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Daily Archives: January 15, 2017

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


Every 6 months you should look back at who you were 6 months ago and laugh. Stagnation = death. — Michael Medici (@MikeRMedici) January 15, 2017 The Falcons keep hitting Russel Wilson like they don't care that he's a Christian or has his wife at the game — Backwood Ron (@WaterWeedWisdom) January 15, 2017 The Falcons had to win this ... Read More »

Give The Poet Some: @markasfck


2 Myself I just want the American dream Oh, how compelling it seems! New car, big house with a mountain debt Drowning in stress, all to b crowned w success You’re sold a dream & They tell u 2 shun the defects Everything u do impacts ppl u think it doesn’t affect Don’t pay your dues if u choose , ... Read More »

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