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#Sadderday: Save me! (By @BBillions)

#Sadderday: Save me! (By @BBillions)


Valentine’s Day just passed and this 1 was extra sad… in the era of putting ALL your business on the internet the couples pics and gifts were all on the timeline and on IG in abundance. The fellas usually always go all out for their ladies but I must say I seen a few chicks go hard this year also. I feel like those of us who are in love are getting deeper and deeper in love and those of us who aren’t are starting to drift further away until the point of no return. Seeing couples smiling should have inspired me to want the same thing and to be a relationships goal meme but instead it just turned me cold and put me into deep dark place… filled with jealousy and rage. I thought about all the girls that should have been my Valentine but how either they ruined our relationship or just wanted to be a savage and didn’t want to date me seriously. Or the 1’s I’m in a relationship with in my head and don’t actually know me.  I started feeling resentment and thought of ways to be more evil and plotting pay back on every women who ever broke my heart ….or didn’t follow me back on ig or just ignored my DM. After 6 Dusse and lemonades I came to my senses and realized maybe that I’m the problem. Maybe my lifestyle doesn’t  allow me to be in a happy relationship. I just want to be in a healthy relationship but soon I’m gonna give up and just live like dan blizearn (I don’t care if I misspell white names) … please somebody save me before I turn into the evil, lying,  telling women I love them then stealing $60 out their purse Bills again. If you got a home girl with hips and pretty feet (white toe nails only) please hook us up. Save the little bit of goodness left inside of me!

SadderDay Song: India Ire – Ready for love

SadderDay Plans:  Party in Williamsburg with my Sebastian. We’ll find 2 twin sisters that’s Victoria secret models and just as hopelessly romantic as we are.

SadderDay Advice: Just because you know you don’t deserve something don’t mean you shouldn’t still ask for it.

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