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Your past is not your future (By @DarthVenn)

Your past is not your future (By @DarthVenn)


We all have some darkness in our past. Nagging demons that constantly trigger a deep, sickening, feeling in our stomach every time is passes through our minds. Like a horror movie we created, and are forced to watch our whole lives. I’m here, standing today with that same issue. A dark past of things I will never be proud of, and have to atone for still years later.


I’m here to tell you, that your past is not your future. Yeah, you hear that a lot… But let that truth ring within you like a bell. We allow people to box us up in our past selves. We kill our old selves, and people rise like mad scientists to create zombies of us to force us to roam in our past bodies, thoughts, and actions. In itself, a cruel action.

Do not trust a soul that stunts your growth for the purpose of holding it against you. Do not trust a soul that ties your past to you like steel chains around your neck and feet. You were not born to live on your knees for your mistakes. You were born to learn from them, and grow into something more. Something YOU want to be. Something YOU want the world to see, and yourself to see. It isn’t about how people look at you. It is about how you look at yourself every day when you look in the mirror.

Everyday social validation kills self validation. Everyday lack of social mercy creates an increase of toxic, poisonous beings who stone for the sake of having rocks within reach. Creating a society that doesn’t ask themselves “How merciless am I being?”. As the sweat drips from their brows at the idea of their dark past brought to light

I am here to tell all of you struggling from your past. Disgusted by your past, hopeless from your past, scared you won’t be able to move on, that all the dark you’ve had inside will never devour the light inside of you. The rocks they throw and hands they hide behind are no force for YOUR TRUTH inside of you. Your growth. Your development as a HUMAN BEING.


As a human being you deserve the chance to shed your skin and fly again. To grow, to smile again, to stop hiding, shaking, and being afraid of your unknown to them. You deserve PEACE. Because change is about that. Finding and making peace with your past. Not letting it devour you alive, not becoming the zombie they want you to be, and not being a robot stuck on the function that says past.

“You are not perfect, but you are not your mistakes”. “Can’t run from the pain go towards it”.

Remember these quotes. Remember this. Hiding your past in metaphorical closets, under sheets, and locked doors in your soul is eating you alive. You will never live a day in peace that way.


Face the crowd, held high with your truth, your growth, and your change. Whether people acknowledge it or not, is not your problem. You have done the best you could with the cards that were dealt. You’ve laid them on the table, and don’t worry because what cards some are holding behind their hands are often just as dark as yours. But yours are on the table, and that’s all that matters

Do not kill yourself and beat yourself up over the past. Bury that person. Bury them well. Send them off to sea. Hold your head high. Walk with truth in your heart, and confidence of your strength in your soul. As beings with change everyday. You always have a chance to start over. Your past will never decide your future. Please know. People may try to take anything from you, but they cannot take your growth, or your understanding, or the truth and building of growth within your soul. Don’t allow people to think they dictate who lives in their past and who doesn’t. They deal with their own demons. The world is full of people ripping open your closet as they side eye theirs to make sure it is locked tight. You will never meet a pair of hands that didn’t feel unclean once.

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Please, just remember again you are not perfect but you are not your mistakes. Do not let them hold you back from your potential, your growth, and your honest truth inside. Only you know who you really are, and as time goes that will radiate to others. Stay strong. Stand tall. Look straight ahead. And don’t you dare look back or respond to those rocks being thrown at your back. Do not let their mob mentality destroy you. Do let their inner issues become yours. Do not welcome in THEIR demons. Do not let your past have the power over you. Do not let that story be your ending. Begin again. Grow in peace as a flower in spring. Stay strong. Your past is not your future. Turn the page.

Some of us may have been dark stars, but me…we…you..are still a star.



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