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#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week

Who wrist was that in your snap? — Nerd Nash (@NerdAtCoolTable) January 26, 2017 I quit halfway thru that chest workout today felt like bobby brown when Gary found him coked out in the yellow vette — Daddy Mac (@HBKBrandon) January 26, 2017 Ice Cube the only nigga to ever read a contract. — Nae. (@MissDenae) January 26, 2017 2 ... Read More »

Respect My Art: @BruceLeroyPSC

Twitter: @BruceLeroyPSC Instagram: unclephil418 *** SEND YOUR ART TO NERDNASH@GMAIL.COM Read More »

MIGOS on The BreakFast Club (Video)

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*Via*  Am I “happy”? – compared to just about every man I know, deliriously happy. “Happy” is not an absolute state, but a relative one. Just think about your friend [who committed suicide after divorce]. Would he be alive today if he had not had that woman in his life? When I go to the dentist and have a horribly ... Read More »

Rick Ross ft. Ty Dolla $ign – “I Think She Like Me”

Rozay and Dolla $ign connect for “I Think She Like Me”, off Rick Ross upcoming Rather You Than Me album. Read More »

Rahiem Supreme – “Your Mines” (Prod. Misled Children/Clutchy Hopkins)

Check out Rahiem Supreme’s new wave “Your Mines” Read More »

Pharaoh Da Gawd – “Kisha” (Prod. By Davaughn)

New sh1t from Pharaoh Da Gawd , produced by Davaughn, “Kisha”. Shout out to Biz for the assist. Read More »

John Calipari Interviews Drake on Cal Cast Podcast

Caught me by surprise too but its a good interview. Listen as Drake talks about life, his upcoming projects, Meek Mill and more. Read More »

TED x IronwoodStatePrison – Sean Stephenson – The prison of your mind (Video)

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Umar Johnson – Willie Lynch, Black Parents, LBGT and more (Video)

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Let It Glo (By @Sartorian0)

If you’ve ever found yourself chugging a glass of wine on FaceTime with your girl friend asking her that question you always ask- “Why do I always date these guys?”- then I’m here to be that friend that says, “Suck it up, you’ll thank him later.” Everyone thats ever dated has encountered one or two “fuck boys”- or girls- for ... Read More »

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Judging A Girl By The Friends She Keeps

*Via* When you start dating a girl, you will get to meet her friends, sometimes sooner, sometimes later. But usually within the first couple of months you will have been introduced to nearly everyone she knows (locally), especially if she really likes you. Pay close attention to the types of friends she has (if she has any), for that ... Read More »

Smoke DZA & Pete Rock ft. Rick Ross – “Black Superhero Car” (Video)

We in the era of bouncing and mumbling (I love it) so you probably slept on the Dza & Pete Rock tape. There’s some sh!t on it. Here’s one featuring Rick Ross titled “Black Superhero Car” Read More »

Connor Evans ft. JR Donato – “Go”

Connor Evans returns with a new single titled “Go” featuring Taylor Gang emerging emcee J.R. Donato. Read More »

Casting Call (Eye Candy)

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Jemele Hill & Michael Smith on The Breakfast Club (Video)

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PRIMETIME: How to Close on a Woman at Home (By @ChampagneMalc)

DISCLAIMER: YOU ARE NEVER ENTITLED TO SEX. Dating is just like basketball and home ownership. The most difficult part of the entire process is closing. JANUARY 2017. You just had a spectacular date with a stunning woman. The energy and ambiance were wonderful, you two ended up hitting a player little spot after dinner and now you playing kissy face ... Read More »

Hey Fran Hey – How To Make Your Home, Dorm + Office Smell Amazing (Video)

Products used: Geranium – Aura Cacia… Jojoba – The Jojoba Company… Reeds –… Funnel set –… Keep in touch! Blog – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Snapchat – heyfranhey Email – Royalty-free music provided by Brook D’Leau FTC – This video is not sponsored Stay healthy! Read More »

Styles P Freestyles at Boiler Room Live (Video)

Styles P drops a gem filled freestyle live at the Boiler Room Read More »

Stalk Her Instagram: juana__fernandez

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Taylor Boy – “Layup Drill”

I’m gonna make sure yall respect my man Taylor Boy this yall. Yall slept on him long enough. Here’s a new one titled “Layup Drill”  Read More »

Every successful relationship is successful for the same exact reasons

(If you don’t like reading just close this right now) *Via QZ.Com*  Hey, guess what? I got married two weeks ago. And like most people, I asked some of the older and wiser folks around me for a couple quick words of advice from their own marriages to make sure my wife and I didn’t shit the (same) bed. I ... Read More »

How to live a healthier lifestyle: 10 easy changes you can make

*Via @jboitnott for Medium.Com* Our hectic, fast-paced lifestyles don’t always lend themselves to making healthy decisions. Studies show that Americans work more than anyone else in the world and that we take less vacation time, work longer days, and retire later. How can we reconstruct our schedules and habits in order to find something more sustainable? The answer lies in small, simple ... Read More »

A Conscious Revolution (By @Sartorian0)

When it comes to politics I usually play the role of observer and pay attention to people’s experiences, suggestions, expectations, and overall feelings towards a situation. All over social media, individuals with opposite and alike stances share their opinions and proudly voice their outlook. I’m lucky enough to be acquainted with people that think like me, but also differently than ... Read More »

Ralo ft. Gucci Mane – “They Can’t Stop Us”

Ralo gets Uncle Gucci to join him on “They Can’t Stop Us” off his upcoming Famerican Gangster 2 project. Read More »

Payroll Giovanni – “Presi” (Video)

Off one of my favorite projects to drop last year, Sosa Dreamz. Look for Payroll to be one of the hottest in the game in 2017. Read More »

Kur – “Razor / Havoc” Ft. Chynna Rogers (Video)

I know i’m probably late but I love this song and I love this chick Chynna Rogers. Off Kur’s Have Not EP Read More »

Craigy F – Some Drugs & Some Love (Album)

Craigy F starts his 2017 takeover with his Some Drugs & Some Love album. He gets production from Nard & B, Maaly Raw, Meez and more. Listen to it free on below and if you feel it’s worth the purchase head to Itunes Read More »

#SadderDay: Fly Her Out or Die Alone (By @Bbillions)

Your soulmate is 3000 miles away just waiting on you to pay that plane ticket… the Time is now. Y’all been flirting with each other for 6 years on twitter, y’all know everything about each other, she thinks your the funniest guy ever, she laughs at all you jokes and likes every IG post. She even gets jealous when you ... Read More »

Future – “Poppin Tags” (Video)

I’m just waiting on a new tape but here’s a new video from Future for “Poppin Tags” Read More »

DJ Magic “Riding Out” Freestyle: Semore Buckz (Video)

Semore Buckz hops in the whip with DJ Magic for his “Riding Out” Freestyle Series. Read More »

Brizz Rawsteen “Get Familiar” Vlog #7 (Video)

Brizz Rawsteen drops another vlog While in Studio working on his upcoming  RAWTHENTIC EP Read More »

2 Chainz ft. Gucci Mane & Quavo – “Good Drank” (Video)

Quavonce just building his legacy. Read More »

Byrd ft. Cheeze – “Young N*gga” (Video)

New sh1t from Byrd featuring Cheeze, “Young n*gga” off that Larry Byrd mixtape. Read More »

Migos – Bad And Boujee (Live on Kimmel) (Video)

One of the greatest songs of all time. Read More »

Why 2017 Is Not Your Year!! (By @Quinton_Harris)

If you’re thinking “New Year, New Me” you’re already losing to be honest. What in the fuck can a year changing do for someone who doesn’t take advantage of a day?, NOTHING! You had a whole gotdamn year to find what you love & chase it unconditionally & you spent it bullshitting & helping others achieving their dreams. I know, ... Read More »

Tariq Nasheed Talks About MLK Day, Eddie Long, Wyclef & Jennifer Holiday (Video)

Be a part of the new documentary about the Haitian revolution at Read More »

Hey Fran Hey – Why I Meditate + 3 Ways To Add It To Your Daily Schedule (Video)

Keep in touch! Blog – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Snapchat – heyfranhey Email – Royalty-free music produced by Brook D’Leau FTC – This video is not sponsored Read More »

General Seti – Have The Feds Infiltrated The Black Power Community? (Video)


Dave East – “Push It” Eastmix (Video)

Dave East is going to have a great 2017. Here’s his flip of O.T. Genesis “Push it” Read More »

All P*ssy Is Not Created Equal (By @Champagnemalc)

When I was a young lion cub, my father told me that sex would make me weak. That it would incapacitate me if I let it. Make me jaded… Influence my decision-making and make me susceptible to manipulation. As a youth I didn’t realize what he meant, but my entire world flipped when I got my first taste of top ... Read More »

Troy Ave – “Pain” (Video)

New visual from Troy Ave for “Pain” off his White Christmas 4 mixtape Read More »

Young Thug – “Wyclef Jean” (Video)

Hmmm… whatever. Off that My Name Is Jeffery album. Read More »

King Bo ft. Junior Reid – “King Of New York”

After starting the year with his “Bars Is Back” freestyle, King Bo returns to give us a new single called “King Of New York”. Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week

Every 6 months you should look back at who you were 6 months ago and laugh. Stagnation = death. — Michael Medici (@MikeRMedici) January 15, 2017 The Falcons keep hitting Russel Wilson like they don't care that he's a Christian or has his wife at the game — Backwood Ron (@WaterWeedWisdom) January 15, 2017 The Falcons had to win this ... Read More »

Give The Poet Some: @markasfck

2 Myself I just want the American dream Oh, how compelling it seems! New car, big house with a mountain debt Drowning in stress, all to b crowned w success You’re sold a dream & They tell u 2 shun the defects Everything u do impacts ppl u think it doesn’t affect Don’t pay your dues if u choose , ... Read More »

Fabolous & Jadakiss ft. Tory Lanez – “Rapture”

I hope this the weakest song on the project. Read More »

Harv Pierre NFL Picks (Divisional Playoffs)

Now that all the bullsh!t wildcard games are over, we can finally get to the real games… SMH The games we all wanna see… N@CT NFL Divisional Playoffs picks…. * DENOTES HOME TEAM DIVISIONAL PLAYOFFS – SATURDAY, JANUARY 14, 2017   FALCONS* (-4½) Vs SEAHAWKS     This is easily the best game of the day. Something tells me both teams ... Read More »

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