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Give The Poet Some: @RocsiB

Give The Poet Some: @RocsiB

The Smell of Last Night
The scent of two infused into one
From fighting under the covers
Spirit lovers
Can you smell our aura
A faint invisible emanation of lust and admiration filled the room
I wanna smell like last night
When you made me sing a tune so heavenly
I wanna smell like last night
When you slapped my ass
Pulled my hair
And demanded I call you daddy
The pressure from your mass weighed heavily
Candles burning
Music playing
It was like the sweetest escape from reality
As I rode you into our fantasy
If those walls could talk they’d have no words
Silent from the confusion of skin on skin on skin again
I couldn’t tell where mine began
I wanna smell like last night
When you drank from my ocean as I weeped from pleasure
Hennessy lips gently grazed my breast
As the scent of the most beautiful green cannabis clouded the space
The space where we laid moistened
Moistened from moments of passion and determination to reach a climax
I wanna smell like last night
When you tamed my beast
And we went from soul mating to greater endeavors
I wanna smell like last night
That scent of love making, becoming one lingers forever
Not a look..
I am the feeling of shyness and possible rejection the day you first uttered a word in her direction.
Not sure if she’d ever pay you attention or want to endure your gentle affection
I am the feeling of hope when she turned to you,
smiled and shared a glance of divine attraction
I am the feeling of speechlessness
When you’re taken aback by her beauty
Simply beautiful African American/ black girl features
Seeping from the portrait of her
I am the feeling of that first kiss
When you place both hands on her face
To make sure you aren’t dreaming and she can’t pull away
I am the feeling of nervous excitement
When you touch the small of her back and trace upward along her spine
I am the feeling of love making
Smashing bodies into one, creating nectar as sweet as honey
I am the feeling of new life being born into the body of your new wife.
Your partner in the continuous circle of love and light
I am the feeling of longevity and happily ever after while you gazed
upon her every morning still amazed
I am the feeling of your daughter’s first steps as you fall in love for the second time
It’s inevitable she is her mother in her prime
I am the feeling of forever
In richer or poorer
Sickness and in health
I am the feeling of til death do we part
No matter how hard you try
Staring out into the distance to see me
No matter how long you watch
you never will
It’s simply because
I’m not a look I’m a feel …

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