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The Young King – “Summertime (Uptown)”

The Young King – “Summertime (Uptown)”


In this album, King keeps true to the authentic nature of hip hop.  He doesn’t just rap words for the sake of rhyme.  He leaves a part of himself in each song.  There is intentional diversity of style in each song.  There’s definitely a very smooth, coolness to the album itself, but the flow allows each song to stand on its own. The intro to the album sets the tone for the rest of his songs.  “All I live for is to have the King’s story told,” is how the story for these songs is set.  We drive along with The Young King and get a taste of his eclectic style and musicality. “Bluewater Drive” is full of artistry and intention.  It takes us on a journey one of reflection, reality, and ambition.  “No time for talking, it’s senseless. They can’t imagine us as simple dreamers. The only difference is I live it.”  Living the dream is exactly what he’s doing.  The rest of the album is layers of King and diverse beats that meet the rhythm of his words. Authentic artistry is a perfect description of The Young King and his album BlueWater Drive.

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