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#Sadderday: The Hopeless Romantic Crew (By @BBillions)

#Sadderday: The Hopeless Romantic Crew (By @BBillions)

Hopeless Romantic Crew...

Society has changed and I’m ashamed to say that I’ve let it changed me. Instead of fighting against the norm and still searching for true love, in the era were it’s easier to engage in causal sex than a meaningful conversation with someone …I’ve fell victim to the ways around me. Instead of holding hands and piggy back rides thru Central Park , the most romantic things are a $20 bottle of Henny and a “you up?” Text… don’t get me wrong …it’s nothing wrong with either of them but I just miss the old days. Staying on the phone for 3 hours at night,  just enjoying each other’s corny jokes, sharing a favorite song. Hand written love letters and flowers for no reason. Sometimes I feel like I’m alone out here. The last of a dying breed. The only person who still believes in soulmates and true love. Nowadays you walk up to a random girl and tell her that you love her she’ll just assume you’re a crazy weirdo smh. 2017 I refuse to do what everyone else is doing. I’m back pulling out chairs and opening doors and I’ve even bought new jackets for the sole purpose of covering puddles.

The Hopeless Romantic Crew is here to restore the feeling!

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Song of the day: Miguel – Do you


SadderDay plans: Gonna head to the city tonight, get drunk and try to find the new love of my life. I swear if I find me a good girl tonight I’m making my Instagram a joint account

SadderDay Advice: just because someone will let you do something don’t mean you should… Ladies just because a guy is willing to take you out to eat all the time without anything in return don’t mean he should be stored in ya phone as “Food n*gga”. He’s just trying to court you and doesn’t  matter how many times it takes he’s willing to keep it up. Fellas just because she will answer you at 5 am and only want a dime bag of weed still bring her flowers and take her to the movies

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