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Daily Archives: July 17, 2017

The Work Wife: Don’t Do it (By @KortKobane)

The work wife or work husband is a phrase mostly associated with a co worker, usually of the opposite sex, in which one shares a special relationship. In most case’s it’s usually a relationship that is playful in nature and not meant to do any harm. These relationships usually come about through subtle attraction to one another but because of ... Read More »

Havoc on Forming Mobb Deep, Creating Classic Albums, Losing Prodigy (Video)

I wish I appreciated Prodigy a little more before he was gone. That could be said about most people who suddenly check out. Make sure you tell great ones they’re great while they’re still here. Read More »

Joe College – “Ain’t No Thing 2” (Video)

No Disrespect but I always divided New Jersey into 2 parts….Fake New York Jersey and cool, laid back New Jersey. My breh Joe College from the cool, laid back part of New Jersey drops a visual for “Ain’t No Thing 2”. Read More »

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