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Why 2017 Is Not Your Year!! (By @Quinton_Harris)

Why 2017 Is Not Your Year!! (By @Quinton_Harris)

If you’re thinking “New Year, New Me” you’re already losing to be honest. What in the fuck can a year changing do for someone who doesn’t take advantage of a day?, NOTHING! You had a whole gotdamn year to find what you love & chase it unconditionally & you spent it bullshitting & helping others achieving their dreams. I know, I know, you’re saying “I didn’t help anyone do shit for their dreams” yes you did. You being afraid to take a risk & do what you love made you available for others to use you. Face it, now get over it & lets fucking go. Here are a couple of things you’ll need to do to invest in your dreams.

Look at the people around you, some might be the reason you’re not focusing on doing the things you need to succeed right? “NOPE!” Understand this, there’s not a human on this earth that can stop you if you’re driven, have unconditional faith & stop putting your soul aside for others.

Learn how to value time & quit wasting it. You can’t be talking about what you’re gonna do in a month/year/ect.. when you don’t understand how to value a minute. You can do so much in a minute if you truly appreciate the blessing it is. I grew up in poverty & had to wait for everything, most of the times things that never even happened. So when I was of age I made a promise to myself to value every minute 1st, then value a hour, then a day & before I knew it I was able to complete things it took people 2 weeks to accomplish in a day because I understood how to make the most of my time.

Stop blaming people for old shit, So The Fuck What! The shit is over & most likely the other people involved have moved on, everybody except for you because you’re using that incident as a shield to hide the fact that you have nothing going on in your life. I’ve never seen somebody with opportunity/events in front of them crying about the past. Fuck that old shit, move on. I’m so fuckin serious, stop hindering yourself looking for pity!

Find someone who loves You how YOU love YOURSELF. Notice I said “How you love yourself” so if you do not love yourself you need not apply because the love you’ll get back will destroy you. Having someone who loves you unconditionally can do wonders for your wellbeing & help you focus on what really matters. I’m experiencing this right now & everything is going in my favor because of the unconditional love, joy & growth my girl brings in my life. Don’t get caught up in these social networks with people acting like being a hoe, cheating & never settling down is cool. Have you ever noticed how those people who tweet stuff like that are always having meltdowns constantly? *They’re usually ugly as shit too…* but back to the point don’t let them fool you, find the love that matches what you’re willing to give because when the love is mutual it’s a blessing.



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