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Marlena Anna – “F*ckin Real”

Written by Marlena, “F*ckin Real”  fuses musical elements of indie pop with touches of r&b. Her playful, laid back tone and her exceptional vocal ranges presented within make it a playlist must-have. The chill-out ambience of “F*ckin Real” makes it a song you’ll want to vibe to. Read More »

Plato black – “Idle Music” (Video)

Technically crafted by the minds at D.M. Creative Productions, Plato Black continues to tell a narrative incorporating audio as well as visual in order to portray a lifestyle. Read More »

Dip- “Yeah Yeah Yeah” (Video)

DIP has chosen ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ as the latest track to receive a set of visuals from his new mixtape ‘Stars & Stripes’.  The up and comer previously connected with Peewee Longway for his ‘Corner Boys’ music video released back in August.   ‘Stars & Stripes’ is available for stream and download over on Livemixtapes.  Watch the visual for ‘Yeah ... Read More »

Kur – “UPTOP! UPTOP!” (Video)

Philly’s Kur drops a visual for “Uptop! Uptop!”. I’m not 100% sure (Because I don’t do research or ask questions) but I think he’s running with Dave East & Wayno (Triangle Offense). I could be wrong but whatever…Check this video out. Read More »

OG Maco, MonE Yukka, PHresher, & Ash Riser – “Add It Up”

ItsBizKit brings together an unpredictable collaboration teaming up with 2014 XXL Freshman OG Maco, Brooklyns own PHresher, and perhaps the least familiar of the bunch, Queens’ very own Mone Yukka (remember the name). The hard hitting drums, gritty hook, and contrasting verses make for a very unique and charismatic combination Read More »

Nick Gray – Northside (Mixtape)

My guy RellyOnSmash put me on to this tape the other day and like always he didn’t steer me wrong. Check out Northside by Boston native Nick Gray.  Read More »

YoungLordSean – Freedomland (Beat Tape)

Bronx born producer Younglordsean has given his first offering to the world with his debut instrumental tape Freedomland.  Released as a homage to his hometown Co-Op City and the amusement park that was destroyed to build it.  Freedomland is a smooth ride influenced by love, mushrooms and the pursuit of happiness.  We’re excited to see what Sean does next. Read More »

The Common Sense Illusion (Video)

Read More »

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Quick Little Gems Dealing With Independent Women (By @SerenaAlfaro & @TonyTuss)

There are two types of women in this world: gold diggers and goal diggers. We can all appreciate a woman who has her own, but there is a deeper darker side to dealing with one that’s I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T if you know what I mean. Here are a few gems for dealing with women who want, but don’t need you: Trustworthy: She ... Read More »

8 Valuable Life Lessons Ed Latimore Learned From Losing On National Television

*Via EdLatimore.Com* Despite my obnoxious posting about my fight on Showtime this last weekend, I’m hoping you had something better to do than watch. If you didn’t, then I’ll fill you in. I got stopped in the 1st round. It’s heavyweight boxing anytime you have two men over 200 lbs throwing hard shots, someone is bound to go down. My ... Read More »

Uncool Laurence – “The Lottery”

Uncool Laurence drops off this new one, “The Lottery.”  Read More »

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Harv Pierre NFL Picks (Week 4)

These NFL Sundays really do feel legendary…Three solid weeks down… The N@CT NFL pick record sitting at 23-22… Nothing to be hyped about but my rep still goody out here…Missed on the #StoneColdLock picks last week but still went a respectable 8-7… The spreads feel suspect this week but I’m determined to get that overall record up to .700…. N@CT ... Read More »

Gucci Mane ft. Rick Ross – “Money Machine” (Video)

Gucci definitely deserves man of the year award. Here’s a visual for “Money Machine” featuring Rick Ross. Read More »

How shaving my head changed my perspective on life and why every woman should do it at least once (By @misfit_cearra)

After being diagnosed with a neurological disorder as a teen, depression took over my life. My battle with depression caused me to be insecure and it has really felt like I’ve constantly played an internal game of tug of war, having to battle between outward appearances and how I truly dark I felt inside. Coping with a neurological disorder as ... Read More »

Respect My Art: @Reina_ofart

Twitter: Reina_ofart IG: Read More »

“F*ck You” Friday

@TheFlychologist Mary J Blige  Mary Jemima Blige…..Mary, Mary, why you bugging. Let’s be clear, I had a crush on you since real love when them jeans was fitting like a glove but there’s only so much one man can take. I turned a blind eye to you creating the words hateration, holleration, and danceree out of thin air. I did ... Read More »

Gucci Mane & Lil Wayne – “Oh Lord”

Holy sh!t Woptober coming Oct 17th Read More »

Want to Be Successful? Stick to a Schedule.

*Via Entrepreneur.Com* There will always be fellow entrepreneurs with more funding, better connections or years of experience. One thing, however, that puts us all on a level playing field: the number of hours in a day. Figuring out how to effectively spend the 24 hours in each day is one of the most challenging parts of being a business owner. ... Read More »

Hal Elrod – “The Miracle Morning” (Video)

Shout out to Sickamore for putting me on to this. Read More »

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The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk – “Starboy” (Video)

This joint is so f*cking hard. Here’s the visual for “Starboy” featuring Datf Punk off The Weeknd’s upcoming Starboy album. Read More »

B.Cole ft. Friday Night – “Everyday”

Check out this new one from B. Cole featuring Friday Night titled “Everyday” Read More »

MZM ft. Emilio Rojas & Ras Kass – “Politicks” (Produced by Rob Fury)

Politricks ft. Emilio Rojas and Ras Kass. From the upcoming album by MZM, “Downpour”! If you think the political system is a joke. you’ll dig this song. Learn history and hear some words towards a particular candidate. Read More »

Curly Savv & Dah Dah – 1st quarter (Mixtape)

Brooklyn’s Curly Savv and Dah Dah aren’t even out of high school yet, and the duo is already making waves as the next crop of rising stars from NYC, with their new mixtape “1st Quarter.” Read More »

Rejection Is The Way To Success

*Via Red Pill*  It’s every guy’s worst fear when it comes to dating: rejection from a woman. In fact, the fear of getting rejected is probably the most crippling fear that a man faces in his dating life. But is there a way that you can avoid getting rejected by a woman? You might have heard, or even seen many ... Read More »

A MAD regular Strain Review: Pre-98 Bubba Kush (By @Chuck_Haze)

Pre-98 Bubba Kush Indica Emerald City Wellness (Colorado Springs, CO) Hello, world! Another week, another strain review. During my stay in the beautiful valley of Colorado Springs, I’ve realized how precious good weed is. Some dispensaries are models of consistency while others struggle to put one solid strain on the shelf. However, just as a dead clock is right twice ... Read More »

Respect My Art: @JustinCrooms

Twitter: @JustinCrooms SEND YOUR ART TO NERDNASH@GMAIL.COM Read More »

A Short Guide to Starting, if You’re Struggling

*Via* I know a lot of people who fall into a slump, losing the habit of exercise, procrastinating with work, slipping into a bad diet, and generally not feeling motivated. It’s hard to get out of a slump like that. It’s hard to get going again, to get started when all the forces of inertia are against you. Here’s ... Read More »

Young Nero – “Check A Bag” (Prod. Chopsquad DJ)

Young Nero is Chicago’s newest up and coming artist. Teaming up with platinum selling producer Chopsquad DJ on his newest single “Check A Bag”. This is the newest single off of Young Nero’s upcoming mixtape “MOLLY” coming soon. Young Nero has been making big waves in the industry and is the hottest up and coming artist to get in tune ... Read More »

Ariez Onasis – “If You Know, You Know.” (produced by KILROY)

Fresh off his well-acclaimed mixtape, “10,000 Hours,” Massachusetts’ rapper Ariez Onasis is back, delivering a new single titled “If You Know, You Know.” The KILROY-produced record showcases AO’s menacing approach and lyrical abilities.  “If You Know, You Know” is the first drop off his forthcoming EP – of the same title – expected to arrive sometime soon. Read More »

Harv Pierre NFL Picks (Week 3)

Damn… floated all over the picks in week one but couldn’t follow up in week 2… Don’t judge me off that 6-9 week 2 showing though… It’s a long season and I won’t fail in back to back weeks… N@CT NFL Week 3 picks….  * DENOTES HOME TEAM   BENGALS* (-3½) Vs BRONCOS This should be a low scoring game… ... Read More »

Joe Budden ft. Jazzy – “By Law” (Prod. by araabMUZIK) (Video)

Off the upcoming Rage & The Machine album. Read More »

Dave Chapelle and his bitches – Howard Stern Show (Video)

Read More »

Fresh Out Life After The Penitentiary: Rodney Crayton (Video)

Read More »

Fish In The Sea (Eye Candy)

Read More »

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A MAD regular Strain Review: New York City Diesel (NYCD) (By @Chuck_Haze)

New York City Diesel (NYCD) Sativa Emerald City Wellness (Colorado Springs, CO) Hello, world! It’s your favorite pothead, Chuck Haze. Back at it again with A MAD regular Strain Review. If you’ve been under a rock or just never visited – we scour The Land of Milk and Honey aka Colorado to find the best Cannabis fruits around. We ... Read More »

TM88 ft. OG Maco, Duke & T-Shyne – “2 Day”

On the low, Duke is one of my favorite rappers. Here he joins OG Maco & T-Shyne for this TM88 produced track titled “2 Day”  Read More »

It’s His loss (By @ChinkBaeB)

So let me guess… they left you.  They no longer needed you & now you’re sitting there stuck.  You’re hurting, depending on how much you loved them; you might feel like you can’t breathe.  You’re replaying everything back in your head, every word spoken and every action made.  You start thinking about all the things down to the small things, ... Read More »

Effort Ain’t “Tricking” Bro …. A Guide For The Real (By @Bazzquiat)

Something that younger me and a lot of my not as emotionally developed friends and acquaintances currently suffer or have been victims of the ideology that putting in effort with a woman or doing something nice for her either makes you “whipped” or you are tricking. I am way too young and haven’t lived enough to know where this logic ... Read More »

Movie Night: Go (1999)

I’m telling you right now don’t sleep on this movie. Perfect movie to pop in late night, smoke one and just cool out. Read More »

Respect My Art: @AlexRuffin1993

Twitter & Instagram: @AlexRuffin1993 Read More »

Give The Poet Some: @Lo_Go503

They throw daggers at the walls of the glass house. Nothing is staggered or well mannered when you choose to wake up like none of it matters; you left it all out. I write it all out. It’s not the time to fall now. I know my feet won’t fail me. I know you could walk the trail that I ... Read More »

Is Your Current Partner Your Soulmate?

*Via* Even though you may seem a little conflicted at the moment with your partner and second guessing yourself if they’re really your soulmate, then you should look at these seven ways to tell if your partner truly is the one meant for you, or maybe you should be looking for someone else. 1. Does Your Partner Have A ... Read More »

FreshfromDE – “Rewind” x “Finish”

 Delaware native FreshfromDE, formerly known as dFresh, continues to build up a buzz for himself as he now delivers two new singles to start the Fall season.  Titled ‘Rewind’ and ‘Finish’, the tracks are produced by Boston’s own GxWay with the latter holding a guest feature from Yaeday. Consider the pair of new songs a preview of FreshfromDE’s upcoming project ... Read More »

Soho Kings – “No Luck” (Birds Chained to The Sky)

Soho Kings rails against injustice in “No Luck (Birds Chained to The Sky). Recorded months ago, but sadly still very relevant, Brooklyn artist DJ Celsius goes in over Alvord’s smashing beat describing the feelings of a Black man in today’s America. As Bob Dylan once quoted: “No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky”. There seems ... Read More »

Lloyd Banks – “Reap What You Sow”

Banks gets us ready for his upcoming project, All or Nothing: Live It Up, dropping September 25th. Read More »

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