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Nightmares From The Night Shift: 40k in Debt gone, Quality of Life found (By @crownRingo)

Nightmares From The Night Shift: 40k in Debt gone, Quality of Life found (By @crownRingo)

“Nightmares are still considered Dreams” –Me

I went from putting on my latex gloves to scrub sh!t stained toilets and throwing away other grown men’s underwear to being completely debt free and running my own business. Let me give you a timeline of how it all went down…

December 2015: I quit my job teaching making $45k at a local Alternative Public School because it was the epitome of an abusive relationship (I’d give, give, give, just to be sh!tted on by the community I was there to help)


[At the time: $6k in consumer debt + $30k in Student loans = ~$36k total debt]

January 2016: I get a job scrubbing Sh!tty toilets, picking up grown men’s abandoned underwear (locker rooms are scary places), while achieving the top membership sales as a Team Member at my local gym making a whopping $8/hr

February 2016: One day I’m sitting at the crib, sad as hell knowing I have to go clock-in to work and clean those damn gym locker rooms (I still have flashbacks about the pre-workout poop stains I had to clean off the walls). I told myself….. Self “Get off your phone for once and stop reading blogs about all these other people getting out of debt and getting rich!” So that’s what I set out to do…

[“BUT WAIT” -said The Universe… *my car’s transmission breaks* Add another $3k to my debts, now I’m at ~$40k total debt]

March 2016: The gym isn’t enough money to get by so I take another job as a long term substitute teacher at a REGULAR middle school. At this school I did not have teenagers telling me “Mr. Ringo, I’ll shoot you and your wife after school if you fail me…” (first off I don’t even have a wife but those young savages don’t care who they harm, imaginary or not), and I’m not getting my tailored suits destroyed while breaking up fights every hour so life is good. Kinda. With the gym and this new teaching gig I’m making just enough money to cover my monthly expenses like rent and insurances but that’s it… I want more!

April-June 2016: The school year ends, I’m still broke, making $45 payments to Sally Mae (Shoutout to income driven payments for us broke boys!). Then, after working about 65 hours a week for 4 months, two important events happen during the 2nd Quarter of the year:

  1. A local county incentivized a $10k signing bonus to anyone brave enough to teach High School science. So I cut my phone off, crammed for 2 days, and passed the licensing exam (passed by 1 point, but idc idc! Lmao)
  2. I sold a gym membership to Big Larry’s fiancé. Big Larry works for a large airline and said I had a good spirit, and wanted me to come work in his department… now life is getting really interesting

July 2016: By networking a.k.a harassing gym members at the front desk, I was able to land those two new jobs: Teaching high school science classes from 8am-4pm Monday- Friday and an airline job in Big Larry’s department Fixing the inside of airplanes from 8pm-6am Saturday-Tuesday. And so, the 80 HOUR WORK WEEK was born!

August: I set up my budget to the exact penny [Income minus Expenses]. After my I paid off my expenses (rents, utilities, grocery) + $70 a week of fun money (I treated my budget like a video game, that $70 was $10 a day spending money. I’d do my best not to go over so the money could roll over into the next day). Everything else went STRAIGHT to my monthly student loan payment. Worked some overtime (90 hour work weeks) to start attacking my debt full forced

September: I’m busting my butt working these two jobs, sacrificing Happy Hours and Date nights with my girlfriend. But I have a Gorilla Mindset (shout out @Cernovich) and a goal. I got my $10k teaching bonus, and it went straight to Sallie Mae 56 seconds after it hit my bank account. One step closer to being debt free.

October-November: Awwww shoot, the boy has hit his stride. My friends and family know I’m working 80+ hours a week so they accept me going into monk mode (shoutout @IllimitableMan) and not attending many social gatherings. I’m operating at a new frequency. I didn’t know I had this much work ethic in me. I’m reading more, working out harder, eating better, not wasting time with video games and Netflix, I’m even more organized…. My debt is just diminishing and diminishing. Towards the end of the year I began running out of steam. So you know what I decided to do? I decided I wanted to start my own business. So that’s exactly what I did … I now upped my work week to about 100 hours. I’m crazy, I know.

January 2017: FEES, Permits, classes…EXPENSES. HOT DAMN, who knew this whole starting a business thing would be so hard? I always wanted to see if I could do it, and here I am, doing it.

February 28th 2017: Although my business is up and running, it is NOT profitable as of now. But I’m typing this from an airplane seat (I’m not flying anywhere or anything, I just fixed the recline button on it because it was broke and I deserve a break now haha) to hopefully inspire you to take control of your life and get rid of your debts, work harder, or create something that you want to last for years. It usually takes people a lifetime to get rid of their student loans, start a relationship, or start that business they always have burning a hole in the back of their brain. I said forget what is normal/regular. I’m going to do all of this before my 26th birthday, so that’s what I did. And you know what? You can do it too…


Thank you’s:

1) My family and friends for understanding my time restraints the past 10 months

2) My girlfriend for the little things she does that makes my life easier

 3) @NerdAtCoolTable @IllimitableMan @EdLatimore @toddmillionaire for having quality tweets I could read at 4am while I’m at work

4) @WallStPlayboys for getting me back into Sales

5) You for reading my first blog

(Certain names/locations in this blog have been altered/omitted to protect identities)



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