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Stalk Her Instagram Big Board Week 1 (BY @BobDIGI_)

Stalk Her Instagram Big Board Week 1 (BY @BobDIGI_)

This article is a weekly ode to the greatness of the stalk her instagram series. This is a top 3 IG draft Mel Kiper homage to these thirst trap queens who make your procrastination in life that much worse. Bonus point: Reading this in Mel Kiper’s voice gives this a +1000 boost


– Look at her focus here. She is Bob Lee Swagger focused on the accuracy of this thirst bullet

– Pretty toes alert has gone off

– I tried reading her shirt multiple times until I reach the last word and start staring at her thighs

– She the regular girl version of the chick that discombobulated Steph Curry with the soul taking eyes

– This is the perfect no underwear outfit for her to “Let that b*tch breathe”

– This butt pic is made 10x more classy with the nice watch on to sophisticate things.

– Her titties are only covered by a flight jacket… You can only wonder where she at & what she doing here.

– She knows her power is in them thighs and she has activated them here

– Her eyes let me further know she is taking this pic from a checkpoint niggas place


– Some of ya’ll started seeing Mike Tyson punch-out stars when this pic ran across your mobile device

– You see this and want to DM her with no known location. I mean, just look at the veteran hip + thigh + stomach combo breaker smh. Astounding

– You know she is trouble by the angle of the “Only God can judge me” chain

– This pic beat out another front runner for one reason…Cold weather nipple appreciation

– That waist to ass ratio will have you typing more dreams to her DM’s than the movie Inception

– The fade-away top appearance solidifies the pic

– This has Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary DM written all over it. Moment of silence…now imagine how she got them skin tights over all that ass…shameful smh

– You could lose gas station change in her cleavage. Tank top screaming like Lotto’s

– And she did it all in a pair of Reebok Pumps



– This is her ode to “Once a girl girl’s gone bad, she’s gone forever”

– Another important cold weather nipple appreciation pic. These type of pics are so underrated

– Look at how she tilted her head enough to capture the full choker bling. She ain’t new to this, she used to this

– Pt. 2 She’s REALLY gone FOREVER. #Messybunappreciation

– She doesn’t care to look at the camera because she knows she’s somewhere you can’t pronounce

– I counted 3 pools before I saw any remnants of the ocean…The guy who flew her out there wanted a pic of her ass and back tat that would last forever

– I feel like this is such a simple pic that took 10+ tries to take because she wanted that perfect lip pucker…Achievement unlocked

– Spanish woman + Long hair = Automatic W

– All she did here was drop a eyes + hair enhance pic and it had me starring into her eyes for a whole Bomani Jones radio segment

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