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#StarInTheMorning: Is Drake Still Having Unprotected Sex In 2017?

#StarInTheMorning: Is Drake Still Having Unprotected Sex In 2017?

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STAR IN THE MORNING is the official return of Troi Torain aka STAR to morning radio. The ground-breaking, luminary who inspired generations of free-thinkers via his objective philosophy. Inducted into News Ones Top 20 greatest radio personalities of all time, STAR now re-enters the landscape with a new media model.

The new show is being produced by Lawrence “Shampoo” Coward AKA “King of All Blacks” from the Howard Stern Show. Coward whos been an on air personality for over 15 years via Stern was a central part of “Black Jeopary” multiple beauty contest and ultimately hosting his own show own Sirius XM “The Black on Black show”.…

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