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#Sadderday: I Just Wanna Get Married (By @BBillions)

#Sadderday: I Just Wanna Get Married (By @BBillions)


My mood every time I go out now a days…

I’m tired of all the chasing skirts, going to random bars and sleeping with random girls every other night… I’m tired of dm’n girls,  going on dates then have them use me for casual sex. People think making love to up and coming rnb singers and aspiring models and actresses is fun… who am I kidding it is fun! But I’m just ready for something more… I want the whole family wife and kids with the big white picket fence thing… I want the picnic in the park on summer days and holding hands walking thru the city eating froyo type relationship… I want somebody to stay up with late night and brainstorm ideas.  Want someone to reassure me that I’ll be ok if I just keep working hard…. I want somebody to share my accomplishments with and somebody who I can also be proud of when they reach a goal… I want to be able to text corny jokes to each other all day and silly memes and have her send me random selfies to brighten up my day… I just want to be in a healthy functional relationship in 2017 without having to fight off the temptation of cheating.  I know it’s not worth it.

Damn I just realized I had all this with my ex and I blew it smh

You never really realize what you have until you lose it, now I’m searching for the same things I took for granted. If I’m ever fortunate enough to have that again I promise to appreciate it! The next good girl I meet I’m gonna just get her pregnant

SadderDay Song: India ire – Ready for love

SadderDay Plans: Roam around U street in DC and some random bars and watch East African women smoke hookah

SadderDay Advice: sometimes you need to lose what you had to understand how much you really needed it!

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