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Daily Archives: April 5, 2017

Nightmares From The Night Shift: 40k in Debt gone, Quality of Life found (By @crownRingo)

“Nightmares are still considered Dreams” –Me I went from putting on my latex gloves to scrub sh!t stained toilets and throwing away other grown men’s underwear to being completely debt free and running my own business. Let me give you a timeline of how it all went down… December 2015: I quit my job teaching making $45k at a local ... Read More »

Migos – “Get Right Witcha” (Video)

Off that CULTURE album Read More »

Undone: How to Change Our Procrastination Patterns

*Via* Procrastination starts from an avoidance of something from fear, then becomes a pattern that hardens into a habit. We reinforce this procrastination habit through years of practice, and it hurts us in so many ways in our lives — not only with work tasks, but much more. The procrastination habit affects: Dealing with our finances head-on Health habits ... Read More »

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