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A Quick Shot Of Motivation And Self Reflection (By @Quinton_Harris)

A Quick Shot Of Motivation And Self Reflection (By @Quinton_Harris)

You can follow your dreams/create them or you can get stuck in a nothingness pit helping others build their dreams because you were too scared to have faith in the talent God allotted you. God will guide and help you if you put some trust and faith into him, he’s not going to come to you tho, you have to meet him halfway. If you let money and fear steer your decisions you will be stuck in f!ckery for a while, that path only leads to people using you and constantly being stuck in the same position. Stop treating money and people like Idol Gods, it’s okay to treat your parents, family/spouse like they’re your world but that’s about it. It irks me to see people let themselves be used by people who don’t really fuck with them but they think are their friends, if you always have to pay for shit, always have to contact them, they mostly hit you up for hookups you have, feel like if you tell them NO they’ll quit fucking with you !!!guess what??!!! They aren’t your friends and they don’t fuck with you but they’ll stick around as long as you let them use you tho. It’s okay not to be liked by some people, God gave us this beautiful world, life and love and people still don’t like him…now if they can dislike and hate God after that what makes you think everyone will like you?!?! Stop holding on to toxic relationships because you’re used to being used, break out of that bullshit mindset. I hope this helps who it needs to help.



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