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#Sadderday: Death To Hookup Culture (By @BBillions)

#Sadderday: Death To Hookup Culture (By @BBillions)


Nowadays hook up culture is so prevalent ppl move on from relationships at light speed, any problem you have with someone it’s like well I gave it a shot… time to move on *downloads tinder*…

Men & women …I think you are pathetic if you Have Tinder.

You on a dating app with the purpose to just hook up with strangers? Are you also planning on murdering them afterwards? Please save the “it’s just like meeting someone off Twitter” argument… it’s not… Twitter is interacting with a network of ppl and can lead plenty other connections besides sexual… not here to judge anybody tho… but I’m just sick and tired of everybody being so thirsty to hook up all the time… Does first base still exist?  Does getting to know someone still exist? What about actually liking a person before you share your body with them? Sex is one of the most immense feelings, you are literally connected to another person exchanging energy, emotions and bodily fluids… how can people do that with strangers? Again,  not judging. We are in the era where EVERYTHING has to be accepted so to look down on 1 for wanting to be sexually liberated is a no no, so I’m just speaking for myself… Maybe I just miss the days where ppl wouldn’t move on so fast and be so quick to jump from person to person without a second thought… Maybe I just miss the days where people could break up for a month and miss each other so much that they would never want to be apart from each other again and worked on their problems. Now you break up with a person for 3 days, by the time y’all get back together they’ve already had 2 tinder hook ups and was almost engaged… now y’all back together and you supposed to just forget about what they did because y’all was broken up? … What about taking some time for yourself? It’s selfish, You don’t even know if you over a person yet and you starting something with someone new. What if that person falls for you but you still not over ya ex completely so you can’t give them your all. You’re cheating that person out of an experience as well as maybe setting them up for failure… I feel like you should wait at least 3-6 months before you start entertaining someone else (3 years if you dated me) 

I just don’t get it… being the last person who believes in true love is getting harder and harder by the day.

SadderDay Song: Drake – Teenage Fever

SadderDay Plans: Gonna get drunk at a bar and listen to drake in my headphones, hopefully my soulmate walk up to me and ask to use the left earphone and we have a moment.

SadderDay Advice: Don’t let what society says is acceptable change who you are… there’s a strong possibility that majority of the world is crazy and you are one of the sane ones…

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