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App God: RecordGram

App God: RecordGram

Best kept a secret in some of your favorite label offices, New York’s own & Vice Music Group’s Donavan “Donavan The A&R” McLeod, has changed focus from major label views to getting back to the basics and building talent from the ground-up. Currently, he is working with a 15-year old super talent from Canada named Elle Renee, who is soon to be hitting the scene. The focus is to develop talent and break them into the market.
Look no further than the RecordGram app as one of Donavan’s ideas. It’s a platform for producers and artist to showcase there talents via the app. With a built-in studio that you can record your song and video, you can create your video post on all social media platforms.
Check all social media to follow Donavan’s moves a bit further!

IG: @Donn_Vice

Twitter: @DonavanTheANR

SnapChat: @DoubleRDon

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