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Daily Archives: January 12, 2017

Hovain Hylton interviews Jeezy for Fancy: Best Seat In The House Episode 2 (Video)

Legendary hip-hop artist and entrepreneur Jeezy stopped by the Fancy HQ for a chat with our very own Hovain Hylton. Topics of discussion ranged from real estate investments and charitable efforts to self-motivation and politics.In response to today’s political climate, the force behind 2008’s seminal track “My President” encouraged more focus on the self and one’s surrounding community. Read More »

Dave East – “30 N1ggaz” (Video)

Off that Kairi Chanel album. Read More »

Tox From Jerz – “What You Call That?” (Video)

Here’s a new visual from Tox From Jerz off his Reach For The Stars 2 album. Read More »

“Dont Save Her, She Don’t Wanna Be Saved”: Let her have her Hoe Phase… (By @KortKobane)

First things first, I wrote this piece to Drake’s “Houstalantavegas” The Hoe Phase is a phase in a woman’s life where she experiments and gets to know herself sexually. There’s always been a stigma attached to the word “hoe” and the period in which women go through this time of sexual freedom and liberation. The misconception about the hoe phase ... Read More »

Lil B, Believe in Earth: A Very Rare and Based Visual Experience (Video)

Lil B “The Based God” is one of modern rap’s most influential figures, a musical trailblazer whose “based” philosophy of open-mindedness and positivity has already shaped countless artists who have followed in his wake. For this very rare motivational experience featuring artists E-40, G-Eazy, Vince Staples, Clams Casino, Lil Yachty, Kreayshawn, Joey Purp, and Lil B himself, Noisey journeyed to ... Read More »

Hey Fran Hey – Healthy Hair + Scalp Cleansing Regimen (Video)

Are you struggling to keep your scalp moisturized and itch-free? Beautiful, long and healthy hair starts at the scalp! This video shows you my personal hair cleansing regimen. You’ll be able to retain optimum hair/scalp health and moisture; resulting in longer, fuller and shinier hair. Only 4 products needed: Coconut Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Aubrey Organics White Camellia Conditioner and ... Read More »

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