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22 ways to finesse life (By @sartorian0)

22 ways to finesse life (By @sartorian0)


Love yourself

This is more than hyping yourself is up and believing you’re the shit. It’s about being kind to yourself, trusting yourself, and having patience with yourself

Select your thoughts

Once I controlled how I thought, I controlled my emotions and my emotions no longer took a hold of my life. Being aware of how you think allows for you to declutter your mind of emotional and mental distress

Happiness is a choice

Don’t hope for a good day, make a good day. Do one thing a day that makes you happy and don’t be prisoner to your negative thoughts. Take control of your life

Be present

Don’t rush your showers. Savor your food. Take interest in your conversations. When you are more present, everyday things become sacred acts and the ‘same shit, different day’ feeling dissipates

Say what you mean

When you say exactly what you feel/want/need/expect- what have you- there is no room for miscommunication; honesty is rare these days

Spend time alone

Carving out time for yourself is important to recharge your batteries. And getting to know yourself is the foundation to living a happier life, whatever that may mean to you

Show gratitude

I saw a video recently that’s about the science behind happiness. It said showing gratitude not only makes the recipient of your appreciation happy, it makes the giver of gratitude much happier. Give it a try


A make-up artist at Sephora told my friend that its better to maintain good skin rather than buy makeup to repair the look of it. You thought this tip was gonna be deep, didn’t you?

Let go of expectations

You know what they say, expectation is the root of all evil. Don’t focus on how you think things ought to be, but instead appreciate things for how they are.

Listen to your heart

We live in a time where doing this is ‘soft’. When you really listen to your heart, you will not be let down. Your mind can play tricks on you and your heart can be treasonous. But the more you listen, the better you’ll get to know it

Practice compassion

 Usually the people that do you wrong are the most lost. Hope that they can pluck the arrow from the eye and find happiness and be grateful that you can be compassionate enough to do so

Wake up earlier than you’re used to

When you wake up before the rest of the world does theres a sense of peace and quiet you’ve never experienced. It’s like you have a moment with the world to just sit and think of nothing


Patience is key here, trust the process because it’s definitely not easy. I like ThatGirlHas‘s guided meditations on Soundcloud

Make your bed in the morning

This can be seen as a form of meditation. I focus on what I’m doing and it gives me a second to focus on just making the bed rather than worrying about everything I have to do for the day

Don’t wait on others to take action

Going out alone was weird at first but there was a tenfold reward in doing so. Example: I went to NYMD alone and met amazing people, took the pictures I needed and had 0 regrets

Pain is inevitable, suffering doesn’t have to be

Thank you, Buddhism. Shit happens, and shit will always happen. You will feel pain but you do not have to suffer

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Finding yourself in a situation you’re not used to gives you the opportunity to get to practice virtuous habits like compassion, controlling your emotions, having patience or simply being more ‘out there’


Reading is so important because it sparks ideas in your mind. References are endless and you’re bound to stumble across words you’ve never seen. Pick one, define it and try using it throughout the day

Travel as much as you can

When you travel you:

Meet people from everywhere that have perspectives different than yours which are mind opening

 Are humbled. You are on the same earth, under the same sun, breathing the same air as people all over the world

Become more grateful for everything that you have back home

Open up your heart

Being petty is easy. Being bitter doesn’t take much effort. Opening your heart to a world that tries hard to bring you down is better than harboring pain in your heart because it only hurts you

What you put in is what you get out

If you’re negative you will receive negative, if you’re full of hate you will receive hate back. Your thoughts manifest themselves in life because it taints the way you see everything

There is no secret to winged eyeliner

But some tips for good measure:

Practice, practice, practice

Keep a lot of q-tips around to clean up your mistakes and get cleaner lines

And do it before the pregame, unless you’re going for that uneven look



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