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Make Yourself Her Only Option

Make Yourself Her Only Option

*Via RedPill*

Premise: Women want to feel tingles. They don’t want to feel guilt or feel dirty. Therefore, the notion that “d!ck is plentiful” for women is only surface level true: yes, when an attractive woman turns 18 she is offered dick everywhere she goes, but women want to feel pride in their choice of d!ck, to be able to feel like they are a winner. Therefore, if you enter the mind frame that for her d!ck is plentiful and therefore she has the option to leave you at a moment’s notice, then you are digging your own grave with an insecure, false, and malicious mentality.

You are (or need to become) prime d!ck. The kind of d!ck women compete to have the attention of. Firstly, this is done by embracing the fact that the majority of d!ck out there is a non-starter for women and is non-fuckable nonsense that is not really competition. Men who are unworthy of a woman will freely offer up their d!ck to her, but that doesn’t mean she will take it. Especially if she knows that the repercussions of taking such d!ck is to lose a high smv man like yourself, she won’t dare cheat. Plus she doesn’t want to deal with being judged or labeled a slut by society. F!ck a Chad, and she can gloat to her friends. F!ck a Beta Billy and she has to endure the walk of shame home.

Your availability with your time and your emotions dictate how she values your d!ck. The majority of men are constantly accessible, constantly available, and ready to drop what they’re doing at a moment’s notice if they even get a whiff of the potential for sex. Don’t be like the majority of men. Fill yourself with activities that increase your smv, stuff as simple as reading and lifting.

Stop fearing that she will leave you for the d!ck next door. Women will only fuck the mailman if you’ve become a fat disgusting slob with a beer gut and a d!ck that can’t be stiff. Bestselling author and pua Roosh V describes a situation where his woman was hit on by a celebrity to which she scoffed at his attempts to sleep with her because she was committed to Roosh at the time, something he even states she probably regrets now that they are not together.

You are competing with yourself, not others. Ayn Rand once said, “A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others”. Today you are competing with yesterday’s self and tomorrow you will be competing with today’s self. To be her only option, you have to prove to her that you are making strides in becoming the top percentile of men, someone she is enthused to f!ck.

Women don’t want to have to deal with the repercussions of f!cking a subpar man. They have to deal with the emotional attachment that will come from said man which will threaten their safety and security, and they especially don’t want to have to deal with stalkers. They will have to worry about being judged by their peers and by society. Therefore, it is possible to become her only option, simply by maximizing your potential.

Insecurity. Insecurity in you is your biggest chink in your armor, your biggest obstacle in retaining her. Insecurity in her is your biggest tool in keeping her around. And women can be some of the most insecure creatures around. Supreme confidence, displaying your success in life, and demonstrating abundance are just some of the ways you neutralize insecurity in you as well as foster insecurity in her.

If she is leaving you it means she has a better option. A common phrase in TRP is that women don’t branch swing unless they have another branch to grab. Therefore, you should be constantly competing with yourself, throttling her choices when she compares you to other men.

She knows you are her only option because if she cheats or disrespects you, you will walk away. If she understands this, her actions will align respectfully, and you won’t have to worry about her branch swinging.

If you are her only option, that’s good for you. But if she is your only option, you better be worried. Because women don’t want a man that depends on them, they want a man they feel they’ve earned. They may say they want to be your only option, but attraction dynamics dictate that this is simply not true.

Conclusion: Become her only option by maximizing your smv. Remember that the competition isn’t as intimidating as it seems. Whereas she has to compete with all that pussy out there, you have to only compete with yourself, allowing her to feel unworthy of your d!ck.



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