the legend, was playing for my team. Don’t get me wrong, he played pretty well most ... Read More »

I told yall DJ Vlad got his ass whopped

I told yall DJ VLAD asked Ross about the CO shit and got his ass whipped…Here’s the proof…Props to Thisis50 Read More »

Biggaveli TV Episode 4

“Stop stealing my owwwwwwwws”….Lmao Read More »

“Its only rap beef”

Mike Jones gets punched in the face at the OZONE AWARDS At least niggaz didn’t get shot *Shrugs* Read More »

Source 20th anniversary covers

To celebrate the 20th anniversary, they let SPIKE LEE shoot the cover…. lmao…Something just aint right about LL’s pic.. Props to ONSMASH Read More »

Today is a holiday that i cant celebrate….

Yea, today i wasnt able to celebrate my favorite holiday of the year….The day Madden comes out. Damn! It hurts. Niggaz probably playing that shit right now and because my daughter bodied my PS2, i cant. It aight tho niggas, go ahead and get ya game up. Im gonna miss the preseason but by time the regular season starts ima ... Read More »

“Jockin Jay-Z”..FULL SONG

Jay-Z – “Jockin Jay-Z” Prod. By Kanye West Its hot. It is what it is…a Jay-Z Single. Read More »

Injury Status: 100% Recovered

Yea…The ankle is good. Im fully recovered. I feel better than i ever felt. Im in the best shape of my life. I feel like D WADE right now. I got something to prove. Niggaz think the bad ankle is going to end my career….Nope! My basketball swag is higher than its ever been….Just to give u guys an idea ... Read More »

Somebody beat these niggaz up…..PT.4

DJ Vlad…lmao…Im not requesting he get his ass whipped. Know why? Cuz he already got his ass whopped. This nigga had to nerve to ask Rick Ross about the CO scandal and Rick Ross entourage beat the hell out of him…allegedly. DJ VLAD, you gotta be smarter than that fam. I know u wanna ask the tought questions but u ... Read More »

Random Thoughts 1:26pm 8/11/08

–Madden comes out and I can’t even play it cuz my daughter assasinated my PS2…smh –I need to get the fuck outta Delaware –Lets be easy people…We only heard 1 verse of the New Jay song…lets not call it classic yet…smh –Somebody lead the way and show me where I can get an ipod or zune for dirt cheap…like “I ... Read More »

Clipse Interview Props to ONSMASH Read More »

R.I.P Isaac Hayes

Damn, fuck is going on? First Bernie Mac now him. Crazy thing is i just seen an episode of the Bernie Mac show with Isaac Hayes in it the other day. Thats some strange shit. R.I.P…. Read More »

USA crushes CHINA

It was kinda close in the 1st quarter but after that it was a wrap… USA 101 CHINA 70 Read More »

I just thought this was crazy

Props to THE HUNDREDS Read More »

Joe Budden Interview

Props to BOXDEN & Jesse Maguire Read More »


Comedian Bernie Mac died at Northwestern Memorial hospital early Saturday morning, according to Sun-Times Columnist, Stella Foster. He was 50. Though the cause of death has not been confirmed, Mac had been hospitalized recently for pneumonia. Foster said that she received calls early Saturday morning from a close friend of the Mac family, confirming the reports of Mac’s death. Source: ... Read More »

2008 Beijing Olympics

The Olympics start today….Anyone really care? lol..Besides basketball and maybe boxing, i have no motivation to watch it. Tonight, at 8PM, the opening ceremony will take place. Probably will be boring as hell but if im home i might fuck around and do a live blog…Fuck it..Might as well..lmao Read More »

Max B signing to Jay-Z Roc Nation??????

Don’t know how true this is…but if its true….ohhhhh shit!! Source: OUTSIDER: SECRET FILES In what may go down as the blockbuster news of the week, it’s being heavily rumored that the hottest rapper not signed to a major, one Max B, is close to inking a deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation imprint. This is especially interesting considering another impending ... Read More »

New Jay-Z Interview

Props to ONSMASH Click Link : Jay Z Shade45 Interview Read More »

As promised…….JOE BUDDEN 101

“Man, this nigga is on Buddens dick!” Thats probably what some of you would say. Nah i aint, its just a few people that want me to put them on to Joey (lisa, Manny, etc…what up!)….This is for yall… Hmmmmm…this is going to be done in the most unorganized way…. Here we go… He dropped his 1st album years ago…It ... Read More »

Currency – “Incredible” Freestyle

I jumped on the Currency bandwagon a couple of weeks ago. This is a freestyle over the INCREDIBLE instrumental. Jen The Pen sent me this instrumental so my homie Brizz can body it…HURRY UP BRIZZ!!Currency – Incredible Freestyle Props to NAH RIGHT His new mixtape, Fast Times at Ridgemont Fly coming in a few days…. Im co-signing him…. Read More »

Kanye Brings out Jay-Z, Performs new song “Jocking Jay-z”

Song sounds aight… Blueprint 3 on the way…. It better be good HOV cuz nas just, u know what, ima save that for a different blog….. Read More »

Brett FavrESPN…..Just Disgusting Pt. 5……..J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS!!!!!

Late last night Brett Favre was traded to the Jets. That means he has to see the patriots twice this season and us (The Bills) twice this season…. Brett is going to be in the big apple so you know the ESPN dickriding is going to be at an all time high. Yesterday i said i wasnt going to write ... Read More »

Random Thoughts 8:08PM 8/6/08

–“This bastards gonna burn, he’s the wackest from the firm” ….I love that line for some reason –I’m not blogging about Brett Favre anymore cuz i realized im doing the same shit ESPN is doing….And im probably boring yall to death with the shit. –This had to be the lamest summer ever –Mood Music 1,2, & 3 >>>>>>> The carter ... Read More »

Damn, im even stealing books now

SMH@ me….Im not only stealing money out of rappers pockets. Now im stealing from Authors…lmao… Not too long ago i discovered that i can download whole books. Yea niggaz, i can sit my ass on this computer and read a book. Or i can just print the shit..Damn shame. Here’s the 2 books i downloaded, Hopefully i dont get arrested…THE ... Read More »

LMAO….I need this shirt ASAP

Props to Hip Hop Is Deadly Read More »

New Young Jeezy – “Crazy World”

Off the album RECESSION… Jeezy been on fire lately. I think he about to be 3 for 3. Click Link to Listen : Young Jeezy – “Crazy World” Read More »

New Max B – “Where Do i Go” (BBQ Music)

Only Max B could do this shit… Vigilante Season Coming Soon…Click link to Listen : Read More »

Kanye Speech at Madison Square Garden

Once again, the Randy Moss of catching feelings rants…. Read More »

Status : Day to Day…..I Cant contribute

Smh…..played basketball yesterday….due to niggaz being sloppy & wreckless, i suffered a ankle injury….My status is day to day…. Oh yeah, by the way, I seen, for the first time in my life, a nigga do a running sky hook from like the 3 point line…lmao Read More »

Joe Budden Promotes Album & Shits on Prodigy

Right Joey….lol…Fuck these niggaz…. Im co-signing this…. Padded Room Coming Soon. Read More »

Yea i know…Im late…

…and i know its on like 1000 blogs but fuck it… Nas brings out Jigga.. Read More »

Black Iraelites Street Preachers Vs. U.S Marine Read More »

Brett FavrESPN…..Just disgusting..Pt. 4

Its about to get ugly. FavrESPN got reinstated and he’s heading to Green Bay…. SMH… SOURCE: ESPN.COM NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reinstated Brett Favre on Sunday, the three-time MVP told ESPN’s Ed Werder. Favre was prepared Sunday to fly to Green Bay, he said. ESPN’s Wendi Nix reported Favre’s plane was scheduled to touch down at 6:30 ET, though he ... Read More »

Live Blog…From the Beach..Nah…not cancun..not even Ocean City…DEWEY BEACH…lmao

8:17 pm – Usual Nigga shit…We just leaving..Smh…Lets see if this nigga let me smoke in his whip… 8:37 pm – *lights L* 9:09 pm – Red Cafe >>> Hell Rell…We’ll be at the destination by partytime. 9:46 pm – yo this crib is big as shit…lmao….(megan…ya boss better get her wieght up…hahaha) 10:28 pm — hahaha..this is the worst ... Read More »

Random Thoughts 3:24PM 8/2/2008

— Thanks for the beat Jen The Pen..Give me a minute..remember, I’m a procrastinator — 4 more hours… –Baldwin Hills…I hate it, but I can’t turn the channel…. –Why the fuck did Re-Up Gang use all those old verses on they album?! — In all my years on earth, I’ve only watched 1 baseball game from beginning to end… — ... Read More »

Pics of Meagan Good in Saw 5….

Interesting… Read More »

Keri Hilson……I just wanna get married…

Im done all the games ma…Its me and you now. Pics from new photo shoot… Read More »

Black kids harass Obama during speech

PROPS TO ICEDOTCOM My opinion… What is he going to do for the black community?!?! Muthafucka, he doing it right now! He giving us inspiration! He about to be the fucking 1st black president (i hope). They had the right to do that, but i think it was kinda foul. Matter of fact, that shit was real foul. SMH….SMMFH! Read More »

2 albums you slept on…and its a damn shame

These might be 2 of the most slept on albums ever!..Yes….EVER!!!! For the 80’s babies….Noreaga – Melvin Flynt Da Hustla Crazy thing is, Nore said he didnt like this album. What!? This shit is a classic. Well, i guess ill just say its a personal classic. I use to bang this shit from beginning to end all day long. This ... Read More »

Damn Trashman, i just wanted you to get beat up…Not arrested.

Remember the nigga, TRASHMAN, the nigga that made my “beat these niggaz up” list the other day???? Well, he didnt get beat up…..they locked his dumb ass up. A New York City man was charged today with posting YouTube videos in which he claimed to have poisoned thousands of bottles of Gerber baby food in a bid to kill black ... Read More »


Im twisted right now… Read More »

Jay-Z on cover of VIBE 15th Anniversary Issue

Props to NAH RIGHT Read More »

I’m not a rapper….I’m a real person

The other night my homie Brizz (you’ll meet him soon…Jen the Pen, I need that “incredible” track) asked me to start rapping again. He’s a inspiring rapper. He’s actually one of the very few rappers in Delaware that I think is nice (Blue Chip being the other). We in the whip smoking out and he comes out of nowhere like ... Read More »

“Myspace pimps, hoes, and sluts”

Its 6:57 am….. I hop on myspace mobile….. This is what a CHICKS profile says…. “Bisexual Princess ~I wanna taste some pussy~” Status Update: “Wanting some pussy” Mood: “horny” Well goddamn! Smh…. Hey, I aint mad at her tho…lol.. Read More »

All i need to see is paperwork

Shawty Lo exposes “Meatball” as a snitch… Who’s meatball? Some nigga that tried to shit on shawty Lo on a dvd. I dont feel ike posting that shit so do ya research, you tube him or go to WORLDSTARHIPHOP…He a snitch anyway so fuck him… Shawty Lo also gets at TI & P.S.C.. Yea im on my beef shit today…no ... Read More »

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