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Give The Poet Some: @markasfck

Give The Poet Some: @markasfck

2 Myself

I just want the American dream
Oh, how compelling it seems!
New car, big house with a mountain debt
Drowning in stress, all to b crowned w success

You’re sold a dream & They tell u 2 shun the defects
Everything u do impacts ppl u think it doesn’t affect
Don’t pay your dues if u choose , but they’ll always come 2 collect
rites of passage are ironically undone if correct

i ignore the things that i feel
open secrets that r meant to b hid are revealed
all judgements r final fight it and your life will be lived in appeal
creativity makes you notice how reality shouldn’t b considered as real

epiphanies are as common as death
lives lived in bondage happens more ofen than youd expect
disbelief is to life as a thief is to theft
they’ll always deepen the knife that they seep in your chest

moral virtuality is a necessity that most go without
Demons show themselves & it’s up to you to show them out
How clueless are those that only learn one way
how useless are people , for they all go away

the ways of the world are as enigmatic as an endless riddle
there’s birth and there’s death, the tragedy happens in the middle
the love gained, will not go away but rather be forgotten
we all Chase the forbidden fruit, oh so sweet but also so rotten



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