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Give The Poet Some: @Lo_Go503

Give The Poet Some: @Lo_Go503


Time is very interesting.

It allows you to see what you didn’t used to see or, allows you to be free

when you were once not allowed to be.

Time allows me to be me.

And to think, it was always timing me.

Asking me, when I was going to decide between, point A and point B.

Or if I need a choice C

when choice A doesn’t work out perfectly

and choice B was never really worth it to me. Swimming in relativity and it’s everything I need.

Surpassing desires contradicting my beliefs, because I no longer condone pain

unnecessary to these sheets in which I sleep.

In control of what I keep.

And my mind is never asleep.

Even in my dreams Ive been reaping what I sow,

so anywhere I go,

I know that I cannot place my feet in shoes that will stroll to places I must not know.

I’m in control. I am plentiful.

I withhold things that to me, they would never show. My energy knows it is to be kept whole in any home. Some might say I appear more like a full moon

(a light when we were all doomed),

though I am shy like the night in a dark room.



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