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The Work Wife: Don’t Do it (By @KortKobane)

The Work Wife: Don’t Do it (By @KortKobane)

The work wife or work husband is a phrase mostly associated with a co worker, usually of the opposite sex, in which one shares a special relationship. In most case’s it’s usually a relationship that is playful in nature and not meant to do any harm.

These relationships usually come about through subtle attraction to one another but because of other factors including your ACTUAL RELATIONSHIP, this fictitious relationship has come about. I personally am not an advocate of these type of relationships and let me tell you why….

I’m all for people falling in love. Even if you happen to work together. But if you are committed to someone dont do this dumb shit. Look, I get it, being at work can really be a drag most days. Monotonous work, you usually don’t care about, on top of people you don’t usually care for conversing with, trying to strike up meaningless conversation to make the day go by swiftly. But then enters someone who makes the day tolerable, better yet meaningful. You have developed a mutual understanding for the daunting days you both will be encumbered by and have found a way to look forward to the next day. Most times, it’s as simple as getting lunch together and having someone to vent to, or just casually enjoying someones company who isn’t annoying. There is nothing wrong with that. We have seen wonderful things come from these types of relationships. Marriages, children, and fruitful lives…the modern day Jim and Pam from the Office…….but do we remember how Jim and Pam started???……”friends” in the Office. And before you know it you are Roy with your durag on coming up to the job to fight JIm, or better yet, your are Jim and now your life is in danger.

I’m highly exaggerating but we all know where I’m going here. It’s dangerous. These atmospheres create relationships that subtly evolve into emotional affairs by meeting basic human needs. This is a simple equation for love. And before you know it your girl is getting a massage from the I.T guy. So the main take away here is, Guys if you are in a relationship don’t go playing with the work wife card. It will get you in trouble at home and at work. Last thing you need is for your girl finding out theres another chick at the job bringing you plates for lunch. Now you’re fucked. Also if you are interested in your coworker and happen to be single, do so at your own risk, risk of your sane work environment and his or hers potential friendship if they are not interested.

Ladies same for you, getting tickled by another nigga at the job is cool until your real boyfriend is sitting on the trunk out your car in front of the job waiting for your two to come out for your daily Starbucks run. It’s not worth it. Go to work, do your job, theres nothing wrong with having friends at work. But don’t play yourself with the work wife, work husband title if you’re not honest about the implications or you’re discipline enough to not taint your actual relationship and work friendships at the same time.



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