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Daily Archives: March 24, 2017

Migos – “T-Shirt” (Live on Fallon)


Migos turn Fallon up with a performance of “T Shirt” off their CULTURE album. Read More »

The Young King – “Summertime (Uptown)”


In this album, King keeps true to the authentic nature of hip hop.  He doesn’t just rap words for the sake of rhyme.  He leaves a part of himself in each song.  There is intentional diversity of style in each song.  There’s definitely a very smooth, coolness to the album itself, but the flow allows each song to stand on ... Read More »

G4shi – “Disrespectful”


Brooklyn-based musician G4SHi embraces being a natural-born tastemaker by creating forward-thinking mood music laced with the genuine intention of inspiring others through his story and perspective as a first-generation American.   Whether G4SHi is singing, rapping, producing or directing music videos, all in a distinctive style entirely his own, his strengths as an artist lie in his unapologetic sense of ... Read More »

ANoyd – “Phony Habits” (Video)


In this day and age where cell phones are considered the life line of society and people seem to be detached from the world, hip hop standout ANoyd brings light to such, in his latest visual for his song “Phony Habits”. This song is the first release off of ANoyds upcoming Project “A Time And Place” (#ATAP) slated for release ... Read More »

#Sadderday: Death To Hookup Culture (By @BBillions)


Nowadays hook up culture is so prevalent ppl move on from relationships at light speed, any problem you have with someone it’s like well I gave it a shot… time to move on *downloads tinder*… Men & women …I think you are pathetic if you Have Tinder. You on a dating app with the purpose to just hook up with ... Read More »

Your past is not your future (By @DarthVenn)


We all have some darkness in our past. Nagging demons that constantly trigger a deep, sickening, feeling in our stomach every time is passes through our minds. Like a horror movie we created, and are forced to watch our whole lives. I’m here, standing today with that same issue. A dark past of things I will never be proud of, ... Read More »

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